Chapter 48: Crown Prince

It's been a week since that day in the canteen.

We all get along and I have time to be with Erica and Arianne.

Incredibly enough, at first, the team wouldn't get along, however, three days later, they become to look like best friends and completely forgot about me.

It seems that Erica is aware of my relationship with the other two and would not stop calling me a womanizer.

Thank you, I didn't even know when they become my fiances...

It just happen in a day without me knowing.

They were all the ones who decided on the idea.

Anyways, as of now the three of us is alone in an old three eating each other.

Erica is on my right and Arianne is on my left.

"Rael, aah~"

Arianne said while stretching her hand with a sandwich into my mouth, of course, I open it and welcome the food that came inside.


After I'm done chewing and gulping it down, Erica tugged my clothes and I look at her.

There I saw her arm raise and a meatball in her fork pointing at me.



This two are so c
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