Chapter 46: Reunion

“Bye, Rael, I’ll go to the girl dorm now.”

“En, see you tomorrow.”

Aria and I both parted our ways, in this school, students must stay at school dormitory, one of the professors give me a card number and she says that it is my room number, in that room I will have a partner.

So, it would be hard for me to sneak without my roommate noticing my disappearance.

While walking, I think about all of the information that my Shadow squad gathered in this kingdom, and it seems that something interesting is happening.

Mikheil Van Morteneyrs

Crown Prince of Alberyl Kingdom

Also, the first Capturing Target of the game.


It was truly unexpected, I should warn the others, I don’t have enough information on him but whatever he was, I should remain clueless.

What I am looking forward to is to have a reunion of the Villainess of the game.

I wonder how she look like now.

I shake my head, I feel like an idiot thinking of someone that might already forgotten me, I don’t even know if she
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