Chapter 470- Like A Mirror

“Stop being so dramatic, I barely touched you.”

Li Shen said as he gave Mu Fan who was on the ground a cursory glance.

Mu Fan wined.

“It is you. Bastard, do you want to get hit in the head and see how it feels?”

Mu Fan then glared at Li Shen, but in response, Li Shen merely rolled his eyes and then turn back to check on an unconscious Lu Yue.

Mu Fan also turned to her and asked.

Is she going to be alright?”

“If we can get to Jun in time, then everything will be fine.”

“Is that why you let those bastards get away?”

Mu Fan said as he watch Gu Jin and Shiming fly away with the rest of the Fire Empire’’s disciples and Ming Clan members.

Li Shen shifted his head to look in their direction before turning back to Lu Yue.

“There will come a time when they can longer run away from me, but that time hasn’t come yet. Rather, you should be healing your injuries before thinking about fighting in your condition.”

“It merely scratches, I’m fine!”

Mu Fan said confidentially, but Li Shen suddenly saw
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