Chapter 3535
The mother-daughter duo—the Phoenix Empress and Phoenix—spilled blood in the air.

That sword’s might did not stop there, but it came down in a ruthless slash. At the scene, Dorothy and Zendaya could not keep up with their strength. They had insufficient power!

Both the women were standing in front of Alex as long-range supporters.

It was then that the sword descended. Zendaya turned the vines into a shield and blocked it.


The vine shield shattered instantly, and the sword almost tore her apart. Knocked back abruptly and crashing into Alex’s fusion barrier, she spilled a great amount of blood on it.

Boom! Boom!

Alex’s heart trembled vigorously. Seeing Zendaya at the last gasp before his eyes, Alex was so heartbroken that he could not breathe. Meanwhile, the face of the white-clothed woman in his mind finally became clear.

“Yukina! Daya Stoermer! Yukina is Daya Stoermer!

“I finally remembered it. I finally remembered it. It turns out that the three lifetimes you’ve been ta
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