The Supposed To Be An Extra Will Change The Game!

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The Supposed To Be An Extra Will Change The Game!

By: ZeroWeiss OngoingOther

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Rafael Evans, a 10 years old boy who remember his past life and found out he live at a Otome Game he knew, what’s more. His Cute little sister is the entourage of the Villainess! Unforgivable! I Shan’t let my Sister Die! Why do I have to be reincarnate in this Otome Game anyway!? He, who remember his past life will change everyone’s fate. he who supposed to die. he who shouldn’t have existed. this time, Rael, Will change the Game. however, there is a problem. does he think that this world is still the Otome Game HE had ‘played’? The world is wide and full of dangerous place, Evil cult, Organization and kingdoms. what will Rael do if he met such unexplainable conflict. will he survive? will you join how will he continue his life? its up to you.

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51 chapters
Chapter 1: Beginning: thank you for being with me
*Door Open*"Brother... It's time to eat... Here...""Thanks, Lyn..."I look at my little sister, sky blue hair, pale dust golden Almond eyes, white like a snow skin, gentle lips, her cheek looks so soft that you want to pinch it. She was wearing a gown that fit in her body, dark purple dress with frillies’ between her upper and lower dress.She also holding a blue rabbit stuffed toy with peach flower on its head. Her name is Lyndell Evans 8 years old my little sisterLyn gave me a slice of bread which is I accept. Because I was not able to eat for 2 days... while eating I look at Lyn, I notice that there's a water in her eyes."Why did they treat you like this brother"" It's because of my hair..." i said while eating."I... don't understand... Just because of that...?""Because I'm a curse..."I smiled gently at my little sister who's gripping her hands between
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Chapter 2: Complicated memories
 "KYAA!!"We quickly run outside and look what's going on. After I see what's happening, I quickly covered Lyn's eye's, I look at the scene.Clang!Gachiin!"The knights..."The knight's swords are descending to each other. Some knights are killing the other servants. Is this a coup D'etat?"You trash!"I heard someone's Angry voice, when I look to the person who said that, I found my older brother, bob cut blue hair, Dark Orange eyes with long eye lashes, his age is 17 years old, wearing a white shirt sleeve, purple vest, and a pants.His height? I don't know but I will say he is a fat guy, if I could say how fat, he is…umm here, like two persons are living to one body? Is that clear? It is? Okay. If you don't get it then here. If he started to run; the ground will start shaking as he keeps losing his strength just to take 20 steps.
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Chapter 3: Ana
--- Ana---"I am your father."When you hear those words, you might be happy as a kid without family. Hoping for someone will love you, you want a family, to be beloved.It might be the dream to those who don't have a family but for me."From now on, you are my daughter."Instead of happiness, it's the opposite. My mother died because of sickness. She left me at the age of five, I couldn't even afford a proper grave for her. I ask the others but no one help me to make a proper grave for her...Mother and I was just living in a slum, I just watch my mother's body started to rot. It smells bad as her body getting eaten by small and fragile gross thing... there's are a lot of them... my neighbors decided to burn our house. Any of my belongings has been burnt including mother's body.I just looking at it. Crying helplessly. Why did such a thing happen to me. At the Age of 6 I learn to live, begging for people, hoping that they will give me a food. Once
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Chapter 4: Doubt
"let's get out of here..."Or so I said, I forgot that I'm still small, a kid who is weak and can die anytime.Same case to Lyn, but I have the memory of "me" in my past life, 10 years old like me will survive here, I have to learn how to hunt, thankfully when I was in that house, I secretly practicing Swordsmanship.Though I said that, it's just a self-thought. I only know how to swing the sword, that's all, and I can't kill a monster using a wooden sword right?We don't have anything right now as a self-defense. Should I look around?I notice that something is gripping my shirt, when I look at my right side; there's Lyn sleeping. No, she goes back to sleep... She's drooling...She must be really exhausted. Hm?I notice that there is so many dry bloods in my clothes, oh yeah. I got slashed back then. Then that too...I look around of my body and check if there's a scar left in my body..."Impossible..."I just realized it just now,
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Chapter 5: Magic
"That...again..." I said while making a poker face "that 'boooh' thing...""o...o-okay.." she said.She raised her arms as the same high on her head, and lower her head a bit but you can still see her whole face, then she did what was her brother asked, she repeat her action but with a confused face."B-booh...?"OHMYGAWD!CAMERA! WHERE'S THE CAMERA! I NEED A CAMERA!God damn it, is there any camera here!? I need to remember this precious scene! My little sister will grow into fine lady someday!So, I need some picture of her little self, ESPECIALLY THIS! THIS SCENARIO GOD DAMNIT THERE'S NO CAMERA IN THIS WORLD GOD DAMNIT WHY THIS IS NOT FULL OF MODERN TECHNOLOGY!"B... brother...?" Lyn said "a-are you okay? Did I make you mad?"AAAAHHHHHH!!!I covered my whole face, and bend my body into exaggeration, SHE IS SO CUTE!!!'This is torture for me for I don' t have a camera...!! '"Torture?" Lyn said while she tilts
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Chapter 6: Unexpected outcome
"... When...?"I was sitting at the floor in Indian style and crossing my arms while looking at my little sister, she was sitting at our bed while gripping her trousers and fidgeting. She can't even look at my eyes, her eyes were looking everywhere, she might be thinking some excuses or if she has to tell the truth...Anyway, even in this situation my little sister is still cute.... Damn it, focus right now, me!"Lyn" I called her name in a deep voice that makes my little sister trembled she looked Down; her mouth was opening then closed. Maybe, she doesn't know how to explain; that's why I choose not to speak and just look at her not looking anywhere, but that's just made Lyn trembled more... She gripped her trouser more and it already has a wrinkle.Seriously, I actually didn't care whether she has a magic or not, I'm thankful whether she doesn't have a mana or not, she's still my little sister and I'm not even mad, well maybe a little but that's because I'm wo
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Chapter 7: Resolution
"yyaaaawwwnn!""... Good morning brother...."It's been a few days since that incident, there's no problem at the moment. Albeit, my sister is keeping an eye on me. She might be thinking that I will be in danger again.She asks me what happen to me, so I tell half of the story. I can't lie to her because she knows if I lie or not. I didn't talk about the person in that trunk and about the muddy water that as if it's swallowing me. I talk about the divine tree."Lyn, so. I'm not that knowledgeable when it comes to magic but I must tell you this."I said while we were practicing outside of the house."See that tree?"I pointed out the tree in front of us, of course she would see it. Why did I ask if she could see that?"use your wind magic, now Imagine a thin object, hmm.. Like a blade, but it is made in wind, also imagine that your wind magic can cut through rock tree or anything that came to your mind." I paused then continue "
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Chapter 8: Danger
"KAAAAAARRRRWWWLL!!!"*DASH!!! *"Ana, use fire Lance!""Yes, Rael!"Ana, use her fire lance, she produced 5 sharp-like icicle shard that came into her own magic circle; around her, then she targets the monster and throw the 5 sharp-like icicle shards towards the monster.The monster, who looks like a scorpion, its appearance was like a humanoid. Half human, half scorpion, its upper body is a human dark knight, its head is like a human head but even though we can't see it's face due to its helm covering its head, you can see that its mouth has a sharp tooth, like the teeth of an angler fish.Its lower body is a body of a scorpion, it has eight legs which is also sharp and dangerous, and a tail of a scorpion, which can move by the monster own will.It tried to escape using its own tremendous speed, that it's hard for you to follow. It's more and much faster than a cheetah in my previous world, but before it escapes; I used my shadow to restraint its
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Chapter 9: Dark Demon Bear
Deep inside of a forest, in a house where two lives is living, they were waiting inside of the house as the thunderous storm wailing at the sky. Rain drops are hitting the roof which making a heavy sound, Rael and Ana is sweating, a cold sweat forming at their back, and also at their fore head; as they feel the cold atmosphere slowly turning into eerie and heavy feelings...I gulfed down, saliva pass through my throat. I have sweat in my fore, cold sweat at my back. I don't know why, but only thing that I know is that, we are in a precarious situation. What's more the noise of the angry lightning is giving me more bad vibes.What kind of being is watching us?"... Rael..."Ana holds my hem; it seems that she finally notices it too... Well, even I myself will completely be alert when a killing intent is pointed at you; without you knowing where did that killing intent came. You have no clue where it is...I patted her head and awkwardly smiled at her.Ka
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Chapter 10: Knights vs Dark Demon Bear
“did you see anyone there?”Said by the captain of the knights who's next beside to Bobby Evans the heir of house Evans. He is wearing a knight's armor while holding his helm to his waist, light brown hair and brown eyes with a mustache, his body structure can't be described because he was wearing an armor.But one could tell that he has a good physics even if he is already at his 40's, what's more anyone can't talk to him properly because of the atmosphere around him.Cruel, cold hearted, malicious, insaneA dangerous feeling that one could tell that the man shouldn't be underestimated.“n-no sir! I found no one there!”The knight was shaking, even though he was a retired mercenary and killed many lives not just monsters but also human. A rank B mercenary, in his day he was feared by everyone because of his cruelness and he spared no one whether it was his own team or not, sacrifice them if it means to save his life.
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