Revenge Of The Scorned Son In-law

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Revenge Of The Scorned Son In-law

By: Jahsmine OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Betrayed by his unfaithful wife, Walton left his former life behind, seeking revenge. Homeless and adrift, a chance encountered with the world's richest man led to an unexpected marriage proposal. Marrying the man's granddaughter, Walton's life was transformed as he became a billionaire. Now, armed with wealth and power, he set out to settle the score with those who wronged him.

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8 chapters
Chapter 1
REX MANSION“ Hey you piece of trash, come here this minute” a loud voice could be heard from the sitting room and almost immediately a man ran as fast as his legs could get him to the sitting room.“ You called for me mother” the man bowed his head and the woman who called him snorted in annoyance.“ Do I look like your mother, you bastard! Don't you know your mother if you see her?” She shouted, but the man said nothing.“ Silas, the son of the Marcus family would be visiting today, make sure you prepare the meals quickly before his arrival. I want everything to be ready before he comes, if not, you would be dead” the woman said and dismissed the man with a finger.She is Mrs. Rex, the mother of Walton's wife, Lillian. She has been treating Walton like a slave in the Rex mansion, whereas, he is the husband of her daughter, Lillian.“ Get me a glass of juice” Mrs. Rex ordered with her legs crossed as she sat on the sofa reading a newspaper.“ On it mother” Walton replied, and Mrs. R
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Chapter 2
DELOS GENERAL HOSPITALAn elegant lady could be seen walking as fast as her legs to get her inside the hospital and her heels clicking, making a faint thud as she walked.As she passed by the nurses and doctors, they all bowed their heads and didn't raise it until she was out of their sight.About three to four bodyguards were behind her with her personal assistant who was trying to keep to her pace. The lady was putting on a tight red gown which stopped just a few inches below her knees. She has the most perfect porcelain skin and her black hair which was flowing behind her was soft and smooth as silk. Her sapphire blue eyes radiated her pale skin, making her look like a walking doll.She stopped walking when she got to the front of a ward, and she opened the door and walked into the ward and met a doctor attending to the old man who was unconscious with oxygen on.“ How is my grandfather?” That was the first word that left the lady's mouth, and when the doctor saw her, he bowed his
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Chapter 3
Walton stood there as if he was electrocuted. The receptionist was just fired because of him, and he just couldn't help but feel grateful and at the same time confused.The elegant lady wasn't someone he knew from anywhere because she looked like someone from a luxurious family, so why then did she help him?Walton kept staring at the lady until she walked to the place where he sat down. She squatted in front of him and stretched her right hand forward for him to hold and stand up.At first, Walton was hesitant, but nevertheless, he placed his hand on hers, and she helped him up.She turned around looking for someone and when her eyes landed on the person, she left Walton to go meet him.“ I am sorry, Miss Rachel. I will find someone competent for the job” the man who seemed like the manager apologized.“ I would rather not see her anywhere close to this bank, or I will shut it down” Rachel said and turned around, walking away.Walton had no option other than to follow her out of the
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Chapter 4
“ Yes, you did, and I and my grandfather would forever be grateful to you.” Rachel replied, and Walton's lips coiled into a smile.“ At least I didn't have a full bad day. Now I am also wealthy and could live the life I have always wanted.” He said and Rachel chuckled.“ Let's go” she said and Walton followed behind her.It took just twenty minutes to get to the hospital where Rachel's grandfather was admitted and soon enough, they were in front of his ward.Walton couldn't go in because he was nervous. Lawson Bates had always been his role model since he was a teenager, and he always wished to be more wealthy than Lawson Bates, but what life had in store for him was different from what he had dreamed of.“ Don't tell me you're nervous” Rachel asked amusingly and Walton inhaled sharply.“ Who wouldn't? I would be meeting the world's richest man today, and you want me to be composed without getting nervous? He is my role model since I was a teenager, so meeting him today, is a blessing
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Chapter 5
Lillian's words came to him from behind with a loud hiss. “The Patricia of the Rex family will be having his birthday tomorrow. And he wanted to see you do well to get that broken ass of yours off.” The initial frown on her face deepened.After the sudden pause, Walton nodded his head without turning around towards her.He nodded his head and sped off from the room. His next point of call was the bank, he needed to get some cash for his upkeep as soon as possible.He could already see the bank, which was not far from the vicinity, and he gradually made his way towards it. Nosing through the edging crowd that was littered in the place, he soon got to the receptionist's table, expecting the receptionist to recognize him from their previous encounter.But when her head was finally raised towards him. It turned out that he was mistaken. This was not the same receptionist who had attended to him ; they had been switched.The nose of the receptionist twitched with so much anger immediatel
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Chapter 6
The anger flared up as he got off from the property of the Rex family's villa, so much that he could hardly breathe properly.His mind was already settled now, and there was absolutely nobody who was going to change his decision now.He had decided that he was going to accept Grandpa Lawson's proposal and marry Rachael.Soon, he got to the road and boarded a cab that was heading to the Batesville group of companies.Staring at the street that laid before him, he didn't realize when they got to the Villa.Paying off the driver, he walked gradually over to the gates, his feet barely touching the ground, but when he got there, the security crossed him.“What are you doing here?” One of the security guards, who seemed to be their leader from the badge that he was wearing walked up towards him.“I'm here to see Rachel,” Walton replied, thinking that it was a normal procedure that everyone had to go through.But it turned out that he was mistaken.The eyes of the security officer made a qui
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Chapter 7
Then Walton,a generally kind hearted person bent on taking revenge,flashed a mischievous smile at lilian and she instantly got it. She knew something would be wrong but she still counted on her Family's riches-oh her Family?She looked at her mum but she avoided eye contact with her, her Father was doing the same. They all couldn't eat at the party,just a few crumbs and that was all. A sensation of guilt ran through them all. They all decided it was time to leave. Indeed it was but they were stopped by a courier boy. He explained he had a parcel for them that the Groom wished to give them. Lilian snatched it but Her Father instructed her not to open it until they arrived home. Barely getting home,Lilian tore the parcel open,and brought out what looked like some important document but it wasn't. She discovered the same word was written all over and over again. Silas went through the papers and confirmed it and so did Rhea. Lilian dumped the parcel on the floor asking the ma
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chapter 8
Tap, tap, tap! Three successive silent but audible knocks landed on Mr. Rex's gate just a few minutes past 8 in the morning. Usually, the postman would have dropped the mails in the mailbox neatly carved outside, so Silas couldn't understand why he decided to knock this time around.Who else would it be? Peasants wouldn't come knocking at their door at any time of the day, let alone early in the morning. The second set of knocks disrupted his thoughts, and he finally stood up and yawned on his way to the gate.Yuck! he blurted out. It was the cops, and most importantly, Walton. He couldn't even take a second glance at him; he felt sick instantly. By this time, the cops demanded that he lead the way, and he obliged. None of the rest of the family were awake yet.The leading sergeant asked for Mr. Rex, and Silas replied that he was still in bed. Mr. Rex woke up with a start, feeling dizzy, but Silas kept pressing that his immediate attention was needed in the living room, without darin
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