Twist Of Fate

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Twist Of Fate

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After finding out her husband has been and is cheating on her, Diana meets with a terrible accident on her way from a night club party, where she had gone to drown away her sorrow. When she wakes up few weeks later, she loses her memories and was unable to tell who she was. "Ma'am, you're weeks pregnant and though lost your memories due to the accident" the Doctor stated. How she got pregnant she didn't know? Who she was, she didn't know. Six years later, After rehabilitation, she returns back to the city with her triplets and meets her ex husband whom she no longer recognizes. Now, Her husband is set to win her back as well as her triplets but, her triplets has a striking resemblance with the president General.

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  • Jennifer Getz


    love to read about different love between guy and lady

    2024-03-25 00:38:51
  • Enahoro BHB


    A Good Read indeed

    2023-06-02 21:51:56
  • Blessing Chinaza


    Worth Reading

    2023-10-07 15:22:49
  • Delinda Schumacher


    92 chapters 9-13-23

    2023-09-14 05:46:26
  • Ann Marie


    her always in place of him or he names mixed up. English obviously not writers 1st language. and totally gave up with story at the end. instead of continuing with story all we got was. he done this she done that he wasn't happy and he died. would not recommend.

    2023-10-07 05:46:34
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93 chapters
Under Her Nose
10 pm, one seductive night!. After drinking a little too much at her anniversary party, her husband, Jake picked her up and brought her home to their mansion. Finally coming to her senses, she opened her eyes wearily, holding back an excruciating headache with a slight harrowing, she seemed to be experiencing an alcohol induced headache. Her vision gradually cleared as she hauled herself into a sitting position. Them boom! She was taken aback with what was before her. She could make out the figure of a man and a woman kissing with strong emotions under the dimly lit room, on her matrimonial bed. Like being struck by lightning, Diana looked at the two in shock as they continued to kiss passionately on her matrimonial bed. The anger inside her began to erupt and boil. Who the fuck has the audacity to be getting intimate on her matrimonial bed? "Hannah, stop messing around, Diana only just fell asleep!" the man warned as he restrained the woman by her hands and waist.. Diana clea
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Amnesia and comatose pregnancy
On her way home, at a stop sign, a truck running at very high speed rams her car from behind and climbs on top of her can, then she crashes through the windshield and lands some miles away and passed out, with blood sipping from hear head and bruises of injuries all over her body, incidentally landed on the floor with a brutal force on hear head. She is rushed to the emergency room and though she was in a wrong lane she is put into an induced coma. In other words, a medically induced coma (MIC), or barbiturate-induced coma – a temporary coma (a deep state of unconsciousness) brought on by a controlled dose of an anesthetic drug, often a barbiturate such as pentobarbital or thiopental. Other intravenous anesthetic drugs such as midazolam or propofol may be used.It was used on her to protect her brain during the major neurosurgery she underwent, as a last line of treatment in refractory intracranial hypertension following her traumatic brain injury resulting from the car accident.I
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who am I?
"Don't you have a relative around? - Brother, sister, parents, cousin -... etcetera to take care of you, it'll take approximately two months for full recovery. We've to ensure your babies are safe." The nurse who was checking her vitals asked out of curiosity.Since Diana was taken to the emergency room of the hospital down to the operating theatre and then to the rehabilitation room, during post surgery, no one, not even a friend had come to check up on her and it's been three weeks. She is a wealthy woman, influential as well but how could she not have friends? Or even a husband? Or does she?"I can't seem to remember any of that- and yes....". After a pause she continued "My parents.They're out of town and I won't bother them, after all I'm getting better now" Diana answered trying to stall and end the conversation the nurse had initiated, but ,that was a lie that formed up in her head immediately, which incidentally was the truth she didn't know."Was she not married? How then was
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A New Beginning
I couldn’t help wondering what it must be like to lose memories and not know anyone around you. How would it be to forget the people you once loved—even perhaps someone you’d hoped you might one day marry?How would that feel—for both people involved? And would that love stand the test of time? Maybe it’s possible—but what if something has gone terribly wrong? Something that is now forgotten? *****Diana had missed a period and typically offered the first noticeable sign of her pregnancy, with that she was getting convinced there were no errors in the pregnancy test.She was beginning to experience nausea, her breast getting swollen and tender, a full of heavy feeling, change of tastes and lastly sleepiness.All through her rehabilitation, no one even visited and that seemed weird for a woman of her caliber.By this time, she was leaving with the kind hearted nurse, Nurse Felicity. It felt like peace in it's real sense but occasionally her thoughts would trouble her.She didn't have
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How did you get the ring?
"Coincidental right?" She gasped. She couldn't help staring at the figure, his features so flawless and indeed a precious artwork of heavens."Young lady, will you get on the floor! How dare you still sitting down there without paying due respect?" One of the burly bouncers shouted, he seemed like the personal guard to the president general. Something was off about his dress code that accentuated the fact.That jolted Diana out of her thoughts."Sorry!" She said and continued with her meals looking unconcerned. But something troubled her mind. Her mind got restless.Mark who in turn has fixated his gaze on the lady started off towards her while the burly bouncer that had spoken earlier followed behind."Buzz off!" Mark ordered with a frown on his face,when he almost stumbled into a couple lying down on the floor and shivering.With those two words alone and the oppressive aura he exuded, the couple who didn't want to get caught in any cross fire, they felt so suffocated that they
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Special kids
How can you trust your instincts when you don’t have the memories to back them up? Especially when they are telling you to trust the most deadly person in the world...and what do you do when you cannot trust that the memories in your head are yours and not false memories implanted by nefarious persons? *******Diana had reached the school and she was a minute too early, so, she had to wait till the closing bell is ringed. Then, the principal called for her as regards to their children's first day attitude. Her children has skipped all the grade in their elementary school and had just resumed at Delford high school. They were so smart that even the elementary school teachers had issues with assuming their precision of accuracy of their intellect.Five years ago, Diana gave birth to triplets, Two bouncing identical twins and a bouncing baby girl, the joy and happiness that filled Diana's eyes and heart was unmeasurable when she held her kids on her arms.She named the eldest Stoic..H
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Back to sterling city
Before Diana could reply, Someone walked in, it was Felicity, out of excitement, Jennifer ran towards her to welcome her."Welcome aunty! We'll be leaving for Sterling City soon!" The innocent cute little girl spoke with her tiny voice, eloquently.Felicity glanced her gaze at Diana, and then back to Jennifer. After, she brought what she had bought for her troublesome adult minded kids. Three caps, one, that of a female the other two that of males."Take this one and give this to your brothers okay?" Felicity asked her. Jennifer was happy with the presents,. She had not expected any of that for that day and in jiffy, with her cap on her head, she ran off to their bedroom to give her brothers theirs."So, you'll be leaving for Sterling City? How come you didn't tell me?" Felicity slumped on the couch close to Diana after she dropped the question, she was obviously tired from work, she had just completed a double shift."My bona fide kids, were double promoted four grades in the element
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Sterling Military Base
"Will join you soon. Give me some space with my kids!" Diana requested with an amicable voice.Mark accepted the request and took few steps back and was now behind the Rolls-royce boat tail.Diana managed to convince her kids not to act disrespectful towards him for he was a powerful figure and he can be a green card, to navigate her way up by securing a higher pay, enough to foot their school fees and other bills.Owing to the peculiar nature that they respected their mum so much, they nodded in agreement. Only Legacy, hesitated. He hated being threatened let alone threatening his mum, whom he swore to protect. Jennifer, however made a thoughtful objection "What if it's a kidnap course?" She asked at the end. "Com'on... The probability is zero. The burly bouncers behind him has licensed barge and ID cards hanged on thier coats upper, outside pocket".Stoic was quick to point out. They were folding their arms across their massive chest."They can be faked!" Legacy objected.Jennifer e
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Private Military Army
The next day.....The current head of Jake's oil company, Jake Bernard was seeking and in need of a private military army for protection. Few days back, his personal assistant mailed sterling city military base and made the request to hire and own a private military squad.Jake was in desperate need of the private military army for protection. He has an unsettled score with Black axe triads who poses a great threat to him and his businesses and if care is not taken, he would be killed. The Black axe triad was the most deadliest triad in the whole cities.Jake was coming personally to pick from the selected veterans or ex-servicemen. Ten were selected, and he was to pick five from them. They were all trained to same extent and one can possibly offer what the other is capable of offering. His lackeys had no sufficient potential to protect him. Diana woke up massaging her throbbing forehead. She had a fitful sleep and was still feeling groggy. She woke up a little bit too early than u
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I might be their father
"Something is not right? Until now, Danny has not sent or called to inform me about Charity Wakins Granddaughter; who is betrothed to me! This is unlike Danny." Mark said to himself, he was in his office, sitting on his office desk with his hands folded.His last conversation with Danny over the phone was disrupted by a network coverage, but something kept telling him that wasn't all. He had overheard a thrashing sound in the background and some persons screening in an agonizing pain. Danny was his old school classmates thus, they were really good friends. Mark finally resolutely placed a call over to Danny but it was unreachable. He was getting tensed when a message arrived on his phone, it beeped and he picked it up, it was a message from Danny, his first instinct was to place a call over immediately to know if he is overthinking nature is not merely deceiving him that all is not well. he did, and the phone that has just sent him a message was unreachable. "Something is definitely
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