My Questrewarding System

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My Questrewarding System

By: Rex Magnus OngoingSystem

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’Isn't death better than all this suffering?" This was Williams’ last thought as he made up his mind to jump in front of a speeding truck When a disdainful mechanical voice echoed in his mind and interrupted his action. [How unfortunate could this poor system be to be assigned to such a weak and useless host?] This was how Williams Miller received a system that changed the trajectory of his life. The system’s sole purpose was to give him all sorts of quests, each with corresponding rewards and points that he could exchange for items in the system's marketplace upon completion. These quests encompassed but were not limited to becoming a physician, chauffeur, investigator, assassin, playboy, educator, psychologist, president, server, diver, and more. **** Warning: This is a Harem novel, with the MC having more than three women and there are several chapters with R18 scenes. **** This is a novel filled with comedy, revenge, action, face-smacking, and lots of fun. Please make sure to comment, rate, and show your support if you enjoy reading, thanks.

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  • Rex Magnus


    Hello guys. My new book; The Outstanding Mark Thompson With The Face Smacking System is now signed. Please do check it out. I promise that you will not regret reading it.

    2024-02-06 15:36:20


    I'm in love with this book. The synopsis got me laughing. Indeed, it's filled with comedy. LoL

    2023-11-08 04:38:47
  • Rex Magnus


    Hey lovely reader. Thanks for checking my book, please don't forget to drop your thoughts about this book here in the comment section.

    2023-11-02 01:50:10
  • Mokku


    I love your book,

    2024-05-09 18:01:25
  • Tammie Lanier


    This is the second book of yours that I am reading. It is off to a great start.

    2023-11-06 19:16:11
  • Steve Holley


    Inconsistency in the editing… otherwise a great storey so far

    2024-01-03 08:11:14
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252 chapters
Chapter 001 - The Fall of Williams Miller
**** “You will never amount to anything in your miserable life.” These words were like night terrors that had been haunting Williams’ life for days now. No matter how much he wished to forget them, to erase how they were spoken, who uttered them, and to erase the images he had witnessed before these words were mockingly voiced to him, they kept coming back like incurable ailments. Poor Williams Miller. Williams Miller was the son of Jacob Miller, the now-deceased patriarch of the Distinguished Miller family that reigned supreme in Zed City. Until five years ago, Williams' life was still filled with sweetness and joy, when he didn't need to concern himself much about sustenance, finances, clothing, or anything else as they were always readily available to him. His misfortune all began on the day he lost his parents in an unfortunate plane crash. Even now, Williams couldn't come to terms with it, perpetually hoping that it was all a nightmare he would soon awaken from. He could
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Chapter 002 - Death As The Best Option
**** “Madam supervisor, I apologize sincerely. You know my house was quite far away from here and I had to trek every day.” “You, you wretched and unfortunate person! How does it affect me, even if you had to walk from the outer reaches of space to here every day? Look at the time you’re just arriving at work! A whole thirty minutes late.” At this moment, the place that initially had only Williams and the person who had informed him of his tardiness was now filled with several other guards who were casting mocking glances at Williams while the supervisor scolded him. It must be known that the supervisor wasn’t the only one who harbored a strong dislike for Williams. His colleagues also despised him, and their animosity had begun long before the supervisor’s aversion. When Williams was first hired, their supervisor favored him and treated him with special consideration then, assigning him easier tasks that had fueled their jealousy. Rumors even circulated among them that the supe
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Chapter 003 – Difficult To Convince
***** Williams was momentarily taken aback by this unexpected voice that came from nowhere. He couldn't react, and his face wore a blank expression before it was overtaken by shock. "Hey brat, watch where you are going!" "You fool, I almost thought you were going to jump in front of that speeding truck." The voices of two passersby grannies were what woke him up and made him return to his senses. "I'm... I'm sorry," he quickly apologized blankly before looking around him. "Don't tell me I've only heard wrongly." He was confused for a moment more before he eventually sighed to himself with regret and looked behind him at the now-disappearing truck. 'Could it be that it was my fear of death that made me think I heard something?' Williams shook his head again regretfully, then he sighed heavily. 'What could a stupid fear do for me? Could it grant me shelter or my daily meal?' He mocked himself with a dry chuckle, then he gazed about the road, looking for another opportunity, a
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Chapter 004 – 24 Hours Later
***** "Janitor, please come here quickly, my daughter has vomited in ward 05. Her bed needs to be cleaned!" Williams, who had thought he was finally going to rest after almost being worked to exhaustion since he had made the deal with the stern matron, one of the only two nurses in the hospital, was suddenly awakened from the nap he was just about to take. With his head pounding intensely with a headache, Williams, who was sitting on a bench in the reception, having his first break since he started working that day, groggily opened his eyes. 'My determination that death is preferable to life is still the best,' he sighed weakly to himself and quickly ran to where he was being called. ... "What took you so long!" It was an irate man who greeted Williams. "I’m... I’m sorry," Williams quickly apologized to the man who looked like he would beat him if caution wasn’t exercised. Well, he couldn’t blame the man, though, for his anger. The small bed in the ward was currently covered
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Chapter 005 – The System’s Marketplace
***** ‘What’s the purpose of the QR points, and what do they signify?’ Although Williams had yet to confirm the authenticity of the funds for which he had received the alert, he had already calmed down considerably by now, and his countenance had returned to being serene. Observing him, he and several others could be seen standing and sitting casually before a bank. This had been the situation for over two hours now, during which everyone inside the bank was instructed to evacuate the premises due to an urgent matter that needed attention. Even though Williams and many other customers had never encountered such a situation before, they obediently complied, maintaining a calm demeanor without rushing the bank. In the meantime, Williams had acquired all the necessary information about the system, but it had just occurred to him to inquire about the other reward that came alongside the money. [QR point stands for Quest Reward point, and it is awarded every time the host completes
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Chapter 006 - The Delight Found In Helping Others
***** “You… how… how… you… you… How did you possess such a huge sum of money in your account? You... you clearly don't appear to be someone who could have it." Inside the bank, facing a teller, a group of individuals were presently gazing at a handsome young man in tattered attire as though they were witnessing a ghost. The individual who had just stammered as though she were a person with a speech impediment was the employee who had initiated a wager with Williams some moments ago. She was simply shocked beyond words because never in her entire career at the bank had she seen someone with such a colossal amount appear like this before. As for the crowd, they were merely speechless and astounded at this moment, as if they had all ingested swarms of flies. They continued staring at the still-composed Williams and abruptly felt as if they were all frogs inside a well, thinking they had seen the entire world. They couldn't react, but still, their situation was significantly better
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Chapter 007 - The Second Quest
"You sure that individual would be able to settle the expenses for the meals he was consuming?" "I... I don't know. I mean, what human being would be able to complete such a meal that would even be too much for fifty people?" * "Mother, look at that person, he's such a foodie! Didn't you tell me it is harmful to eat excessively, that it would cause food poisoning?" "Daughter, don't mind him. Didn't you see that the person looked unusual, just ignore him, finish your meal quickly, we need to leave soon." * "How could someone be such a glutton? God! Even in all the food competitions I've watched, no one has ever been able to consume half of the meal he requested before." * "Dang! And I proclaimed myself to be a food lover. I can't even eat ten percent of those!" .... The inside of a renowned restaurant was buzzing with commotion now as everybody, regardless of staff and customers, watched the solitary figure occupying the seat of six people, devouring plate after plate of dish
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Chapter 008 - Becoming A Server
Williams was astonished and couldn't react for a while. 'System, please tell me you're joking?' His heart began to beat rapidly in his chest, and the blood in his body started to flow backward. He did not even want to contemplate the potential consequences he might face if he ever proposed something like that here, not especially after he had eaten meals of such a substantial sum of money. [Would the host like to accept or decline the mission?] The system's voice was filled with indifference as it repeated its question in Williams' mind, displaying no interest in any of Williams' concerns, causing Williams' lips to twitch repeatedly. 'This system doesn't seem to be joking...' "Mister?" "Ah... yes, yes." Williams' train of thought was abruptly interrupted, and he regained his composure. "Are you paying by card, transfer, or biometric method?" He heard the lady ask him anxiously. At this point, the restaurant had already fallen completely silent for reasons unknown to Williams.
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Chapter 009 – Three Days Later
***** Today would mark the third day that Williams had struck a deal with the manager here to become their server for three days before he provided a solution to the meal he had consumed. During these three days, Williams has had his fair share of labor to perform. Perhaps, it was so that Williams wouldn't have time or means to get ready for a solution, or simply because he was repelled to the core, he was nearly worked to exhaustion in these three days. His downtime was only during meals, and two hours of respite every day. Also, his meals were meager portions, which were primarily the charred part from the pots, well... it wasn't that Williams minded as they had presumed he would, merely because he had ingested worse things these past five years. As for where he was allowed to sleep, it was inside one cramped space that only had no chair, let alone a mat or bed, where Williams could only sleep with his back against the wall, and his legs folded inside his arms in a curled posi
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Chapter 010 – Laura and Fatty's Disbelief
***** "Oh Williams Williams… hehe, you asked me to give you three days to resolve matters, and now, your three days have officially concluded." As soon as Williams and Laura entered the lavishly adorned office, the playful voice of the plump man sounded unusually excited. Tracing the origin of the sound, Williams and Laura saw a rotund figure with a small head, grinning brightly at them. However, this grin made the figure appear exceptionally unattractive, with his eyes nearly imperceptible due to his excessive grin. "Yes, Thank you for that." With an impassive countenance, Williams nodded his head slightly and spoke, showing no gratitude whatsoever. His expression was inscrutable, making it impossible to discern whether he was pleased or saddened. Nevertheless, the plump man appeared unfazed. In fact, he seemed even more elated, beaming from his seat. "Please, come in, come in..." He ushered both Williams and Laura to fully enter the office, as they had only stopped at the
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