The Magic Black Card

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The Magic Black Card

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Ethan thought his life was over when his mother fell sick, and the costs of her operation were astronomical. Desperate and without any hope, he married Chloe in the hopes that she could help him. Hoping that she would provide the much-needed support and financial relief he sought. However, Ethan soon discovered that his marriage to Chloe was a mere façade, lacking the genuine empathy and concern he yearned for. She appeared disinterested, detached from his personal struggles, her focus solely on her own pursuits. When he couldn't produce the funds for his mother's surgery, Chloe mother urged her to abandoned him. Just when he thought things couldn't get any worse, a mysterious man approached him with a black card and the promise of riches beyond his wildest. "Greetings, young master," the man spoke with a sense of purpose. "I've been searching for you for a long time."


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  • Five stars


    This is a must read for everyone Ethan excites me the most More daily chapters author!!

    2024-01-30 17:00:20
  • Ruddy


    This is an highly interesting book The character is amazing Author should upload more chapters I can't wait for the next chapter I highly recommend this book for someone who is interested in Urban Stories

    2024-01-05 07:00:32
  • Mydas


    I think the view had been great....many we have lot of readers for the book .........

    2024-01-05 01:46:35
  • Bolaji Spenza


    This book is a good read.

    2023-10-17 20:45:24
  • Rex Magnus


    This book is amazing. I love the fact that it wasn't being dragged at all… I highly recommend it to others.

    2023-10-16 14:03:02
  • aliabukar498


    very confusing. he brought a bar and he's talking about food and be biggest food distributor (what?)

    2023-10-28 04:01:02
  • Michael T


    Very confusing…

    2023-10-27 08:30:20
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194 chapters
Hospital bill
Chapter oneAs the radiant sun stretched its golden rays across the land, Ethan, a young man with a bowed head, tentatively clothed himself in tattered garments. The atmosphere inside his abode bore witness to the aftermath of tears, casting a crimson hue upon the walls. “I can't discern your words clearly! What in the world is it that you want?” bellowed Mrs. Williams, Ethan's formidable mother-in-law. Her voice resonated with such ferocious anger that it seemed to pierce through the surrounding walls. Ethan bowed his head as he glared at his mother-in-law through his eyelashes, his body was shaking as he tried as much as he could to bottle up his anger. “I need money for my mother's medication…" he said, trying as much as he could to be polite.Mrs. Williams responded with a cruel burst of laughter, callously dismissing his request. Then, slowly rising from her seat, she glanced around the room before her eyes settled upon Claire, Ethan's wife, “Can you see what you got married
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Could it be real?
Chapter Two“Me?” Ethan asked.The man nodded, which made Ethan's brows furrowed even more.“I'm sorry, you've got the wrong person, bro. I don't think we've crossed paths before” he said.He raised his left eyebrow as the man let out a chuckle. Ethan tilted his head as he struggled to recall any prior encounter with this enigmatic figure. The man, seemingly unperturbed by Ethan's lack of recognition, emitted a dry chuckle that reverberated through the air. “You don't know me,” the man responded, his tone both confident and mysterious. “But I know you too well, young Master. I am here to assist you in reclaiming what you have lost.” Ethan's skepticism surged within him, causing him to scoff in disbelief. He couldn't help but question whether this stranger truly believed he had the luxury of time to waste on such far-fetched claims. “I don't understand,” Ethan replied, confusion evident in his voice. “Reclaim what exactly? How can you approach a random stranger, and claim to want to
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Chapter Three:The atmosphere in the room was tense as the manager struggled to find the right words to express his remorse. His head was bowed, effortlessly showing the weight of guilt resting on his shoulders.“I'm truly, sir.” he apologized, “I deserve to die for embarrassing you like this,” his voice filled with genuine remorse. Ethan, taken aback by the manager's words, wore a bewildered expression on his face. The manager's unexpected apology left him momentarily speechless. “Who are you apologizing to? Me?” Ethan asked in a surprised tone. Mr. Johnson, on the other hand, erupted in anger at Ethan's response. His face turned red, and his voice boomed throughout the room like a speaker.“Why would he even apologize to you? What do you think of yourself?” Mr. Johnson's fury was visible. The manager, still on his knees, pointed a trembling finger at Ethan before rising momentarily to defend him. “Yes, sir. It is him that I apologize to. It was my mistake, and he bore the brunt
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Bloody Thief
Chapter Four“Are you certain this is my card?” Ethan asked, his voice filled with disbelief. He couldn't fathom that the card in his hand was actually real. “Yes, sir. The card is yours,” the manager replied, his expression confident and friendly. “But… But,” Ethan stammered, struggling to find words. He was unable to shake the feeling that this whole situation was too good to be true. This amount of money, he had never seen before. He doubted himself, wondering if he was being deceived. “So I am an heir, my life has changed. Is this how someone's life transitions from good to bad?” he pondered to himself silently.“How much did you want to withdraw, sir?” the manager inquired, bringing Ethan back to reality. “$2000,” Ethan replied, the words escaping his lips with a hint of disbelief. He struggled to regain his composure, his mind racing with different thoughts.“Alright, sir,” the manager replied, his voice calm and professional. Ethan watched as the manager handed him a card
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Chapter 5Ethan's curiosity piqued as he asked. “A thief?” His gaze darted around the room, eventually fixating on the person seated beside his mother-in-law. But his confusion was short, since recognition struck him like a bolt of lightning – it was Johnson. Suddenly, it became clear to Ethan that Johnson must have deceived his unsuspecting mother-in-law. “I had no idea that a thief had been living under our roof all this time,” his mother-in-law exclaimed in disbelief. Ethan's brows furrowed.“No wonder my jewelry is always missing,” she exclaimed, frustration clouding her voice. “Johnson told us you stole a valuable card. Where did you get it from? And where the hell did you put the card?” Her words were laced with accusation as she rose from her seat, closing the distance between herself and Ethan. With a swift, sudden motion, she unleashed a resounding slap upon his face. At that moment, Ethan's anger surged, his fists curling tightly with pent-up frustration.“I don't know
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Chapter 6Ethan's voice resonated with anger as he confronted the person before him. “You've been waiting for me, how? Do I even know you? Have you seen me before? I don't understand what you're trying to do,” he spat out, frustration evident in his voice. “I am sorry, please. You have to help me. Some guys have been badgering me. Please, you have to pretend to be my boyfriend,” she beds desperately, her smile unwavering despite the urgency in her request. “Did you think that this wouldn't put you into trouble?” he questioned, his voice laced with skepticism. Slowly, she nodded her head, maintaining her smile, though it wavered slightly with a hint of vulnerability.“Cool,” Ethan replied casually before gently wrapping his hand around her waist. Suddenly, a voice interrupted their moment, causing Ethan to raise his head to see a furious guy standing in front of them, fuming with anger. “How may I help you?” Ethan asked, his tone remaining calm and composed despite the tense situ
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Chapter 7"Please, you have to leave," the lady pleaded with a concerned expression etched across her face. "I don't want this guy here and his people to hurt you. You're only helping me." Ethan simply flashed her a reassuring smile, seemingly undeterred by the danger lurking in around him. "I'll be fine," Ethan responded, his voice calm and steady. "You don't have to get yourself worked up." The lady nodded her head, reluctantly accepting his words. With a mixture of fear and curiosity, she tentatively inched closer to Ethan, feeling an inexplicable sense of trust towards this mysterious stranger.Some minutes later, a man emerged from the shadows, accompanied by four burly security men. He approached the scene with a purposeful stride, clearly asserting his authority. "Where's the man causing all this?" he demanded. Ethan instinctively sensed that this man must be the manager. "Here he is," the man pointed a finger at Ethan, who stood his ground. "I'm sorry for the inconvenienc
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Throw him out
Chapter 8The manager, nervously entered the boss's, Mr Martin office. He could feel his palms sweating as he approached the large desk where Mr Martin, the owner of the bar, sat. Mr Martin was a seasoned businessman, known for his sharp wit and shrewd decision-making skills. The manager knew he had to choose his words carefully."Sir, I have some news that might interest you," the manager began cautiously. Mr Martin glanced up from his paperwork, with his eyes narrowing in curiosity. "WhatDavid?" he asked, "Make it quick."The manager took a deep breath, trying to steady his nerves. "Sir, someone wants to buy the bar," he said, his voice barely above a whisper and Mr Martin's eyebrows shot up in surprise."Buy the bar? You must be joking, David," there was a hint of amusement in his voice. "We get inquiries like that almost every year. People are attracted to the prime location, but they always back out once they hear the price."The manager nodded, understanding his boss's skept
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The confusion hung in the air like a heavy fog, thickening with each passing moment, as the unexpected dismissal of Daniel unfolded before their eyes. Mr. Martin's voice wavered with genuine concern as he desperately tried to advocate for Daniel's value to the company. "I am sorry, Mr. Ethan. I don't know why you want him gone, but I can assure you he's an asset to the bar," Mr. Martin suggested, his words laced with urgency and a touch of pleading. However, Mr. Ethan's voice, devoid of empathy or understanding, rang out like a sharp whip crack. "I said throw him out." With those chillingly definitive words, he ordered the director, the sense of finality leaving no room for negotiation or discussion. But in that moment of desperation, Daniel crumbled, his once proud stance reduced to quivering knees and hands pressed together in a desperate plea for mercy, hope flickering in his eyes like a dying flame."I am sorry, sir; this is my only source of income," Daniel's voice trembled w
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Ready to confirm the authenticity of his real family background, he retrieved his phone and the card Mr. Clinton had given him. But he decided against using it for now, as he thought it wouldn't be the best decision to make at the moment. There were still so many unanswered questions, and he needed to approach the situation with care."I need to go to the hospital and check on my mother," he thought. "And I need to find a house and a car that befits my new status." He felt a surge of energy as he thought about the changes in his life. As he was thinking about his mother, his phone began to ring. He looked at the screen and saw an unknown number. He picked it up, wondering who could be calling him from an unknown number. To his surprise, it was his mother's doctor on the line. His heart pounded in his chest as he answered the call. "Hello?" he said, his voice trembling. "Hello, Mr. Ethan?" the doctor's voice sounded from the other end of the line."Yes, this is Mr. Ethan," he replied
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