My Money Spendrift System

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My Money Spendrift System

By: R. AUSTINNITE Updated just nowSystem

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Persues Damon had always been ridiculed all his life. Being a college student and a real life loser. He was unable to take care of his family and was always oppressed by rich people. The girl he loved the most cheated on him with a rich man and murdered him. Only for him to awaken with a system. He is going to make them pay, alongside everyone that hurt him. [Ding!] [The System finally recognized its host.] [You have two choices: A, Accept the system and live. B: Reject the system and die miserably.]

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  • Rex Magnus


    This book is great. Able to hook the reader’s interest and emotions right from the start. Great work, author.

    2024-02-05 04:07:17
  • Tammie Lanier


    I love chapter 50. Roman is about to go down.

    2024-02-26 01:25:04
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206 chapters
Chapter 1_Caught Cheating.
Whoops!Dust flung in the air as the bicycle came to a hard stop. Birds that were walking on the streets flew away at the sight of the tires coming dangerously close to them.'Woah! What a handsome man.''Look at those moves.''So cool.'The girls around them began murmuring. He rolled his eyes; perhaps they hadn't seen who it was before calling him handsome. If they knew that it was him, they were going to start insulting him.It was a sunny day, and he was out to deliver the food that had been ordered from the restaurant he was working for.Dressed in worn-out khaki pants and a worn-out shirt. He jumped off the bicycle, balancing the two boxes of food in his hand.'Turns out to be the school loser.' One of the girls scoffed.'I can't believe that I drooled on him.' Another voice rang out with irritation in her voice.'Isn't he the school mad horse loser?''It's him.'He turned their heads to look at them, and all the girls looked away like they hadn't been talking about him seconds
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Chapter 2_Betrayal.
A surprised look appeared on her face as she found Perseus standing there in his regular worn-out clothes.Celia's eyes met Perseus, and then she looked away, embarrassment and guilt kicking in as Perseus had caught her with someone else. She couldn't look him in the eye properly.She was about to hurry over to him, but when she saw the heartbroken look in his eyes, She had second thoughts.Perseus knew that their relationship was a little bit complicated, but he never thought that she would cheat on him with someone else. Was it because he had no money?"Perseus, it isn't what you think it is." She muttered. "He is a distant cousin of mine."Perseus glared at her. "You kiss your cousin?'' His body was vibrating in anger.All this time, he had thought that they were an item. It turns out that he had been a joke in the relationship and wasn't loved by her."We weren't going to kiss." Celia lied as she raised her hand in defense. "I had something in my eye."The man was irritated hearin
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Chapter 3_An Accident.
“How dare you hit my girlfriend?” Rome yelled at Perseus.Perseus stood his ground, not caring about what was going to happen next. “Since you want to make an act, I didn't hit her but pushed her, right? Who would have thought such a scheming bitch would fall by herself?"“How dare you?” Roman demanded, his face turning red in anger.“How dare he insult Roman's girlfriend?”“He is looking for death.”“I can't wait to see him die; his face disgusts me.” One of the female onlookers spat.Celia, who was sitting on the floor, grinned at him. “He pushed me and even claims to do so.”Roman helped her up and approached Perseus. Both of them glared at each other. Perseus knew that he was no match for Roman, but he had to keep a little bit of self-respect.“You dare lay a finger on my girl? I am going to deal with you and get rid of all your fingers.” Roman poked him in the chest with his index finger. “You are just a loser that should be castrated and fed to the pigs.”“What makes you any dif
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Chapter 4_System Activated.
“Where am I?” His eyes opened and connected to the white clothes that were covering his face.Sitting up, he pushed the clothes off his body to see that he was in a hospital gown. He rubbed his head and glanced at it; there was no sign of bandage, nor were there signs of injury.His face was surprisingly smooth for someone who had taken all of those punches.“Why am I still alive?” He asked himself. “Didn't I die when that car hit me?”[Ring!][To them, you are already dead.][Motherfucker, I asked you to accept the system to save your life, but you chose death instead.]Perseus jumped like he had been shot and glanced around the room. There was no one in the room apart from the panel that was floating in front of him. The room was awfully cold, and he felt uncomfortable.[To ask further questions, you need to accept the system. Do you accept the Money Spendrift Streaming System?][Yes or no?]“What system? Shouldn't I be dead and lying on the roadside or something? Why am I here and
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Chapter 5_Completing the First Mission.
“I am not a ghost!” Perseus raised his hand in the air. “I just want to check out of the hospital; I am not dead yet.”However, the woman fainted before he could say anything else. He glanced around them to see that the other nurses were running over to him alongside the doctor.“How come he is alive?” The doctor demanded as he froze, seeing who it was. “I diagnosed him dead last night!”"Perhaps he has a twin brother.” A nurse muttered as she shivered in fear.Perseus wanted to tell them that he didn't have a twin, but he saw the expression on their faces. He changed his mind; he had no idea how he was going to explain the system to them.“Yes, I have a twin. He died last night; we already took him to his funeral.” He lied.[Warning! You have a minute left if you keep on wasting time. Say goodbye to your little cock. Hmph!]The doctor and nurses let out a sigh of relief. “You just have to pay for the fee of him being in the hospital.”“And how much is it?”“Five hundred thousand doll
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Chapter 6_At The Restaurant.
“Guys, guys, calm down.” Perseus walked over to them and stroked both of their heads.His roommates were the only ones who genuinely liked him. They had been friends since high school, and they turned out to be roommates in college.“It will be alright since she tried to kill me and ruin my reputation to make her feel good about herself. I will give her back tenfold.” His lips curled up into a smirk.“What do we do next?” Orion asked.“I want to be seen as healthy and alive, and I guess that it is going to ruin her too.”“Do you need a livestreamer to go with us?” Tobias inquired.Perseus peered at Tobias. “Who do you suggest?”He hadn't thought about getting a livestreamer, but it would be great to have one that would show everyone that he was alive.“Sherry Kim.” Orion blurted it out. “She is the most popular and beautiful livestreamer in the country.”“And how do you think we can pay her?” Tobias retorted. “She attends this school, and she barely looks at us.”Sherry Kim's name ran
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Chapter 7_An Eye For An Eye
The lady flinched at the sound of his voice only to see who it was and chuckled in excitement.“You regard me as a friend but didn't tell me that you are the sister of this loser?”Sherry raised her head to look at Perseus; she glared at him. “What are you doing?”His lips stretched into a tight smile. “Just trust me.”He sounded so sincere that she wanted to believe him.“How much is the vase that my sister broke?” He inquired.In the meantime, he contacted the system. ‘System, could you help me check out this lady and her brother?’[You haven't given me a name; give me a name and I will help you.]'I will call you Iris then.’[The name can never be changed; now press yes to proceed.]He did as the system told him to do, and the information about the siblings appeared on the screen.[The money has been transferred into your bank account. You can make transfers from there.]“What would you do if I told you the price? Aren't you that poor trash from school?”“Just name a price, and I w
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Chapter 8_Did You Forget To Kneel And Call Me Grandpa?
“Geez!” Perseus rubbed his face with his palm. “Why do I always have to deal with bitches like you?”Sherry froze with her eyes glued to the screen. His friends looked like they had just been hit by a truck as they stared at the screen.“How…how…is that even possible?” Sherry demanded. “I thought you were poor; how come?”“That was a fake alert, right?” Laura demanded as her head snapped back in his direction. “It is impossible for you to have that amount of money.”Perseus let out a sigh. “I knew that you would doubt me.” He raised his head. “Waiter, can I get my bills?”The crowd began murmuring again.'He is so confident, I doubt that he is poor, like Laura said.’'She is just jealous that her friend has a rich brother, unlike her, who has a bad brother.’The words pierced Laura like a sword, and she guessed she still had a chance against him. “It seems that he made a fake transaction. If he would be able to pay for all of his bills, then I will do as he says.”“Bitch! You made a d
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Chapter 9:_Agreeing to Work For Perseus.
“What was that about?” Tobias inquired as soon as they got to the school compound. “Why do you have so much money?”“We know that you aren't rich.” Orion added. “How come you did that to Laura and wasted fifteen million today?”Orion and Tobias were pulling their hair in frustration as they glanced at Perseus, whose electric current had just stopped hitting him.[I let you go because I affected Sherry too.]Perseus frowned at the system and was about to lash out at it when Sherry grabbed his hand and peered at him.“Did you feel that?” She inquired.Pretending not to know what she was talking about. Perseus shook his head.“Feel what?”She released his arm. “Nothing.”“Oh, okay.”She clutched her hand tightly to her chest; she felt the current pass through her, and since he was holding her, She thought that he felt it too.Perseus raised a brow at her before staring at his friends, who were glaring at him. His eyes widened, and he wondered why they were glaring at him.“What?” He shru
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Chapter 10_Purchasing A Villa.
Sherry frowned at the ladies who were pulling at her arm. Perseus, on the other hand, only stared at her.“Ma'am, what kind of villa do you want?"“I can show you the ones that you want."“As long as you are loaded with money, let me attend to you.”Sherry tried to pull her hand away from this grip. “Ladies wait!”The ladies ignored her, and they got into a serious argument. Seizing the opportunity, Sherry pulled away from their grip and hurried over to Perseus.“Master, I am sorry that they ignored you for me.” She apologized. “Do you want us to check somewhere else?”Perseus shook his head. “Okay.”Just as they were about to leave, another woman who hadn't been with the others that came to him before approached him.She had a bright smile on her face and didn't look like she was going to look down at him.“Sir, do you want to check out the pictures of the villas?”Perseus glanced back at the lady. "Sherry, it seems like we wouldn't have to leave anymore.”Perseus followed the lady t
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