Chapter 465- More Scheming

While carrying this resentment, Li Shen’s figure was moving so fast that the flee Mo Zhe actually appeared in front of him.


Mo Zhe who had slowed down since Li Shen wasn’t chasing after him, turned when he heard the loud whistling noise behind him.

His pupils immediately shrank when he saw Li Shen and his speed picked up as he frantically tried to escape faster.

However, Li Shen was just too fast. He was barely visible over the horizon when Mo Zhe first saw him, but in only a few seconds he was a few hundred meters away from him!

“Damn it! How is he so fast? Is he actually at the late stage of the Core Formation Realm?!”

Li Shen's flying speed was at the very least in the Late Core Formation Realm while Mo Zhe was only in the Mid Core Formation Realm.

He knew he was too slow to run away from Li Shen.

Hit with this reality, Mo Zhe turned and decided to confront Li Shen head-on. Even if he died here he would try and take Li Shen down with him!

However, what Mo Zhe saw when he turn
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