Chapter 2: Complicated memories


We quickly run outside and look what's going on. After I see what's happening, I quickly covered Lyn's eye's, I look at the scene.



"The knights..."

The knight's swords are descending to each other. Some knights are killing the other servants. Is this a coup D'etat?

"You trash!"

I heard someone's Angry voice, when I look to the person who said that, I found my older brother, bob cut blue hair, Dark Orange eyes with long eye lashes, his age is 17 years old, wearing a white shirt sleeve, purple vest, and a pants.

His height? I don't know but I will say he is a fat guy, if I could say how fat, he is…

umm here, like two persons are living to one body? Is that clear? It is? Okay. If you don't get it then here. If he started to run; the ground will start shaking as he keeps losing his strength just to take 20 steps.

My older brother is kicking his knights due to frustration because of the situation. He ordered the other knights to kill everyone who's in the way whether it's their own servants or not. He doesn't care any of them only he thinks is his safety.


What a trash person, 5 of his knights has been defeated to a Single person, he was wearing a black robe, we can't see his face because of the hood. His sword is beautiful it's shining every single swing he do. The handle of the sword is like a gold. The blade of the sword is curved and color red…

just the look of it, It's not just an ordinary sword.

Hmm, now that I think about it… my older brother's name… I forgot about it…

What's his name again?  Doesn't matter.

Because of panic, older brother quickly run, leaving his two knights confronting the man in black robe. Eh? This older brother of mine is coming to us? What?

He stretches his right hand, then he whispered something.



I… I can't move!

"Bro... brother what happen...?" Lyn said " What happen to you brother! Hey big brother!"

Lyn is shaking me... My body won't move nor I can speak... what the hell did that person do to me? What is he thinking!?

"… nggh!!!"

Lyn tried to carried me and get out of the place. She keeps pulling my body as we getting away at the scene. I'm sorry Lyn... and why are you this strong? am I that too thin and not heavy?

Anyway, I'm so sorry Lyn.

"It's not because I'm strong brother it's because of magic that's why I'm able to carried you at least a little..." She stops a few seconds "also. your thin that's why you're not that heavy... hnnnggh!!"

Wow, My little sister, just wow... When did you learn about magic?

As expected, my little sister is so cute... she keeps saying that as she keeps pulling me using both of her small delicate and fragile arms and making at an expression of 'Heavy!' I'm so happy having a little sister like her, she's so cute. It's so cute!

Owh mah God!

What's more, SHE'S SO CUTE! SO ADORABLE! Anyway... how did she know what I'm thinking... Oh well, my little sister is so cute so I dun care any of it! HA Mah MAN lunno bout ya but my sister is so cute, MUST

P R O T E C C!

.... wait...

What...? Why did I think like that... it's not like me... Somehow it gave me a chill... what am I thinking...?

"Brother... This is the first time you said something like that.... *pout*"



What the hell...

"I'm sorry Lyn... it's just that your so cute right now...hehe"


She moves her head to the right while still pouting... OH M- EHEM... What the hell happen to me...

'It's not like she's my little sister..she's...'




What... happen to me... My head is hurt... is this the effect of paralyze? It's so goddamn hurt...

"Brother... where are...we?"

While getting confused over my headache, Lyn interrupts me and ask me... I tried to look around and we are inside of the forest...

wow Lyn, how long and how the hell did you pulled me here...?  Are you okay?


"I wonder how can you know what I'm thinking."

"Gasp! I-its B-because I can tell it in your facial expression big brother..."

Hmm? That's so?

Her face is red... She must be exhausted...

I tried to raised my arms and pat her in the head.

"Thank you, Lyn..."

I smiled at her, I was really thankful and also glad that she was okay...

"Really... I really Love You Lyn..."


Her face turn into tomato, as she got stiffened because of the sudden words. Fufu... my sister is so cute...

"Bro... brother...nngh..."


"Lyn... hurt... your arms are gripping my shoulder so much that it hurt... ata ata ata!"

"..!... So... sorry big brother..."

"It's okay... anyway Lyn... let's go... I Can move now..."

Suddenly, behind Lyn's back there is a man holding a sword and raised his sword and swung it downward.

I quickly Push Lyn to the right. I receive the slashed by that man's sword.

I fell down to the ground, my body is now bathing on my own blood I can't move my body... I don't have a strength anymore; my body is cold then it turns hot...

there's so much blood... my own blood... am I going to die?

I look at Lyn, she was shaking and she was crying... She was saying something. But I couldn't hear it. but. Lyn… I don't want to see you like that...

The man is slowly walking towards my sister. her almond eyes are all swelled up of her tears.

I forced myself to move to reach the man.

I keep forcing my body to the limit to stop the man.

The man raised his sword while looking at Lyn and grinning.

I used all of my strengths and push the man using my body. Both of us fell on the ground losing our balance.

I look at Lyn and make an eye contact to her... I hope she understand what I'm saying.


Run Lyn... I won't last long. but my sister did not listen to me... she shakes her head and look at me determined of something... she's still trembling so weak to move... but she tried to get closer.


The man that I pushed manage to regain his balance and kicked me in the stomach... it hurts, he kicked the part where I got slashed.

I vomited blood after that and trembling, the man grabs his sword and was about to stabbed me. But Lyn tried to push down the man, but it looks like she was hugging the man to stop.


The man. no, the man in black robe slaps my Little Sister which she was thrown out and fell to the ground. The man walks towards Lyn, while holding his sword.

"I should kill you first."


"Sto... No..augh!!!"

I blocked out back then. that's how I remember my past life…

What happen to my little sister?


Ah shit.

Yeah, shit to the finest shortness...

I woke up in an old bed its dirty but not that dirty. And Lyn is sleeping with me. So cute...

Anyway, it's really shitty, this is irritatingly ridiculous ultimate f**king annoying yet satisfying but still BULLSHIT.


I just Remembered my past life, yeah, a person who reincarnate, commonly in some manga this happen, those isekai-ish thing that a protagonist reincarnates into another world? Yeah, that's it.

And yep, Me who died in my previous world, died and reincarnate in this world where sword and magic exist.

I don't know how I died, I was a healthy average high school dude who's still a virgin and a f***king Siscon. If I remember correctly, I don't have a sister in my past life.

Then, why did I turn into siscon?

I don't know, my past life memory is not clear, what I mean is I don't remember much of my past life memory. It's only a little bit of fragmented memory that I remember.

Hmm? Why am I so irritated that I feel like I'm cursing that I reincarnate?

No, no no no no.

I'm actually thankful you know? Yeah, I reincarnate, what's more in my previous life I'm a Virgin, I don't know how I died but at least I was given a second life.

IT'S irritating because this world I live right now is a world of Otome game I played.


Why am I playing Otome game in my past life?

You see my friend; curiosity can make you curious. Get that? No? Then don't understand it, I don't care whether you understand it or not.

Just listen to me, okay?

Now this world is a Otome game I know aight?

If I remember correctly, hmm that game called "maison fleurie"?  Dunno.

(A/N: Its language is french and if you translate it on english it's called Flower house)

And it's a typical love story in an academy where the heroine captured every target blah blah blah, there's a villainess that the heroine will be encountered and hindered the so-called love.

Reminder. I.DID. NOT. FINISHED. The game.  There's only one route I finish and it's to a commoner person that turns out a marquis lost heir. And even if I said I finish its route I don't remember much because I'm not good at remembering anything... just like now.

Anyway, that's also a part of my Irritation but what I'm irritated the most is that...

MY SISTER, is one of the villainess's entourages. And she also got punish of execution when she did not do anything just standing at the back of the villainess. Right? That's bullshit right? And I heard from my Girl+friends in my past life whether if it's a happy ending nor bad end the villainess and her entourage will still die.

What the heck?

That's plain bullshit, right?

Isn't it the villainess fault? No in the first place, IT'S the heroine's fault for stealing a person who already has A fiancé's, also that bastard who got charm by that bitch pheromones. Tch.

No, wait. Isn't it the users' fault who's playing and stealing someone's fiancé in the game? No, isn't it the creators fault? Eh? It's just game? But for me that game became a reality though? This is not a game for me, anymore, right? What the hell are you thinking?

AAHHHH ANYWAY, nothing will happen if I continuing scratching my hair because of irritation.

This world setting is a medieval type period, I think? With a little bit of modern technology.

Hm. Hm.

Thank God this world, no, the world that I live in, has a toilet. thank God... Also, this world has this so called 'Refrigerator' to freeze the food or what is it. I know it also has it in my previous life... Hmm... At least there is a toilet that's what I'm glad right now.

Eh? I should follow the game? What? What are you talking about? Follow? The game? Eh? What? Are you dumb?

Why should I follow that?

First of all, my little sis will die if I follow the game, Second, I don't remember much of the game, Third I didn't even finish the game, Fourth, I don't care, and last and FINALLY, the fifth, I. DON'T. GIVE. A F**K, Okay? Understood? Great!

Now... oh shit... My little sister is so cute... her sleeping face is so adorable owh mah gawd!

So, this is the case huh... I'm Rafael Evans but also an 18 years old virgin guy in my previous life. If I say so myself, I'm still Rafael Evans but I got influence by my own, my previous life memory. Some attitude of mine came to my past life, like being a siscon and right now the way I act. But I'm still Rafael, but also that guy... eh? Wait I'm confused... what? Eh?


Let's just say the guy in my previous life is on my memory. I am me and that guy in my previous life is dead and 'his' memory came to me... that's why the 'me' from my past is inside of me which influence a little bit of my attitude... I guess that's the case...

Where am I anyway? When I look everywhere, this place is so old, the ceiling is already broken, the floor is also too old. The smell, is the smell of an old woods, the cold air that I'm feeling, it looks like this house is made on oak tree and if I try to remember what happen...





I panickily wake Lyn by Shaking her desperately, that's why she angrily woke up. Because I suddenly disturb her.

"LYN! are you okay!? What happen!?" I said "Where is that man?! Are you hurt!?"

"Brother take it easy...we're safe, see?"


Yeah... we're at this place of who knows where is this... I act rashly... Well, this place can't be hell... I lost my consciousness when Lyn was about to get killed after all.

"So... what happen?" I asked with a worried expression" what happen to that black robe man?"

".... I don't know..." Lyn lie her head and grasp the quilt of the bed that started to get some wrinkled." The... Man, suddenly...he suddenly disappeared..."

... Hmmm... I don't know what happen but my little sister seems she doesn't want to tell what really happen...

"We should move out..."


I carefreely caressing Lyn's head while smiling at her... I don't want to tell to her that, the one who wants to kill us is one of that fat guy's knight... It's just a hunch but the way that fat guy(father)act, and think... he is the worst...

He is probably the one who plan of coup d'état, How I know this? When I was still in that mansion, that day at night I secretly sneak in his office. Why? I was planning to escape in that mansion together with Lyn.

then I saw a letter from baron...uhh forgot who is it... but they were planning of coup d'états. Probably that fat guy knows that, that plan will fail that's why he gave this information to royal family. of course, those royalties are grateful at him for saving the royal family also the kingdom. then, why did he do that? To gain power. More power. and to cover all of those shit plan... that dude plan a coup d'état on itself. to prove that those rebels want to revenge from him, and of course he will win, by sacrificing lots of people to gain more authority and power.

Now, yeah that man with beautiful sword back then where the handle of the sword is gold and the blade is crimson red, I remember that sword. it's from his attendant. To cover his own crime and plan... heeh... he sacrifices lots of innocent people for his own gain... He doesn't even care about his son... and wife...

Um. Maybe that wife of his already know it.... Hmm it's just my way of thinking. and I think, I think too much that it's almost impossible. But that dude is sure is shit ehh...

but if that is true... That's pretty unreasonable right?

I don't see any merits at all. what I can only see full of demerits on everything… what's the point of killing innocent people just to prove that you are innocent? I won't get it no matter what ...

Anyway... We need to survive...

"Lyn" I said and look at her with seriousness" we will leave this kingdom... will you follow me?"


Lyn was surprised but she eventually nodded. great...

"We need to leave quickly"

Lyn was making a puzzled expression, can't be help. We need to get out of here, and go to 'that' kingdom

After all, ...

This Kingdom is already done for.

Full of corrupt officials, even the royal family… huh... I never thought that Lyn as an entourage of the villainess has this kind of harsh life... no wonder in the game she always hiding in the shadow....


ah… I said to her that we should get out of here... but we are still small… we need to take care of ourselves first and learn how to survive… I won't rush anything… if I rush, I might put my little sister to danger...



If Lyn was the entourage of the villainess, then...

What about me?

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