Reincarnation of the God of War Alagar

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Reincarnation of the God of War Alagar

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A famous warlord during the Austronesian era, was successfully appointed as the God of War. However, he died when he had just arrived in heaven. His sudden death saddened everyone who appreciated his sacrifice. However, after ten thousand years passed, the Warlord who created the beginning of peace was reincarnated. He was reborn into the Modern era. This figure hunted those who had killed him before.

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Chapter 1
Several thousand years before the 20th Century....There was the sound of war drums beating from the troops of the Western kingdoms. All the soldiers shouted loudly, brandishing their spears and swords, and rushed towards the enemy. led by a warlord who was gallantly in the front row.The sound of arrows, swords and spears clashing could be heard in the area where the battle took place.The two armies of the great East and West Austronesian kingdoms killed each other in order to gain victory for their respective kingdoms.A warlord from the mighty western kingdom swung his sword tirelessly, he continued to fight without knowing the time. until after three days and three nights the war ended and was won by the western kingdom led by its greatest warlord.The sound of the remaining soldiers' cheers echoed, the warlord shouted, brandishing his sword, indicating that they had won the war.The Eastern kingdom also submitted to the Western kingdom, until a treaty was created which was led d
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Chapter 2
Clinton, who was still stunned in place while remembering the name of the person who saved him, suddenly remembered his lecture hours, when he felt pain in his body."Damn, I'm late!" he grumbled as he ran from there, enduring the pain in his body.Clinton ran to the university, which happened to be not far from the alley where he was beaten by thugs. The man was in a hurry to get there.Arriving at the University, Clinton was stunned when he saw a crowd of hysterical female students welcoming a luxury car into their University."I'm living in pain, but I see artists passing by, my fate is truly unfortunate," grumbled Clinton helplessly.Plaque"Ow!" Clinton screamed in pain when someone tapped his shoulder."Wow... you're so dramatic, I ha... gosh! What's wrong with you Clin?" asked the person who tapped Clinton on the shoulder.Clinton saw the person, he was about to hit him. "Damn it, you Ndut!""Eits... relax okay?" the man who was called fat held Clinton's hand.Clinton chuckled
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Chapter 3
Alagar looked at the woman who was leaning on the floor divider with him carefully.The woman looked very relaxed and didn't seem at all afraid of Alagar, who in fact was greatly feared by the rulers of the country, even her father didn't dare go against Alagar's will."Did you come here to arrest us?" the woman asked to confirm.Alagar smiled seeing the woman talking casually to him. "I don't know... I heard you guys are planning something that could pollute my homeland."SwutSuddenly time stopped, the sound of cheers from the basketball audience couldn't be heard. Alagar's guards were also silent, frozen in place.The woman turned to Alagar who seemed to be staring at her silently. He grinned when he saw Alagar staring at him silently."Tch, that's all the reincarnation of a warlordLooks like they're exaggerating it too much," the woman muttered as she drew closer to Alagar.The woman intended to grab Alagar's neck, but suddenly Alagar disappeared from before her.Suddenly the woma
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Chapter 4
Alagar Ruiz, a man who already has wealth beyond the imagination of those who know him. He is like a business god who was born only to dominate modern civilization.However, in order to protect his family name, Alagar does not emphasize himself and uses his father's name as a substitute for himself so that he does not have too much trouble facing worldly life. because basically Alagar doesn't like hanging out with other business people and doesn't want to act arrogantly in front of all of them.Arbeloa Ruiz, Alagar's father was also a businessman, but before his son entered the world of business. He always failed to achieve something, everything changed when Alagar started to grow up and used his intelligence to help his father.***Alagar's car arrived at a luxurious castle where the Ruiz family lived. The castle gate opened when Alagar's car arrived there.All the castle guards lined up neatly along the entrance gate, they bowed respectfully to welcome the arrival of their young mas
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Chapter 5
Alagar went to the balcony carrying two cans of beer from the refrigerator after finishing wearing his clothes. The man gave one of the beer cans to Pricilia."How is your father's company, is everything running smoothly?" Alagar asked while sitting in the chair next to Pricilia's seat."Everything went smoothly, thanks to your father, thank you Alagar," answered Pricilia softly then drank the beer in her hand.Alagar frowned. "Why thank meYou should thank my father, who helped you.""Tsk, you think I'm stupid? Your father can't do anything without your chosen assistant," snapped Pricilia.Alagar just smiled, because he also knew that his father was actually not good at business, that's why he appointed someone to accompany his father.The person Alagar appointed was not just anyone, he was Alagar's accomplice who coincidentally was reincarnated at the same time as him.The person does not have past memories like Alagar. However, Alagar can find out that he is a former subordinate who
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Chapter 6
When he came out of his room, he went downstairs to meet his father and mother. Alagar was going to rest, but because Pricilia was asleep, it was better to get out of the room.Alagar approached his two mothers who were in the living room, watching television accompanied by the butler."Dad went to the office, Mom?" Alagar asked while sitting in the chair next to his mother.Liliana nodded her head, then asked, "You said you wanted to rest, why did you come down?"Alagar sighed. "When I came out of the bathroom, Pricil was already asleep, I better go downstairs so there's no misunderstanding.""Hey you, he's been waiting for you for a long time, why are you still acting cold to him? Mom and Dad agreed that you should get married," said Liliana softly."Don't talk about that, I already said I don't want to get married yet, ma'am." Alagar took an apple on the table, ate it.Liliana looked at the child, even though he was old enough to get married, he always refused her request. The woma
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Chapter 7
Turning around, he looked at the girl who was scolding the snatcher carefully. The man really couldn't believe what he saw before his eyes.Not only was her spiritual energy similar to someone he knew before, but her beautiful face was also very similar, plus the woman's stature was also almost the same, making Alagar completely speechless."Sir," said Jack who had arrived at the place."Uh...." Alagar gasped in surprise."Who are they sir?" Jack asked curiously, seeing Clinton sitting on someone and there was a beautiful woman there.Alagar wanted to answer, but people started crowding around, forcing the man to move away and stand near the car still looking at the woman.Jack watched his master carefully, his gaze was not distracted at all by the beautiful woman, making Jack sure that Alagar was interested in him."She's very beautiful, sir, I think she suits you," said Jack."You be... what are you talking about? Let's go!" Alagar snapped suddenly and immediately got into the car.
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Chapter 8
An ambulance was seen in front of Viona's family's house. The man who was hit by Vase was quickly taken into an ambulance.Alagar's other subordinate looked very worried, seeing that his colleague's head was bleeding quite a lot. The man issued an invitation envelope to Viona."Miss, you have to come tonight, prepare yourself well, there will be someone to pick you up," said Alagar's parents' subordinate who went straight to his car following the ambulance.Viona was stunned where she was, the girl thought she would report it to the police, but it turned out she was just ignored.Kristina Reisi, Viona's mother, pinched the child's ear when the ambulance had left and entered the house. Viona whimpered in pain as she walked, but her mother did not remove her hand from the girl's ear."It hurts, ma'am...let go," said Viona, still whining in pain."It's sick... where do you think it's sick? Both of your parents will go to jail because of your attitude!" Kristina snapped when she was insid
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Chapter 9
Jack's subordinate who was ordered to give the envelope to Viona was seen returning to his master's castle.One of his subordinates had a bandage on his head and was carried by his colleague when he got out of the car.Jack, who ordered the two of them to give the invitation envelope to Viona, frowned when he saw the two of them get out of the car, while he was relaxing at the guard post in front of the gate."Who are you fighting with? Didn't I tell you to take the invitation and go homewhy do you even get into trouble? Are my orders not clear enough?" asked Jack directly, feeling annoyed because his subordinates didn't obey his orders at all."Boss, it wasn't like that...," said the uninjured subordinate."So what? Tell me clearly!" Jack snapped, still looking annoyed.The uninjured subordinate sighed helplessly, looked at his comrade and explained. "Miss Viona hit him with a flower vase, he thought we were loan sharks.""What?!" Jack was surprised by his subordinate's statement, he
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Chapter 10
Liliana was clearly shocked when she saw Viona's mother kneeling under her feet, not only there, Viona also did the same thing as her mother."Madam, please forgive me. I didn't mean to hurt your subordinates," said Viona seriously while holding Liliana's leg with her mother.Liliana felt that there was a misunderstanding between them, the middle-aged woman hurriedly asked the mother and child to stand up."Why are you doing thisI came here to pick you up to come to my son's welcoming party? Why are you guys like this?" asked Liliana as she supported the two of them to their feet."My lady... uh, what did you say?" Viona asked, shocked by Mrs. Alagar's statement.Liliana smiled, rubbing the top of Viona's head gently. "I came here to pick you up, I was curious about the girl my son likes, it turns out he made the right choice, you are very beautiful."Viona was stunned for a moment, blinked her eyes, looked at Liliana who was smiling kindly at her. She was confused as to why suddenly
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