Chapter 50: Enjoy the time

After what happened, I began to choose a subject I would like to take.

History, math, practical cooking, swordsmanship.

I must take things slowly but fast, I don't know when that manipulative bastard would move, but it was better to be prepared.

I might as well act like a weak brat who has no power to hold against him.

While I was walking, I bumped into someone.

"oh sorry."

"Nah, It's fine."

With orange hair and green eyes with sharp lashes, he looks a bit irritated for some reason.

I saw that he was carrying a bunch of sweets...


"ah, this? This is for my stupid, damn lady."


"don't worry, she's not here and even if she was, she wouldn't mind, by the way, would you mind taking that cupcake on the floor? Yes, that, thankfully it was wrapped perfectly, anyway thanks."

He then moved away as if nothing happen, I looked at him weirdly and then realized I hadn't as his name.

Well, no matter what, a future might come when we will meet each other again.
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