Chapter 5503
Merlin would never betray Charlie because Charlie was the one who saved his life. In addition, Merlin felt that it was not the right time for Charlie to be reunited with the Ackers. Therefore, he could only play along and come up with a fake plan as long as it did not allow the Ackers to ultimately discover clues about Charlie. His mission would be completed, then.

Christian suddenly said again, “By the way, Merlin, have you ever thought about investigating the benefactor who saved your life?”

Merlin was startled and said, “The whereabouts of the benefactor who saved me is unpredictable, and he has never showed his true identity to me. I don’t have any clues even if I want to find him.”

Christian shook his head and said, “It’s not that there are no clues. It’s right in Aurous Hill!”

Merlin deliberately asked him, “What do you mean, Christian?”

Christian said seriously, “I told you about the auction for the Rejuvenating Pill that I attended in Aurous Hill. I have always wanted to f
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