Sword Master In The Strange World

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Sword Master In The Strange World

By: UItwaaien CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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A world of magic, elves, wizards, monsters, and swordsmen. To survive here, what you need is either strength or a perfect disguise. Jonas was an ordinary Earthling who accidentally ended up here and became a swordsman under the guise of a beggar. In exchange for his light, he gained strength a hundred times that of an ordinary person. In the town of S, he trained daily to level up, living a normal life despite being ridiculed and scorned by everyone, not caring at all. Until one day, the girl he cared for and cherished the most was killed by a hidden force. Jonas harbored hatred, and it was time for his sword to taste fresh blood!

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135 chapters
Chapter 1: Preamble.
The town of Splendide, Winter in the town of Splendide was always something special. The old branches reached out into the empty space like bony fingers, as if trying to catch wandering souls. The air was freezing. All the houses on the street were tightly shut. People on the streets were all bundled up, with their heads down and hands in their pockets, trying not to expose any skin. Some people were cold and had red noses because they didn't have warm clothes or a well-insulated house in the winter.Gusts of wind swept through, flipping everything in its path, whether it be tarps, awnings, or whatever it could lay its hands on, as if searching and shouting in the faces of those trying to hide. The wind swirled around anyone and everyone, regardless of gender, age, or social status, as if waiting to discover any vulnerability, and the moment it did, it would sneak into collars, sleeves, or attack any exposed patch of skin, making that person shiver uncontrollably.That seemed to b
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Chapter 2: Storyteller.
The next morning, as usual, Jonas went outside early in the morning to begin his training. As soon as he opened the door, a powerful gust of wind slapped him in the face. A quick look at today’s weather didn’t seem any better than yesterday. In fact, it was worse. However, Jonas didn’t mind; harsh weather like this would help him train his body better.Jonas’s life in this town, even the path he walked, felt desolate. People avoided him, despite his cleanliness and lack of any foul odors or contagious diseases. They treated him like a mobile plague and constantly shooed him away. Pedestrians would unconsciously shift to the side when they saw him. Some even changed directions. Not only adults but children in the town also treated Jonas with disdain. Perhaps they had been taught by their parents that Jonas was something utterly repulsive and to be kept away from. Some children even cried when they saw him.But Jonas seemed to have become accustomed to this, considering it as somethi
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Chapter 3: You’ve already reached the B level.
The locals and some nobles were smoking and drinking while waiting for Jonas to continue the story. He used his blurred eyes to survey the room, unable to see much, yet it felt as though he could see everything. He continued in his melodious tone,“He was a swordsman from another world, a world from the modern era, hundreds of years ago, with things beyond our imagination. He arrived here by chance, taking on the role of an ordinary person, blending into this society to confront a sinister force...”Jonas’ storytelling was perfectly paced, with climaxes, twists, moments to relax, and even humor, all narrated in a deep, resonant voice. It quickly captured the attention of those in the restaurant, and the audience grew larger by the day. His tip jar filled up.Jonas finished work late in the evening, and his stories always ended when the restaurant was about to close. After the guests experienced a gamut of emotions—tension, anger, laughter, and even tears—they would leave, some generou
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Chapter 4: Find Selene's house.
Today was no exception, and he had been looking forward to sensing the familiar sights and everyday scents. However, to his surprise, what appeared before him was still a tightly closed, cold shutter.The medicine basket in his hand fell to the ground.At this moment, a woman’s voice suddenly spoke up, “Back for another handout? I think you should change your target. The bakery’s owner is down with a cold today and isn’t opening.”A cold? She’s down with a cold? That seemed illogical because he had been giving her medicine for days, and she had taken it. She had even told him that her health was improving thanks to his medicine. He could smell the medicine on her, which confirmed she had used it, not just reassuring him. So why... why was this happening again?Just yesterday, she had been perfectly fine.Jonas stood there, feeling as though a piece of him had been hollowed out, leaving him feeling disappointed, empty, and incredibly anxious.The surrounding people continued to talk an
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Chapter 5: Yeah, we’re delivering you to our boss.
Jonas’s world seemed to collapse, his heart tightened, and he stumbled into the house with an unsteady step.As he entered the house, he immediately smelled the pungent scent of blood. However, this odor was not Selene’s; it was a mixture of blood and the scent of a man.But there was no sign of Selene in the house.The crying continued relentlessly. It was the cry of a middle-aged woman and a girl who seemed younger than Selene. At this moment, the people inside the house seemed to realize Jonas’s presence and turned to look at him.The middle-aged woman stopped her sobbing, suppressing her choked sobs. Jonas could sense their gazes on him and wondered what they thought of him.“Who are you? Who are you looking for here?” The middle-aged woman asked.“I... I’m here to find Selene...” Jonas barely finished his sentence when the woman started crying even louder. The man lying on the bed struggled to sit up, his voice hoarse as he cried and said, “Selene, my poor daughter...”Seeing th
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Chapter 6: Kill them all!
As for Jonas, his words seemed to give him a confirmation. He didn’t elaborate anymore, but directly turned the guiding stick in his hand into a sword. Then, with the speed of just the blink of an eye, he rushed forward, only seeing a black streak pass by, and then when they all regained their senses, there was a long trail of blood on his blade.As for the two juniors, without having time to think about anything, two thin but deep cuts appeared on their necks, and then they collapsed, dead without closing their eyes.This came as a shock to the leader. He stared at Jonas with wide eyes, unable to believe it. It wasn’t until he saw two of his juniors dead, bleeding in a heap, that he realized everything.His face was pale, his legs were no longer steady. He mumbled out incomplete sounds, then spun around and ran away, but after taking a few steps he collapsed to the ground, crawling. just dragged.Jonas did not show any fear or haste. He approached the other guy. At this moment, his s
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Chapter 7: That person was Jonas.
Jonas had no intention of wasting any more time here. He swung his sword and swiftly sliced through the necks of the two men, causing them to fall to the ground, lifeless and without a word of protest. Perhaps the earlier scream had been too loud, as it attracted a group of people to the scene. “What’s going on? What’s with all that screaming...” A leader among them spoke with a gruff voice, but when he witnessed the scene before him, he froze for a moment before eyeing Jonas cautiously, along with the others. “Who are you, and why are you causing trouble here?” He muttered to himself, as if questioning his own actions. At this point, one of the thugs cautiously asked, “Boss, should we inform the master? This guy seems... difficult to deal with.” “No need. He’s just a blind man. Trivial matters like this don’t need to bother the master.” “Alright...” Then, a chorus of unsheathing swords resounded, and the group drew their weapons before charging toward Jonas. “It seems you don’
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Chapter 8: Please bury her carefully.
The man in black trembled and shouted. He was getting scared. If Jonas continues to pressure him, he may have to die here. From the beginning, he had underestimated the person in front of him, and now he had to pay a not cheap price. He just wished his words could sway Jonas.Contrary to his wishes, Jonas did not flinch and continued to press. Every sword slash he made carried a terrible power each line, each line aimed at a dangerous place. That’s right, he will definitely kill that bastard and avenge Selena. Only once he dies will Selena be able to close her eyes. The more miserable he was, the more Jonas gloated.The man who claims to be a minion of the supreme being is becoming more and more powerless. He tried his best to avoid Jonas’ dangerous attacks. The sword that had just been cut in half was now thrown to the bottom of the hill. His whole body was now covered in wounds. Holding on for another second or a minute was too difficult for him.“Stop it, you’re too strong. As long
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Chapter 9: I’ll go to Crepuscolo
Jonas closed his eyes, his consciousness diving deep into his subconscious. Initially, it was just a blurry black expanse, but soon, the dark scene in front of him was torn apart like a black curtain, revealing a brilliant light. After a while, the light was controlled, and what appeared before him was the system control panel. Following that, a creature resembling a human but smaller, with wings on its back, appeared – that was Alice.“Welcome back to the Sword Master upgrade system. How can I assist you today?” The small fairy’s voice sounded like a child’s, yet it had a somewhat computerized, professional quality, as if it were coming from a computerized sound system.“I want to see the map of this world,” Jonas spoke, and Alice’s eyes blinked rapidly.“You shall have it right here.” Alice’s voice contained a hint of amusement, and the world map appeared on the panel behind her.“Alice, I want to find a city to continue my journey. Do you have any recommendations?” Jonas inquired.
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Chapter 10: We are also heading to Crepuscol
Sensing danger, Jonas quickly got up, grabbed his cane, and left the train compartment. Jonas dashed out, relying on sound to discern the direction the person in black was moving. Of course, their movement speed couldn’t match his. In the darkness, Jonas almost had the person within his grasp, but in an instant, the individual suddenly turned and sped up. Jonas couldn’t react in time. The person had vanished.Jonas stood still, closed his eyes, and perceived everything around him with his heightened senses. When one sense was lacking, other senses would often become more developed, especially for someone with strong combat skills like Jonas. Though the sound created by the person in black had disappeared, it didn’t mean that Jonas couldn’t find any traces. In the air, there was a faint scent of quinine tree, a type of tree that wasn’t very common in Europe. This was the scent Jonas had detected on the person in black.Jonas tried to locate the source of the scent. It was highly likely
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