Chapter 3534
Grand Emperor Rowan brought momentary relief to Earth through the self-destruction of the Six Eternities.

Those who were about to be sucked into the grindstone broke free from the restraints. Moreover, that huge grindstone faded away gradually and disappeared.

“Ha! The grindstone is gone!”

“It’s over! Great!”

The people on Earth, especially those who had a narrow escape, shouted joyfully and hugged each other. Even if the men and women were unacquainted, they embraced each other excitedly.

However, someone started crying shortly afterward because several nodes of the force field were broken, and at least a million living beings were sucked out of Earth before they were thrown into the grindstone and ground into flesh and blood.

Someone powerful like Agatha sacrificed her life for the greater good.

Even Saria failed to escape.

She was also sucked into the grindstone after Agatha.

Everyone was in great sorrow.

Even so, the great crisis hadn’t yet been averted.

Grand Emperor Ro
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