Villainous Sect Leader
Villainous Sect Leader
Author: Peace


I was someone who didn't believe in those tales 

when we were gathered in a group by the teachers and told of the stories of people who were transmigrated to different words and lives wether in books or virtual worlds I was never among 

I was the odd ball around my school 

the kid who was always alone and never interacted to others wether in social groups or not but this...

just because I shouted out that I didn't believe you had to do this to ME!


no less... 

but no you couldn't transfer me to maybe a cool world or one with actual modern civilization 

You just had to take me to the world of 'URSA' 

A mobile RPG game loved by all and when I say all I mean all, even my niece was obsessed with it and she was only 7


yeah that's how much they loved it, it was so loved that our teacher brought it as a project 

so.. yeah... 

I was forced to play it...

and you can guess I Hated IT! 

which can of game allows the villain to be humiliated like that 

OK... I can't lie the villain was a piece of shit but the hero was very far off 

The villain stole and plotted against the hero like how it should be but to get stripped naked, whipped and then beheaded in front of all the congregation to see is just 


And it's not like he lasted for even 5 episodes in the Game

in all the 159 episodes, he lasted for only 5 episodes

The story literally begin with his crimes and ways to his execution 

why would children love such a game and why would they even make them for kids 

the mindset of these people....

So thanks to me badmouthing the game I woke up here IN THE GAME

And Not just as some random character, 

See a random character would be better than what I Got

Graeta Sih...

The Villain....


Are the Gods mocking me or something!

I woke up on my way to be executed and humiliated and now.. I'm stuck.. 


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