Dao Masters Of Demonic Cultivation

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Dao Masters Of Demonic Cultivation

By: Sweet savage CompletedFantasy

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The Heavenly emperor is put in panic when demonic evil begins surfacing to the three realms, threatening to bring back the Demon sect he had wiped out thousands of years ago. And all these because of a young man called Asura. A mysterious mortal, Asura is ambitiously bent on destroying the heavens in revenge for wiping out his family and making his life miserable! And to do this, he must cultivate, even when his spiritual core is blocked and he, Cursed to never cultivate! Asura's ambition for power and revenge leads him into the extinct demon path. He recreates his method of the abolished demon cultivation, shaking the foundation of the universe, and making all tremble at the mention of his name. He meets the mysterious high-level cultivator, Kai, who might have some relations with the heavens and demons, all good and evil. The road ahead is muddy and the schemes are devilish. A step ahead would alert the enemies and a journey through lands and lifetimes is what it takes to solve the puzzle and Uncover Hidden truths of This so called good and Evil in the three Realms! What is good? What is evil? what is white, what is black? what is day? and what is night? If no one has no answer. Don't judge!

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  • Alexandra Diana


    Amazing book ! Keep it going ! Great wuxia, looking forward to your next writings <3

    2022-06-04 17:33:07
  • Hazeus


    I read it. And I say it is very good, it was very interesting. Keep updating author!

    2022-05-30 07:07:08
  • Matthew


    Alright my thought the story is great as the way is going with no issue for me to say, but still make sure to keep a eye open when editing and posting a new chapter. Anyway just keep up with the story as far as you can go good luck

    2022-05-28 06:12:35
  • Nelav Oneito


    Wow...what an amazing work

    2022-02-17 08:45:35
  • Lee Khalix


    It was so-so really

    2022-05-10 20:46:26
Latest Chapter
400 chapters
1: A theif and a will
    "Stop! you thief!"     The busy village market was interrupted by the scream of a middle-aged man who was running through the market, pushing down stuff without much care while they chase after a young man who energetically ran before them.     "Stop there!"     The young man was running swiftly and in such Hurry that the middle-aged man seemed far behind him. But he didn't stop, he couldn't be caught by them!     "Stop there you little thief!"     The men yelled after him as though it would stop the young man who was dressed in a ragged Black garment from running. Because this skilled Young Man had just jumped over a cart that was left on the way.     At the market, sides were screams and chatters from market attendants and vendors who were amazed by the normal chase scene that seemed
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2: Be my master, I'll be your 3rd disciple?!
He looked up at the slanting sign up at the gate, it read the characters "Heart Words"      The young man had a closer look at the characters he wasn't acquainted with. Having both hands on his waist, he seemed confused looking at the sign. He had to admit to being an illiterate who didn't learn to read. But he didn't think those were necessary, he wouldn't need them to fight the heavens!     He scratched his messy dark hair that was tied backward in a ponytail with some parts brushing forward his face. This young man by appearance was young, and he indeed was an active youngster.     He looked around again, there was no house around here. This must be the place that the people he had asked had shown him, And judging by how lonely it...it must be the invaded house of the Great master Lu.     He approached and then pushed open the door cautiously. The door
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3: First disciple
Master Lu majestically walked up to his front corridor leading to a hall as he sat down before a table. Before he was a jug of tea and a little cup that he seemed to be feasting on before the intruder had arrived.      Asura watched him settle as he poured himself a cup of fine tea and then sip it down in a solemn manner. That wasn't his main shock now, but what this man had said about having some disciples before him.     He walked up to him, sitting before his table" Can you tell me about your disciples? who are they? where are they? and why weren't they killed?"     Master Lu looked at the young boy with lots of curious questions. He raised an eyebrow. "They are disciples of mine...How could they easily be killed by those people? I don't take weaklings and untalented as disciples"     "Then, where are they? Are they around here?" &n
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4: Mission success?
Asura quickly got up to his feet with a jovial smile" Oh .. Hello...I'm Asura... the new disciple"     The man looked at him "How can a disciple be a lie? Master Lu sent you on a mission, isn't it?"     Asura blinked. This disciple was awesome! Did he know everything? Can he see through him?!     "Oh... Yeah. I am on a mission, but I'll surely accomplish it and become his disciple" Asura assured, confidently.     "Don't count your eggs before they hatch" The young man looked cold, gently and distant. He seemed colder than master Lu and this bothered Asura.     "Why say so?"      The young man turned to a tree far ahead and gestured to it with his hand fan "There...Is the tea leaves that the master likes the most? Get it, If you can" He turned to Asura.     "Why say
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5: Heaven's wrath
was The Heavenly atmosphere was always serene and mighty. Giving off the vibes of supremacy and holiness.    The pure clouds dotted the environment below, serving as a primary division between earth and the heavens.    Above this blurry cloud was a large golden gate ahead and before this gate stood soldier-like men in full golden armor. They look plain in expression and calm with their spear at hand.     Behind these gigantic gates blurred up with shining cloud stars was the majestic land of the gods...The core god realm.    Legend had it that after the ancestral gods had created the universe, they had strived for peace between mankind and an effective way of ruling it .. Then when the ancestral gods had faded off from the universe without traces...placed the gods In charge of this universe...The gods were selected based on wits and talents. And these gods of the three realms lived in the supreme god land a
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6: Senior! You're blind?!
“Why do I have to do this?" Asura questioned trying to keep his balance.     Master Lu had his eyes closed, leaning happily against the tree. "This is a method to build up your calm self. As a disciple of mine...You should be Peaceful within...Calm...And gentle...But you're contrary to them all. That's why we have to begin with this"    "But ...But when are you gonna teach me to use powers and cultivate?" He questioned.    Master Lu still had his eyes closed" I should not be the First person to tell you that you have a blocked spiritual sense...And no matter how hard you try...You can never cultivate"    "I've heard that a lot. But I don't believe it. I know I can break it" He said confidently.    Master Lu Smiled" You're confident enough. But that... would only be a miracle...A great miracle"    "I don't believe in miracles" Asura said as he fall on his other
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7: The heart river
The journey to the Forest wasn't such a hard one. Before long, the two young men had gotten to the forest as they strolled through its path.    Asura followed Kai behind, taking a close look at him. He was still bothered with the idea of Kai being blind!    But he was walking fluently and naturally! His movement was causal! How then is he blind?!    "Are you coming or gonna stand behind while looking at me?" Kai asked.    Asura quickly stepped forward to stand beside him. He took a close look at kai. ", Senior, Are you blind?"    Kai didn't look at him nor reply but kept on moving.     "But how can you be blind when you know everything, move and fight so well?!"     Kai finally stopped and then turned to Asura who had a close look at his blue eyes. "Maybe another fight between us will determine if I'm blind or not, what do you say?"  &n
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8: A night dance
The moon hung poetically on a starry night. Calm and tranquil.    Beneath the moon was the house of Master Lu who was sitting outside his corridor as usual.    He had his scrolls before him on the table, and candlelight closes by.     He was going through the characters, exquisitely written on the scrolls. Poems and we'll write sayings of knowledge.    He went through the scrolls under the candlelight for a while and then looked up ahead. "How long do you plan on monitoring me. You've been here the whole morning, aren't you tired?" Master Lu asked.    Then immediately, someone appeared with yellow fire dust announcing his entrance.     The god of war walked up to Master Lu "You're brave enough not to run away this time. I wanted to see if you had an ace up your sleeves backing your bravery"    A slight smile escaped Master Lu's lips. He looked down
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9: The old man at the Peachtree mountain
There were precisely two mountains located in this little village. And the peach Tree mountain was one of them.    The PeachTree mountain was relatively small and sloppy. It was more insignificant than the other larger mountain that' could be seen from distance away.    The Peachtree mountain was situated in the deep forest which made it further and difficult to notice. It was an awkward and strange mountain as proclaimer by most. Legend had it that the Tree mountain was originally the stepping grounds of dead gods and immortals. The mountain by observation had no trace of trees or planets whatsoever. This was a strange omen to the people. But on a certain year when the gods were said to have descended on this mountain, A certain peach tree was said to have sprouted out miraculously. This was the origin of the name because till this day, no other tree had grown there and this peach tree remains there at the center of the mountain.  &n
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10 : The tale of the Cursed forest
“Oh here! Come! Come and hear the Exclusive tale of the Evil general and his fair consort!"    The Street was always so busy in the morning time. In this village where all strived for a means of business and survival, everyone was already out early the next morning, doing what they did best all to make a living.    The storytelling sage stood before his cart of books with interested men and women gathering around him to hear what he had to say. Such people were intrigued by certain tales and there were bound to be people around to listen!    The man rattled the tale for them, all watched with Great interest and awe! They seemed to be enjoying the tale.    Asura walked through the street in his usual attire. He was looking around through the street watching as things went as always. Hopefully, he wouldn't be noticed and that was what he hoped for!    He stopped by the storyteller's company
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