Ethereal Adventure System

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Ethereal Adventure System

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Everything was taken from him, the girlfriend he loved, his promotion and even the means to work elsewhere. However, everything changed when the Ethereal Adventure System arrived. a system that would give him real life money and superhuman abilities for completing task which mainly involved travelling to other worlds. Would he grasp this opportunity completely? would he become the apex of humanity. you can check this out by following his journey. I own the copyright to this cover including all parts and cover

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    Good bro ...

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    Will this be a harem novel?

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    good novel

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    The novel is great ...️, I love how it was able to show another aspect of urban fantasies and also mix the ones we see all day in it.

    2023-07-08 09:24:19
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210 chapters
In a small apartment, a young man got dressed, ready for work. He grabbed his suitcase and rushed outside to the cab he had booked online. Today he would finally get a chance to work in an office of his own. For the past three years, he has been working as a delivery guy for a pizza delivery company. Yesterday marked his 3 years of working for that company, and as promised by the company, he would be promoted to a higher rank in the office and receive a 200% rise in his salary. He usually earned $400 a month in his job, and with the tips he received from kind customers, he made over $500 a month, which was enough to manage in this world. Ethan is nineteen years old. He is an orphan who wanted to live a peaceful life; he did not want to end up like his late parents. He wanted a life where he would die at an old age and leave behind wealth to take care of his kids and his wife, if nature was fair. Today was his happy day—the day he would be promoted in his job. He spent $50 on a
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In a dark room, a young man could be seen sitting on a metallic chair and tied down with a thick rope that tightly clung to his skin. His head was slightly bowed, and his body wasn't moving. (Sfx for teardrop) A bead of tears constantly dropped from his eyes and shattered on the ground below. The tears on the ground formed a small pool of them. "For the poor, this world is just a game that we don't know how to play; we are continually used as pawns by the rich, and I was nothing more than a play piece although I lived my life." "Weak, poor, pathetic, and clumsy, why was I fuckin created this way? I don't want to suffer this much; I want a life of peace, and I always made sure to stay out of the way of others." "And then I made a foolish mistake, taking my trust and placing it on one person. I gave her my all, and she became the only reason I really wanted to live in this pathetic world, but *sniff, sniff, she was just a fuckin lie! "My life, everything, was just a fuckin lie!" E
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Shelly and the doctor who treated Ethan discussed the cost of his treatment in his office. "A full body scan cost three thousand dollars; the total cost of everything would be twenty thousand dollars; his wounds would take two months or heal partially, by then he would be admitted once half of the total amount is paid." The doctor said as he scribbled down a few letters on a printed white document. Shelly was dumbfounded after hearing the cost. She is a salary earner, and she earns less than a thousand dollars a month.Ten thousand is more than her two-year-old savings scheme. "Are you going to pay now or later?" the doctor asked without even looking at her. Shelly shook her head; she can't whip out such an amount now. The doctor nodded his head and passed the paper to her containing a detailed She excused herself from the office. There was a pained look on her pretty face as she made her way toward the room where Ethan was receiving treatment.Shelly walked inside and grabbed a
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Shelly woke up the next morning with slight ache in her body, she cleared her eyes and stole a glance at Ethan to see if he was okay. Ethan was sitting on the sick bed with a smile on his face as he smiled at her, she couldn't help but hug him with a smile. "I'm glad you're alive, don't worry the doctor said you will be okay within the span of two months. I would never leave sour side." She said. "I don't think I would need to stay in this place one hour more, I can't bare the scent of drugs." Ethan replied. Shelly lifted her head and looked at his his face, he wasn't joking. She smiled wryly and threw a faint punch at his shoulder. Ethan sighed, it was unbelievable but he did not want to stay in this place anymore, he really wanted to leave to explore his system outside. He started taking off everything on his body, firsts starting with the needles, bandages. "What are you doing, don't act rashly here please you need to be okay" After taking everything off, he stretched his b
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Ethan was dazed for a few seconds before he finally gained back his cool, after a few more seconds he walked through the door, the door, portal and Ethan disappeared immediately. Ethan appeared in a new, strange place. It was like in the interior of ancient caves, it has poor lightning and there was a constant noise that sounded each seconds. Just then the system windows appeared. [You entered a FF Grade Dungoen] [As your first adventure, the system has given you an opportunity to choose an upgradable weapon from the following, also you can purchase a few more equipments from the system shop] [Please choose from the following weapons] [Upgradeable Sword] [Upgradeable Dagger][Upgradeable spear] [Upgradable Gaunlet] Ethan stared at the above listed weapons, then he clicked on the upgradable dagger and then clicked accept. Small wisp of lights appeared in front of him and then took the form of a dagger with curve blades. Ethan stretched his hand and held the dagger, immediat
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When the gain outweighs the loss, it's is natural that anybody would go for it even if it's dangerous; That was Ethan's case. If he decided to stay at the SafeZone although the time, he would end up losing more than he could imagine, if the 48-hours deadline elapse he would be faced with a death penalty. Ethan cautiously entered the new compartment, when he looked behind him the only thing he saw was darkness and when he looked around him there was only the same darkness. 'I can barely see the walls, Why is it so dark in here, come to think of it. It was the same back then, system can you explain a little bit about the behavior of this dungeon.' [It's a different dimension from earth and it operates on it's own rules, all dimension has their separate nature rules just like the existence of night and day on earth] After the small explanation, he finally understood how this dungeon operate. He would only be able to see in this dark place if the dweller discovers his presence. Spe
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Ethan opened his system window to take a look at his stats, he could tell that there was a lot of increase in his stats and the increase on his total worth made him happier. He opened his cash app and everything was just like the system said it would be like. 'I can't move out with this clothes, I need to take my bath and get something to eat outside.' The requirements of his previous job made it impossible to eat homemade food, it's like he has someone to prepare it for him. Victoria was the lazy type of girlfriend, she earned more than him but she still liched on his own measly income. Recalling the face of Victoria and Lawrence caused an unexplainable feeling of rage to grow in his heart. He quickly had his bath and changed into a set of new clothes, though it was mostly worn out. As he planned to leave a heard a knock and then he saw Lugard walk in through the door, he spotted his small LED TV outside and a few of his properties that were missing from the sitting room. "I
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Lawrence learned from one of his lackeys that Ethan was at home and stopped by to say "hello" and also to teach him a lesson. Even if Ethan had companies, he predicted that they wouldn't be able to fight one of his strong bodyguards because they were trained with weapons and also professional bodybuilders. However, it was like something out of a fantasy film when Ethan lifted one of his strongest bodyguards and tossed him to the ground like a rag doll. Ethan didn't end there, he sat on the back of the bodybuilders and rained blows after blows on his head."Young master, save me, he is gonna to kill me." "Young master Lawrence, please do something, he is possessed!" Sabest pleaded for help, he tried to lift his body but it was impossible.Ethan made sure to trap his hands under his weight before sitting on him. Ethan vented all the anger he felt when he was weak back then. He vented all the pain, all the negative emotions he felt when they rained blows and kicks on him mercilessl
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"A few hundred million or even a billion huh, I know I would make that amount of money but it would take a long time to achieve, nevertheless if I can be faster in clearing those dungeons and maybe get more mission in a day, I'm sure I would be reach be worth over a billion one day." He opened an app in his phone and clicked on the icon of the investment app he has been willing to invest in ever since he was introduced to the world of investment. He scanned through the number of assets and clicked on the one that costs $14,299.9 "LuxCoin, A cryptocurrency that was introduced to the market early last year, it started at $100 dollar per coin but now it costs more than ten thousand dollar, I'm sure it would keep growing and i also set a quick sell to sell it immediately it falls down to twelve thousand, that will reduce the loss by a lot." Ethan looked around his house and his clothes. Then he opened a shopping app and ordered a lot of new clothes, altogether he spent ten thousand w
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'Five million dollar.' His eyes widened at the worth displayed on his system, it surprised him more than when he first discovered he could become wealthy with the etheral adventure system. Five million from a letter? Who would ever dream of receiving such a surprise in their lifetime. It's an occurrence that hardly occur in dreams and he was happening to him in reality. 'A Royal Clan invitation from China and this huge sum of money, how did they know that I'm a martial artist, did someone see my using the heroic martial arts on those thugs with lawrence.' Ethan Pondered. "It's just a clan meeting and it's happening in a month time, before then I'm sure I would be richer and stronger. Even if it's dangerous then there won't be need bothering because I'm strong enough to overcome the danger, all thanks to the ethereal adventure system." Ethan stared at the content of the card, after a few minutes he decided to transfer all the money in the card into his personal account so he could
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