The King's Last Heir

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The King's Last Heir

By: Setemi Updated just nowFantasy

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After losing his wife to be to the hands of the crown prince, Keith's sister was murdered by the same prince... Not only does he want revenge, he wants Prince Edward to be so miserable that death would be far away from him... But how can he accomplish this if he's just a commoner?


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The door went open and Alan hurried in, a look of panic on his face. Ava was seated by the fire with the baby in her hands and back to him as she whispered a song to her child. "We must leave. Now!"Alan walks into the room after seeing he already got Ava's rapt attention. She stood on her feet, clenching hard to her baby in fright. He said they wouldn't find them here! Alan had promised with his life to keep them safe… "What do you mean they are coming? You promised me brother! You promised they wouldn't get to us!!" Ava cried "This is no time to shed tears Ava! We have to leave immediately! Her royal highness found us! And we can't waste another moment on this discussion!" He tied up her clothes and the baby's in a clothes and flunk it over his shoulders before rushing them down the narrow passage to make use of the back door . After making sure they were both out, he sets up the cottage built out of a straw on fire while they made their way into the forest, Alan right behind he
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Page 1
"KEITH!!!!!" He froze in shock at the sound of his name, had he been caught or his mother was simply calling out to him?What was the matter now and why was she yelling his name so loud for goodness sake! He didn't commit murder did he?Infact, he had no idea why his mother was yelling his name to begin with! Keith stumbles out of his room and heads out to the compound, eyes still drowsy in sleep as he robs his eyes."What is it mama? I'm trying to sleep…." "Keith! Run!" Emma yelled as she saddled his horse, running from the back out front."You rascal!" His mother, Agnes, yelled running towards him with a broom in hand ."How many times have I warned you not to give that slimy weasel all your money?!" "How did she know that?" Keith said, running towards Emma to join her on the horse. "Get back here you rascal!!!" Agnes yelled as Keith got on the horse and ran away before Agnes could hit him."What am I to do with this boy?!" Agnes whined walking back into the horse, knowing she
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Page 2
"Emma!" She runs towards her master, sweat on her brows as she tries to wipe them off with the back of her hand."Yes master" "I want you to give the prince a share of his tax tonight" he said in a frightened voice "Master…why..why me?* she asked in utter surprise. Matt was the one who often deliver the Prince's share to him, why should she do that instead?" No one wants to do it. Not even Matt" her master offered "M.." "I beg you Emma. Deliver this to the prince or all our lives will be over" her master adds He runs off before Emma could say anything else. She didn't have a choice or the prince would have their heads like he had said… *******Emma stared up at the house right in front of her, her heart racing wildly in her chest…The Brothel…Of all the places he could have chosen to meet her, this was the spot he visited frequently…After a deep breath, Emma walks into the building and was welcome into a open floor with several room on her right and left.A
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Page 3
Keith watched in horror as Emma staggered on her feet, fighting for balance but that was far from achievable…The red liquid Keith hated the very sight of slip down his sister's lips as she finally lost all conciousness, falling to the ground.Keith rushed towards her and caught just as she was about to hit her head hard on the ground.He stared at her, mouth agape, eyes confused and his blood rushing into his ears.Everything sounds like an echo to him….Emma….She wasn't talking…Or moving….And her eyes were shut close….This had to be a dream, a really bad dream.. Someone had better wake him up from this nightmare! This couldn't be happening to him..He had just seen her earlier in the day before she left for the tax station…It had to be a dream….All of this had to be a dream and a terrible one at that! But the more he tried to shake her wake, she just…laid there…Very still."Emma!!" He yelled loudly enough for everyone around him to go silent in shock…His eyes went to the pri
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Page 4
"My master wants to see you this minute," The stranger said in seriousness."I don't care who your master is! Get the hell out of my way! I won't say it twice!" Keith warned "I'm Ellinor and my master is Lord Warden. You cannot make this mistake without someone of power behind you Keith!" "Don't make me draw a sword through your heart!" Keith warned "You think you'll make it to the prince alive? Do you have the slightest knowledge of the number of guards at the main gate alone? " Ellinor demanded "Go home. And bury your sister " he adds Keith got down from his horse, his sword in hand as he walked past without another word."Keith!" "Get away from me!!!" He warned The stranger got down from the horse, ready to challenge him in a sword fight."Someone as weak as you are, cannot stand a chance. It would mean nothing if you get yourself killed today " Keith groaned as he moved closer, the duo engaged in a sword fight, fierce and merciless. Ellinor did not hesitate to get a slice
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Page 5
Keith was confused,what matters does a common man like himself have to do with a noble man like Warden?Why would a councilman spend time watching him either way? "What business does a commoner have with a nobleman? I don't seem to understand why you would claim to know a lot about me" Keith asked "Take a seat son. It's a really like long talk we've got on our hands" Warden said Keith eyes the seat in suspicion and soon his gaze went back to the garden where Elinor was staring at the beautiful maiden as though she was the only precious thing in the world…When did he leave in the first place? Keith wanted to tell this maiden what a weird man she was getting involved with…The type to mask his face and ride a horse at night. He could be an assassin for goodness sake! Not to mention his guts!Keith soon joins Warden and takes a seat on the chair by the pond."Tea?" Warden asked, gesturing at the small table beside him that held a teacup and cups.."I would like to hear what you have
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Page 6
Water poured down on his face forcing Keith to fight for his life! He had no idea what it was but it felt cold and his entire bed was wet!He was out of bed in minutes, staring at Ellinor like a freaking monster!"What was that for?" Keith demanded.He'd thought someone cruel and ruthless had tossed him into the river or something! "You're the one who said you wanted revenge. You should be the first person to wake up. You seem to enjoy sleeping your days away. Lazy brute" Ellinor tossed the bucket to the side, making his way out of the room.Keith watched in disbelief, are there really people who are just like Ellinor?"I'm not a lazy brute!" Keith snapped Keith glanced down at his clothes and sighed, those were about the only ones he had left and now it's wet..Keith stepped out of the room, following Ellinor out to the huge compound…The servants were cleaning up the compound, some regarded Keith in curiosity, wondering who the handsome stranger was…Aroma of fresh bread and baco
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Page 7
"Let me go, you crazy weasel!" Keith yelled as the horse galloped towards the mansion…He had just regained consciousness moments ago only to realise he had been tied to a horse and it was riding wildly back to the mansion!All along, he had to shield his hawad with his hands, hoping not to sustain terrible injuries..Ellinor pretended not to have heard his cries and made sure they had arrived at the mansion before finally pulling a stop.All ccross his shoulders and a part of his face was scared cuts from figs and sharo grass along the way!He looked like he had narrowly escaped death!Ellinor dismounted from his horse, patting the white creature fondly..Keith untied the rope around his legs, frowning as he was covered in dirt. He looked like he had decided to take a shower in the mud!Keith confronted Ellinor, very much annoyed by these stupid stunts!"What is the meaning of this?!" Keith demanded "Is this also part of the training you crazy bastard?!" Keith shouts in his face gra
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Page 8
Keith was so close to grabbing her by the shoulder but she was able to get away from his grip.."You really need to face me and talk to me like a man! You were very much eager to tie me to your horse and now you can't face me?!"Ellinor didn't give him any reply. The only thing she wanted was to get out of here! But how could she if she was completely naked under the water?Keith was getting close and she had to think fast!She was able to reach her clothes at the other end of the pool. She searched her clothes desperately, hoping the paprika powder Yolanda had handed her earlier in the day was still in her pockets…She pulled it out and turned, pouring in straight into Keith's eyes. He staggered backwards screaming in pain!Ellinor hurried out of the water, wrapped herself in a robe, picked up her things and ran straight out without looking back…"That slimy little bastard!" Keith cursed as he tried to wash his eyes with the water but it only seemed to get worse! This bastard was
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Page 9
Edward marches out of his chambers, his escort of over twenty maidens and men combined, hurried after him just to meet up with his speed.It was clear that he was boiling from the very dept of his existence and anyone who dared to cross path with him was sure to get a death wish! Edward was known for his grave anger and his wingman, Danfus, had followed his prince quietly, not mentioning a word to him.A little cough could earn him a life sentence or one of his fingers would be roasted and served to him as dinner! Edward pulls a stop at his mother's quarters, about to barge in before the maidens at the door announce his presence to the queen.Edward bardges in to see his mother having her skin tended to by a gorgeous looking man.The sight disgusted him so much that he drew a sword from Danfus and threw it right in the heart of the man.While everyone gasped in horror, the man went on his knees , staring at the sword in his heart in horror before falling to his death…The queen exha
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