Chapter 469- Unforgettable Pain

“You fucker, I’ll definitely kill you for this!!”

Shiming’s face was deathly pale, but intense hatred was evident in his eyes.

“Huh? How are you going to do that when you’re going to see King Yama?”

Mu Fan kicked Shiming’s severed arm that held his saber to the side as he walked towards him.

Shiming manage to stop his bleeding and he held his stump as he slowly got up.

A crazed look was in his eyes that matched Mu Fan’s own.

Mu Fan didn’t care and he rushed to lop off his head like he promised he would.

He appeared in front of Shiming and did a horizontal slash.

However, a crazed Shiming suddenly grasp the void and a red illusory blade appeared in his remaining hand.


Shiming swung it towards Mu Fan’s incoming saber and a Blade Energy no weaker than Mu Fan’s own swept out.


A loud explosion occurred that caused the ground beneath the two to form a massive crater.

Shiming was seen flying out of the dust that had risen in the area.

Even when he called on his own Blade Will h
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