Chapter 466- Tired Of Being Some Damsel In Distress

Gu Jin was frowning.

It wasn’t a simple frown, it was a frown someone would reserve for when they expected to eat a mouth full of ambrosia but ended up tasting dog shit instead.

Currently, Lu Yue was surrounded by disciples of the Profound Sword Sect trying to protect her as they battled the four hundred or so Fire Empire disciples.

The battle had been ongoing for some time, and though Gu Jin was angry that Lu Shin wasn’t here, he wasn't that upset after seeing Lu Yue.

However, not long after a wild beast showed up with more people and started wantonly slaughtering the disciples of his Fire Empire.

Gu Jin’s plans had been completely derailed.

Suddenly, a jade slip appeared in front of Gu Jin in a burst of light. Not just Gu Jin, but everyone in the area had a jade slip appear in front of them.

“Damn it!”

Gu Jin yelled when he saw this.

He grabbed the jade slip out of the air and scanned it.

It was the Token that showed the number of disciples currently in the Fiery Dimension.

The numb
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