Chapter 5502
Lady Acker hurriedly said, “I planned to go to the place where Ashley used to live today. I had someone investigate before, and it seems that the old mansion has been bought by Sheldon Schulz’s ex-wife.”

Christian frowned and asked, “Sheldon Schulz’s ex-wife?”

“Yes.” Lady Acker nodded slightly.

Christian looked surprised as he asked, “Why did Sheldon Schulz’s ex-wife buy the place where my sister and brother-in-law used to live?”

Lady Acker sighed softly and said, “I asked someone to investigate, and it seems that Sheldon Schulz’s ex-wife was your brother-in-law’s suitor back then. She hasn’t forgotten your brother-in-law even after so many years. Some time ago, she infuriated the Schulzs because of the auction for the old mansion, and the Schulzs basically kicked her out. The matter caused a pretty huge sensation, and we heard about it in the United States as well.”

Christian nodded and said, “Yes. I don’t know the specific details, but I only know that the scandal of Lord Schul
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