Chapter 49: Time to move!

It was an interesting occurrence, however, as much as interesting it was, I should not let myself become the prey.

Our fight just started, there will be some people who will get implicated, I need to plan and a counterattack against that person.

'Dark magic against dark, I wonder who will win... '

They said that if two people fight against each other with the same dark attribute, they won't be able to kill each other.

That's a complete lie.

There are a lot of dark attribute people who were in hiding, my shadows witness a fight between two people who has dark magic and they both killed each other with a fast and accurate strike.

"hmmm~ Now then, I wonder what he will do."

"And who is that?"

I look behind my back and saw a glimpse of silver hair, I stop my step and look at her, wearing the uniform of Axiane Academy, and her pink eyes that as expected, attractive is looking at me as she tilted her head.

"Nothing, Erica, it was just something interesting, anyway, where is Aria?
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