Chapter 471- Hi There

“D-Damn it, what is happening now?!”

Mu Fan cried out as he saw his fingers fading away.

Li Shen looked over at him and then down at his own hand to see his fingers were fading away as well, and at a rapid pace at that.

Li Shen then looked towards the sky to see that after shattering, what was revealed was a clear blue sky.

The shattered fragments of the previous crimson sky were still hovering in the air, reflecting the blue sky above and the Fiery Dimension below at the same time.

Looking away from this scene, Li Shen bent down to pick up Lu Yue and carry her bridal style. He then turned to Mu Fan and said.

“It’s okay, we’re being teleported to the Hidden Fragmented Realm. Hold onto me.”

Mu Fan hurriedly got up and place his overly large palms on Li Shen’s shoulders.

Mu Fan then watched in curiosity as a strange black light with starry light in it spread from Li Shen’s body to cover both him and Lu Yue.

“What kind of ability is this?”

Mu Fan said looking around. It almost seemed as
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