Chapter 3533
Autumn fell to the ground and was grabbed by Brittany.

William..., on the other hand, was immediately sucked out when the suction force was restored.



Brittany and Autumn wept as they watched William enter the grimstone and transform into flesh and blood.


"Dad ......"

This was also seen by Dorothy, Zendaya, and Alex.

They were taken aback all at once.

Alex roared.

It had been so difficult for him to find his father and restore him to normalcy, and for all these years, he had been away, and he hadn't had time to honor his filial piety properly. In the end, he had actually gone like that.

"I want your life, Ancient Divinity, you son of a bitch!"

"Boom, boom—"

Fiend Lord’s heart was beating faster and faster. The fusion still continued as it still needed time. The energy of those flesh and blood was stopping him, destroying him. The dark demonic lotus in his body was a little untenable.

At this time.


The node of destruction grew in size
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