Call of Revenge: Hitman in the City

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Call of Revenge: Hitman in the City

By: JKRV Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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"Your Honour! Mr Jack Turner not only regularly sexually harassed the female employees of the car wash, but he also beat up anyone who dared to stop him." "And my client, who had only stood up for himself to protect these poor women, was badly injured by him!" "He is a violent sex offender– and if this kind of a person is allowed to get away with it once, he will become a threat to the personal safety of us all!" ***** Years after leaving the shadowed realm of crime, Jack Turner finds himself at a crossroads, where he is wrongfully framed by his scumbag boss and betrayed by everyone he knows. At a time when even his wife has left his side, Jack has to decide whether he will continue to watch his loved ones struggle, or if he go back to the dark and violent world where people can be hired to kill: a world he used to rule, once upon a time. What dark secrets from Jack's past will resurface now? What lies ahead for Jack Turner as he stands at the crossroads of morality and survival? Can he find a way to clear his name and break free from the sinister web closing in on him?

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  • J V


    I have started this book just to get a taste of the new genre, but now I am addicted to this book! I can't wait for more chapters .........

    2024-04-02 19:48:08
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81 chapters
Ch -1: Order!
"Your Honour! Mr Jack Turner not only regularly sexually harassed the female employees of the car wash, but he also beat up anyone who dared to stop him.""And my client, who had only stood up for himself to protect these poor women, was badly injured by him!""He is a violent sex offender– and if this kind of a person is allowed to get away with it once, he will become a threat to the personal safety of us all!"......The lawyer's words shook the entire courtroom as the crowd of onlookers murmured amongst themselves;"That's horrible.""How can there be such a brutal and shameless person?""He doesn't deserve to be called a human, he is a monster!""May God bless the hero who fought this demon."Jack Turner sat in the defendant's seat, and his fists gradually clenched as he heard these words.The lawyer's words were completely fabricated nonsense, because he was the one who had protected the female employees!His boss, the one who had hired this lawyer, was the one who had been har
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Ch- 2: Visitor
Jack had been hearing the proceedings with a sense of detachment, but when he heard his wife's name, be suddenly felt a warmth spreading through his chest.In spite of everything, his wife had come to his defense…His gaze followed her with hope in his heart, as she walked down the aisle and took the stand. However, when their eyes finally met, her expression made him freeze in place.He couldn't help but feel that something wasn't adding up… because he could see nothing but fear in her eyes.But before he could make sense of it, her voice pulled his attention towards herself. She declared;"I swear that I will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth – so help me God."But the moment she began to speak, all the hope in Jack's heart turned to ashes."My husband, Jack, frequently used to disappear from home for almost a year since he returned from the War. He had no stable job, and whenever I asked him about what we were going to do regarding our household and the fut
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Ch-3 : Prison Break
The moment that Jack stepped out of the cell, all the guards disappeared from view, and the entire corridor was deserted.Jack instantly understood what was going on, as the man in black saluted him. The feeling of reverence was clear in his voice as soon as he opened his mouth."We've been waiting for you, Master," he declared in a low murmur that carried a sense of urgency."You need to get out of here, please. It's time, Master."He urged in a desperate plea, begging for Jack's attention.However, Jack ignored the man and his words with an unwavering resolve. He refused even look in his direction, and dismissed him. "Why did you come here? I didn't ask for your help, did I? I have grown accustomed to this life now," he stated matter-of-factly. "I don't want to go back to that world where there is only darkness and chaos."The man in black was undeterred, and spoke;"We obviously don't expect that simply getting you out of jail will be enough to convince you to step back into your
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Ch-4: Scavenger Returns
"Daddy, this is Anna. I have taken mom's phone, and I really want to meet you! Please come to see us, our new address is C-205, River Valley Apartments."This message from Anna wasn't just a way to let Jack know about their new address, but it was a way to sustain their connection… and her way to show her trust in him.He felt a flood of emotions on reading this message, and he barely held his emotions in check before proceeding to the next messages.Anna had made regular entries in his inbox, almost as if she used to sneak out with her mother's phone before bed and write out a summary of her day."We miss you, daddy…""Daddy, when will you come to meet us? Mommy says that we won't see you for a year at least, is that true?""Today, I had waffles for lunch, daddy! I wish you had come to pick us up from school."Jack was scrolling through these entries, feeling a warm feeling of affection spread through his entire chest. But this is when his gaze fell on the latest message from Anna:"
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Ch-5 : Secret Meeting
Unexpectedly finding the name 'Robert Wendell' on the dark web, Jack's interest piqued. He clicked on the message to find out how much the job posting was offering. But a frown immediately appeared on his face when he saw the actual amount. A hundred thousand fricking dollars!"$100,000 to take out a car wash owner?" he muttered to himself, baffled by the price quoted by the person posting the bid.The life of a man who, on the surface, appeared to be nothing more than an average car wash owner, now carried a price tag that didn't make any sense. Jack couldn't fathom why anyone would be willing to pay such a hefty sum to murder someone so insignificant?! Jack typed away on his keyboard, trying to figure out the motives behind this mystery… did anyone else have a personal grudge against him? Or did that snake have any other dark secrets? Although he had left this job long ago, he was still familiar with how things worked. And his experience had taught him that this industry operate
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Ch-6 : Dominance!
No matter what the intentions of the client were, this condition about splitting the money was not acceptable to the killers.Especially the assassin who had brought his arsenal of weapons to display his range of skills. He regularly updated his stash of weapons, considering it as an investment in his profession.But when beggars like this had the audacity to show up empty handed, it was an insult to the entire industry! And naturally, he was pissed off to even think about giving him a single dollar from his hard- earned money!Although he was new to this, he wasn't a fool!Thinking this, he nonchalantly slipped a hand into his pocket. The others couldn't understand what had caused this sudden change in his body language, and before they could find out the reason behind it, the subtle click of a gun being loaded was heard. He moved swiftly, closing the distance between himself and the client. He gestured subtly towards the concealed weapon, a silent warning for the client to behave a
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Ch-7: Drug Deal?
The client finally seemed to understand that she wasn't in any immediate danger, and once she had calmed down a little, she spoke up."The man I want you to kill… he is known to the world as the owner of a car wash. But his real identity is that of a heinous drug dealer."She began to narrate her story, not knowing that Jack himself had a connection to the man she hated. "Robert Wendell and his gang forced my brother into taking drugs, even though he was just in high school. He tried to hide it at first, but we eventually found out about his addiction when he started to steal money from home. At that point, my parents had no choice but to send him to rehab, as CPS was also involved in the matter."Although she had said all of this in a calm and detached tone, Jack could sense her voice starting to choke up. But she gulped hard, and continued;"But their network was so powerful that he… somehow ran into some drug dealers even inside the rehab center. Tyler…" she blinked back tears whi
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Ch-8: Unexpected Help
Till now, Jack had been thinking that with his exit from the underworld, all his connections had died out, too. But as soon as life had tossed Jack into a tight spot, his most reliable ally was also back by his side, as if he had never left in the first place. "Blue Jay, I'm running short on time, but just remember that you have helped me at a very crucial time and I'll never forget it. Thank you…""Ye- yes Master, of course. This is my responsibility. And after all…"An awkward silence took over the call as Blue Jay suddenly fell silent, as if he had just remembered something.There was definitely something he was actively avoiding… Jack knew that it was rather unusual for him to stop talking so abruptly, and he wanted to ask what secret he wanted to hide so desperately. But at the same time, Jack didn't want to let anyone know about his own return to the dark underworld.Thinking that it was better not to ask questions when he himself was not willing to talk about himself, Jack u
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Ch-9 : The Alpengarde
Jack pulled out a salmon pink silk shirt and dark blue dress pants before leaving for the high end restaurant that his soon to be ex- wife had mentioned on the phone. He knew that the Alpengarde was a luxurious establishment; and they paid a lot of attention to the way their customers presented themselves.And so, dressed in a carefully chosen outfit that would allow him to blend in seamlessly, Jack walked through the restaurant's entrance unnoticed. The crisp fabric clung to him, giving an air of understated elegance, ensuring he avoided any unwanted attention from the watchful eyes of the restaurant owner and guards.As he entered, the present moment unfolded in front of him like a twisted theater of betrayal. Jack's sharp eyes caught sight of his wife sitting beside the man whom he would recognize even with his eyes closed– his ex- boss who deserved all the credit for ruining his life!There she was, in a tight fitting magenta dress that showed off her figure, with her arm comple
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Ch-10: Police!
Jack couldn't believe the audacity of her response."You're unbelievable, Rebecca!"Rebecca, dismissive and confident of his protests, leaned back towards Robert, seeking his support without saying anything out loud. She had no sympathy for Jack at all; after all, she had already wasted eight years of her life in a fruitless marriage with him.During those years, he had just taken advantage of her vulnerability and her feelings, without giving her anything in return!This was the first time her loser ex- husband had proven useful to her, by offering her a chance to get this sum of money. At least now, she could use that money to buy a proper gift for her new boyfriend, and impress him– therefore increasing her chances of marrying into a rich family.Otherwise, if everything went according to Jack's plans, she would be rotting beside him till she turned into a shriveled old lady! Even if she had used his money to make sure that she got a new, rich husband, what was the big deal in th
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