Leher recovered Mitchelle’s body and gave her a proper burial without letting anyone else know about it.

And then he called Parul and said, “It’s taken care of, sir.”

“You said she has parents and a sibling, right?” Parul said in a weak voice. “Leave some money at their doorsteps, with Mitchelle’s name on it.”


Leher then left a million dollars at the house where Mitchelle’s parents lived, and half-a-million where her younger brother lived.

It was still pretty dark outside, and a couple of street dogs smelled the blood on Leher and growled at him.

He tossed his bloody gloves, and the two dogs took the gloves and ran away into the distance. He drove to the Conreid mansion and checked how his son Jefferey and his family were doing. After seeing them sleeping fine, his mood was uplifted. He then left the mansion and went back to where Parul was staying.

In Adam’s room.

Adam was looking at the eleventh page of the 23-page book ‘How to be a CEO,’ that had the words: A healthy heart
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