A Mystical Adventure Where A Ghost Follows Me Everywhere!

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A Mystical Adventure Where A Ghost Follows Me Everywhere!

By: LeFattyBoi OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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"One to truly embrace love, one must swim through the ocean of hatred."-Katashi Shuuta He is a boy who encounters a ghost at midnight, completely shattering his reality. Magic, Demons and Angels turn up to be real, threats that could destroy the world and organizations that could harm the world also exist. Now, in order to maintain peace, he decides to become the strongest one there is, so he can change the Mystic society, for a better future.

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41 chapters
1. A weird day.
"Another Owner?" A faint voice coursed through a small room; peer pressure filled the dim space, eerie vibes contained its grey walls; a young lad was utterly startled by that feeling, his eyes wanted to shut themselves, but his emotions held him back.   Those sparkly silver eyes were glistening; his body looked like a shake-weight getting jerked aggressively by an athlete; he felt as if some pair of eyes were glued on his body.   "Interesting..." An entity spoke in a fervor way.   "Interesting?!" He parroted with a glint of fear.   "Why do I hear a voice?!" His mind went crazy; his intention to leave the house rose every second that passed.   His eyes flickered around the small room to check if anything was out of the ordinary. His boxes were stacked the way he arrived. However, they look like an entity out of this world in the night, wanting his blood and guts.  Read more
2. The warm embrace of death.
Time passed by, it was finally time for P.E., and Shuuta was wholly excited; he heard that the P.E. teacher was a beauty in her 20s and that she's been single her whole life!   Granted, Shuuta didn't know how a beauty would stay single for that long, was her standards too high? Or was she a lesbian?   Most of the third-year students tried to hit on her, but she was ruthless towards all the poor fallen men. Her punishment became a daily thing, even teachers were terrorized by the things she did.   She gained a badass yet heart-shattering nickname: The Warm Embrace of Death.   "Do you think that she likes BDSM? I mean, she likes to punish her students, so I might as well take one for the team and find out! Heh heh." Kazuma's mouth was drooling uncontrollably; Shuuta just frowned at him. How the heck did he befriend such a guy?   All the boys were staring in amazement and lust at th
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3. Pudding saves the day...night!
"Shuuta...Shuuta! SHUUTA!"   The cute ghost was screaming from the top of her lungs, she pouted cheeks fumed up for the fact that she spent 4 hours yelling, but the soulless idiot was still out of it…somehow.   "It's been 4 hours! And you're still sitting there just staring blankly at the wall. What happened?"  Hanako's face exploded with curiosity; what made him react like that?   "D...a...t...e..." Shuuta's vague voice startled Hanako, she shook her head, did she hear date?   "D-date?" Her curiosity nukes! Why did he say date like that?!   "If you don't tell me what happened, I'll burn all your manga!" Hanako didn't give Shuuta a choice anymore.   She was over it, 4 hours of yelling at a wall were sufficient for her to snap.   Tremble*   "What did you say?!" Shuuta instantly retorted; his eyes glowed red like a
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4. Mystics.
Shuuta felt an electrifying wind being filtered into him, completely losing sense of his body and mind; Hanako was beyond shocked; her quivering hands couldn't stretch to help out the red-haired boy. "T-they already found him...? How can that be?"   "Shuuta!" Her acute voice snapped the boy back into his sense; he gripped the man's wrist and somehow managed to do the same to him.   The stranger felt his whole arm screaming with ardor, dandling his wrist away from Shuuta's grip; the man then retreated and huffed, shaking his hand.   "D-Devour? Interesting magic, I thought you were at least a human, kid. Nonetheless, I shall slay you for that is my lord's will."   "W-what the hell are you talking about? Magic? Are you delusional?" Shuuta perked up his eyes, weakened yet revolted with anger.   The man suddenly laughed maniacally. "An ignorant fool with powerful Magic!" He grips his
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5. Vision! Abbadon's Throne World.
"What was that about?!" Shuuta asks Hanako; his curiosity exploded after encountering a cultist maniac, and a blonde dude with powers.   "What's a Mystic exactly?"   "Where to begin with..."   In the old times, Mystics are super-humans tasked to abolish all evil in the form of spirits, demons, and angels. Such powers were granted by the gods and devils to stop one another.   "I guess that's a very compacted summary." Shuuta laughs at how short her explanation was.   "And you're one of them!" Hanako exclaims while keeping her smile   "WHAT?!?! FOR REAL?!"   Blood almost oozed out of his mouth from Shuuta's shock; he can't believe that he was a motherfucking badass "wizard."   "Why are you surprised…you were going toe to toe with that man." Hanako's brow began to burrow.   "With great power comes gr
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6. Space and Time pocket!
Shuuta almost tore his lungs from squealing the word 'What,' even some students were able to hear such a scream...wondering who the idiot who yelled was.   "I respectfully decline!" Shuuta stood up from the bed and bowed at Noara.   Noara, on the other hand, placed her right hand on her tiny mouth and started chuckling uncontrollably.   "Dummy! That's if you want to! But no, that isn't the condition." Noara was still laughing at his reaction; in all his years of taking care of students who were hurt or sick, all had been very lustful or rather reserved, but this boy here lightens her mood by a lot. A slight grin paints her face. 'I will never stop teasing you...'   Shuuta sounded off a loud sigh of relief.   "My, my...you hate Mikazuki that much? That makes me sad because we're sisters, are we ugly?" Noara kept a coyly smile; she makes her way to Shuuta and pointed at his chest,
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7. A loli?
At lunchtime, Shuuta and Kazuma both went to the cafeteria; Hanako followed behind Shuuta, poking his sides and messing around with him.   Kazuma glared confused, those little jumps that Shuuta did were creepy.   While eating, they both were reticent; it was disturbing for them; Hanako was sitting next to Shuuta and was just shifting her gaze at Shuuta and Kazuma.   'Should I just go for it..? Ugh this silence is very loud!'   "Do you believe in ghosts?" Shuuta finally killed the silence.   "Uhh...I guess so, why do you ask?"   "I'm sorry for lying, I'll tell you the truth."   ...   "So you were talking to a ghost?!" Kazuma responded with an excited voice.   "Yeah, her name is Hanako."   "Her? It's a girl?! Lucky you!"   "Hey! She's listening!" &nb
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8. Duel or Die! Shuuta vs Hikaru!
Everyone was shocked; the president just declared a duel against a first year.   The room remained silent, tension had built up, pressure and nervousness also began to rose, and the cafeteria itself was in a glued state.   The white-haired loli then disrupted the silence, tugging Shuuta's shirt from his well-shaped back.   "I'm sorry for getting you into all this...and I wanted to kill you myself..." the loli bows as an apology.   Shuuta pops a vein on his forehead.   "What if I refuse then?"   "I'll just kill you right here Shuuta."   "If I agree I'll die anyway!"   The blonde boy had a grin on his face, nodding haughtily.   "You b*tch."   Shuuta glared at Hikaru; he can't believe him. Wasn't he a phoenix feather or a lottery ticket?   "I'll show you that
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9. First Mission.
Shuuta couldn't believe what Hikaru forced him to do...   He was wandering around school looking for prez's office, currently, he was being ogled by every student that came across him.   Some whispered others snapped a pic, most cackled under their breath, deepening Shuuta's mood into an abyss hole of embarrassment.   "~Kukuku~"   A sweet giggle made Shuuta lose his head, and with a sudden turn, he scolded her.   Only to embarrass himself more than he needed to.   "Who was he screaming at?"   "I don't know…he's probably missing some screws."   "I agree sis, let's not mingle with him."   Shuuta had a mortified face after hearing their banter.   He had to deal with Noara's sexual harassment and verbal abuse; she beat Shuuta's butt in training.   He finally f
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10. Devour Magic!
Void, Shuuta's body hovered in the abyss; nothing was apparent, nothing was audible, and not a slight of anything was there.   A smog lurked in the shadows, and a red-blackish mist drifted imperceptibly towards Shuuta, taking over his body and possessing him.   "Huh? Did he stop breathing already? Boring." The pervy-looking girl wined.   The demon girl then gazed at the shuddering Kurumi; her hands were shaking. Her eyes had lost all hope. She tried to run, but her slim legs gave up, making her petite body punch to the ground.   "It seems you're the weakest of the bunch, why are you even here little girl..." Her eyes pierced through her heart, leaving a deep impression on Kurumi.   "Hikaru...Shuuta...." Kurumi couldn't even talk anymore; fear completely took her over.   "Then perish little morsel!" The erotic demon lurched aggressively, pointing her sharp cla
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