Even though Adam lost all the money he invested, a total of ten million dollars, he didn’t feel too bad right now because he spent the night with Reena, and they didn’t have sex but were watching romantic movies all night. After watching the movies till sunrise, when both their bodies and souls were fully craving for love, Reena still managed to hold herself well.

“I will sleep in my bed,” Reena said. “You can sleep in the other room. That’s good for both of us.” She wanted to prove to him she could control herself well if wanted to.

However, Adam grabbed her hand and pulled her into his embrace and began to kiss her everywhere on her face except the lips. “S-Stop, Adam,” she said in a trembling voice, but there was a hint of thrill in her voice. While almost every man she had sex with before lustfully kissed her on the lips, what Adam did now was a first for her. He was gentle, yet the pressure from his lips sent vibrations all over her body and to the depths of her soul. It felt so
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