The Ultimate Heir System

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The Ultimate Heir System

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(Bronze Medal in "I Got A System in The Reality" contest) Everyone treated Davis like trash, especially the Anderson family, where he was supposed to be considered part of the family. The only thing that kept him going was Susan, the first daughter of the leader of the Anderson family. However, when Susan chose to be with another man, Davis no longer had a reason to stay with the Anderson family. When Davis felt his life was at its lowest point, something unexpected happened to him. A system suddenly appeared and took him on a long journey to uncover his identity. [Conditions fulfilled] [Initiate the system installation process] [System installed successfully] [Heir Status activated] Cover By: Meganovel

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  • Cici Aremanita


    Cool Bro, let's also visit the Reincarnation of the Warrior, Thanks.

    2024-02-21 22:47:36
  • Tooney Tonka


    I am liking this book more n more as I read. kudos to the author for a great work.

    2024-02-15 02:41:18
  • Victoria T.O


    Once I started reading, I got too intrigued not wanting to stop. Definitely recommend. Don't hesitate to check this out if you are a system fanatic

    2023-11-09 14:17:55
  • Lord Cyrus


    Great book. Love it so much

    2024-02-09 00:28:25
  • Nick Jacob Miranda


    I like it very much! Its so exciting!!

    2024-01-17 10:43:41
  • Gary Kilshaw


    Very interesting story

    2023-11-10 07:35:41
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478 chapters
Chapter 01
The Anderson family mansion looked different tonight. The sound of applause filled the room as a woman and a man took turns putting on the rings. Davis, on the other hand, smiled as he entered the room. This was the first time in his 25 years of attending a party. The man prepared his appearance as best he could despite having to deplete his savings. "Congratulations on your engagement, Ethan, Susan." Davis suddenly froze when he heard the voice. He saw two people he knew kissing on stage. His happy smile vanished. "What's going on here?" Davis said loud enough to get everyone's attention. The crowd instantly split in two as he walked over. All the Andersons smiled at the sight of Davis. They had long disliked the man as they considered him a useless nuisance. Tonight was his last night in their family. "You've come at a good time, Davis," said Drake, the leader of the Anderson family, "take those dirty dishes to the kitchen." Davis clenched his fists tightly. "What's all this a
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Chapter 02
"Listen to me, scum. Tonight is the last night you'll be a shrew in the Anderson family. I won't let you back into this family for good. You're lucky I didn't charge you a dime for your living expenses. If we meet again somewhere, never speak to me and my family. You only have half an hour to pack your things." "Let me meet Granpa as a farewell. I won't say anything about the matter. I only want to thank him." Davis looked down for a moment, turning to the other side.Drake chuckled. "Don't take anything that belongs to my father or anyone else in this house. If you do, I'll drag you to jail until you rot there.""I understand." Davis walked to his room at the back of the house."Scum like you deserve to live on the streets." Drake smiled mockingly, closing the door with a bang.Davis entered his cramped room, grabbed a few pieces of clothing, and stuffed them into a bag. The man sat on the side of the bed, took a scrap of his childhood photo with Susan in the wallet, and kept it und
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Chapter 03
[Warning!][Host an emergency. Rescue system activated immediately][Initiate healing process using available MP]Davis' body was suddenly enveloped in green light for nearly two minutes. The ring on his hand glowed green during the healing process. His body returned to normal after the healing was completed as if he had never experienced any accident.[The healing process is complete]Davis began to open his eyes, blinking a few times until his vision became clear. "Am I dead?"Davis sat on the road, observing his body, pressing it a few times. He found traces of blood on most of his clothes, but strangely he didn't feel any pain.Davis scanned the surroundings. "I'm still at the scene of the accident. Am I dead now?"Davis stood up, surveying the surroundings again. "I don't see my body lying in this place. Did someone take my body to the hospital? If so, why is this place so deserted? Shouldn't there be police lines and such?"David suddenly fell silent. "I should have realized tha
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Chapter 04
Davis was surprised when he saw the information on the holographic screen, reading carefully. "The first quest has appeared and it's an easy one. I just have to dress like a high-class family. But I don't have the money to buy luxury items. I kept my wallet under the seat of my electric bike. My wallet might have been burnt."[You can use your Money Power to buy the things you need]"I have $999,000,000 Money Power in the system. If I can use money power, I am very rich now. I'm probably richer than anyone else in this city." Davis smiled. "But how do I use Money Power?"[Say "print" if you want the system to print your spesial card]"That easy?" Davis still didn't believe this fully. "There's no harm in trying. Print."A white light suddenly appeared in front of Davis. As the light disappeared, a black card that read World Exclusive Bank in gold ink appeared.Davis accepted the card, touching each section. When he turned the card over, he found the name "Davis Miller" written in gol
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Chapter 05
Davis was pushed back until he was pressed against the wall of the building. As the guard was about to immobilize him, he kicked the guard's vitals, pulled the guard's shirt collar, then threw him down with force.[Ding][Sub Quest: Defeat All Four Guards within Two Minutes: 4/4][Host successfully completed the Sub Quest][Reward of 5 EXP + $50,000 sent to your heir status and Money Power][Host Name: Davis][Family: Miller][Heir Status: Level 1 (15/100)][Health Point: 16/20][Strength: 12 | Defense: 13 | Intelligence: 13 | Agility: 12][Money Power: $999.040.000][Main Quest Completion Time: 42 minutes 30 seconds]Davis smiled when he saw the four guards lying not far from him. "I was able to defeat all four in time. My body moves very lightly."Davis looked at the four guards, smiling. "As promised, you must let me enter Heaven Hall."Davis walked past the people crowding the street. As he was about to enter the door, suddenly ten guards came out of the door."Take that beggar an
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Chapter 06
[Congratulations on completing your first Main Quest, Host][You're off to a great start]"Why can't I see the reflection of the hologram screen in the window glass?" asked Davis.[The hologram screen can only be seen by you][Attention][If you want to talk to the system, you need to say the name "system" first so that you don't appear to be talking to yourself. People will only see you being silent when you talk to the system]"I see." Davis got up from the chair, walked to the edge of the balcony, and gazed at the light-strewn cityscape of Leaventown. He still thought that everything that happened to him was a dream."I've had a lot of questions in my head since earlier. Why did you suddenly appear and choose me?"[The system was prepared for you long ago, Host. The reason the system appeared was that you had met the conditions needed to activate the system]"Prepared for me? Who prepared it?"[Your parents prepared it]"My parents?" Davis smiled. "Who are my parents really and whe
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Chapter 07
"Alright, I'll choose the house I'm going to buy. I should buy a house has a good view and a lot of facilities."Davis sat down at the table, opened his laptop, and went through the websites of real estate agents one by one. After selecting a few houses, his choice fell on a luxury house near the beach. "I don't have a cell phone to contact the real estate agent. I'd better hurry before the quest time ends."Davis walked out of the hotel. He was dumbfounded when he saw the cost of his one-day stay. The servants escorted him out on the front lawn."I spent $200,000 just for a one-day stay. I can buy a car or even a house with that amount of money."Davis checked the payment papers. It only said "Davis" without the additional surname "Miller". Although he was quite confused, he ignored it.[Money Power: $999,391,000][Note: $200,000 has already been used for the Paradise Street payment]Davis bought a cell phone and a car at a shop not far from Paradise Street. Unlike last night, he was
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Chapter 08
"What are they doing here?" asked Davis while hiding.Davis saw Ethan holding Susan's hand. His memory of last night came back."After we get married, we'll live in this house, Susan," Ethan said with a big smile. "Isn't this house amazing? Not only is it in a luxury housing complex, but it also has a nice view.""Ethan and Susan will live next to my house?" Davis gritted his teeth, trying to contain his anger."Yes, it's a great house," Susan replied with a somewhat forced smile.Ethan touched Susan's shoulder. "Susan, what's going on? Aren't you happy that we will live in such a luxurious house? Do you want me to take you to live in another house? I can find a house-""This house is nice. I like it." Susan observed the house in front of her intently, took a step, and let out a long breath.Ethan paused for a moment. "Susan, do you still remember that trash named Davis?"Davis who heard his name mentioned instantly clenched his fists tightly. One foot that had stepped quickly was pul
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Chapter 09
[Quest Completion Time: 3 days 11 hours 55 minutes]"I'm curious about the news of my death that I heard from Susan." Davis typed the keywords of last night's accident into the search bar. Several article titles instantly popped up.Davis read the top article. He found a picture of a man burning on the side of the road with an electric bicycle that had also been burned. In the middle of the article, he found his ID card half-burned."Susan and the others must have thought that the burnt man was me. I wonder who the poor guy who was burned was?"Davis read the second article. He found that the man had been in a single-vehicle accident when he hit a road divider during heavy rain.Davis remembered when a car suddenly hit him from behind. "The car seemed to hit me on purpose. As I was lying helplessly on the road, I didn't see the driver get out to help me either. I had to investigate the incident."[Quest Completion Time: 3 days 3 Hours 5 Minutes]The day turned to night.Davis was tidy
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Chapter 10
[Warning!][Dangerous situation!]Davis took another way, hiding behind a wall, watching the movements of a man about to enter the bar. The system kept giving him warnings over and over again."The system screen suddenly turned red. Who is that guy and why is he so dangerous?"[The system could not provide the information needed by the Host]Davis withdrew his body quickly when the man turned his head towards him.[Warning!][Get out of the bar as soon as possible]Davis slowly walked backward, away from the wall and the hallway. He was half running with an occasional look back. When Davis had completely disappeared from the hallway, the man walked toward where Davis was hiding.The man looked around, deciding to enter the bar.Davis exited the bar, controlling his breath. He looked back a few times to make sure that the man had not followed him.[The coast is clear][Hosts are not allowed to enter the bar]"I'm becoming more and more curious about that guy and the reason why the syst
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