Villainous Sect Leader

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Villainous Sect Leader

By: Peace OngoingSystem

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An Introverted but brilliant person was forced to play a game he hates as a school project And when I say hate I mean Hate to the extent he cursed the game and its developers But the gods must hate him as he wakes up in a world he only saw through a screen He must survive and strive in this world of ancient powers And just before I forget "Your Majesty should I prepare the hall for the Grand Sect meeting in the afternoon" "........" "As is it you that is hosting it would be best to give them the lotus hall as a sign of good relation" "........" "Sect Leader...." "is there something not to your liking" "Sect Leader Sih.. " A SECT LEADER!!!

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Transmigration....?I was someone who didn't believe in those tales when we were gathered in a group by the teachers and told of the stories of people who were transmigrated to different words and lives wether in books or virtual worlds I was never among I was the odd ball around my school the kid who was always alone and never interacted to others wether in social groups or not but this...just because I shouted out that I didn't believe you had to do this to ME! less... but no you couldn't transfer me to maybe a cool world or one with actual modern civilization You just had to take me to the world of 'URSA' A mobile RPG game loved by all and when I say all I mean all, even my niece was obsessed with it and she was only 77..!yeah that's how much they loved it, it was so loved that our teacher brought it as a project so.. yeah... I was forced to play it...and you can guess I Hated IT! which can of game allows the villain to be humiliated like that OK..
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Ch 1: Council Of Elders
'Cool and calm''Cool and calm...''I should be calm, it's not like this is the end of the world or something''I can get passed this..''it's just'"HOW BARBARIC OF YOU TO INSIST SUCH RUBBISH!""DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO SITS IN THE THRONE OF THE SECT LEADER!" shouted Elder Bryon agitated [Elder Bryon: Minster Of Finance, Controls the Intake Flow of Money into The Sect, Also The Chief Head Of Servants]We view out and see ourselves in a big hall designed with pillars, it had small tables and flat cushions placed at each side which was occupied with people dressed in ancient clothing of light purple the symbol of their sect was a a blue lotus which was designed at the edges of their garment The participants in the hall were all the Elders of the sect as each sat cross-legged with food and a bottle of alcohol placed on each of their tablesIt was a standstill as agruement flew from right to left putting the quiet hall into chaos, men where shouting and banging their tables just to get
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Ch 2: The New RPG Game
"Don!" "Jacksin Don!" came a voice from afar as the black mob of hair turns right placing the classroom door as we see a blonde boy stops at the entrance of the door before making his way towards him at top speed as he holds his phone in his right hand and wave with the left smiling all the way "yo! Don" said the boy with a glint to his smile[Jacksin Don: Age 18, Introverted but brilliant, likes keeping to himself, parents went abroad and left his niece with him, a part timer and game lover, our protagonist]Don just stared at the boy before dropping his head back into the table with the acknowledgement returning to his disturbed sleep, he looked bored as he turned back to the open window facing away from the class"Good morning bro""....""you look as discarded as before""hey... ""need a little company" said the blonde boy as he waved his red samsung phone around "Go away.." said Don muffled, the blonde moves closer and dropped Into the nearest seat crossing his leg as he plac
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Ch 3: Family Video Call
Don hands were typing on the computer as the video call screen appears, he stopped and stretched on the couch waiting for his little niece to return 'what's taking her so long''did she fall down by accident' thought DonClank!Slash! Slash!'Huh what's that sound''sounds like fighting' thought Don as he turned towards the kitchen, he waited to see what the sound was but as it got silent he proceeded to stand when "Brother!""What's this""it's cool" shouted an excited Nia as she runs to her brothers side holding Mike phone, she stops just before reaching him and points to the screen of a fight scene "Nia where did you get that?" asked Ye tan as he reached out and took the phone from her, she looked sad as Don switched off the screen and placed the phone in his pocket "brother... ""can I play it" asked Nia"sorry sweetie but""the phone belongs to Mike""he forgot it in class so I'm returning it to him tomorrow" stated Don as he sat back on the couch "but... But...!" "I reall
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Ch 4: Game Turned Project
Bell Ringing! "settle down class" "as you all know your submission of your semester project is coming up so we need you all in top shape""the decision of which object would be used as your project has not yet been decided yet so you all can have a peace of mind" Stated the homeroom teacher as everybody let out a breath 'are I semesters project that hard''they look like theirs been saved from the devil' thought the old teacher as he looked at his class, a stern look appeared on his face as he noticed one of his student tampering with their phone 'Distractions'"I envy those that do have some kind of self resolve but to play games in my class is unaccepted even if the lecture brings you boredom I do not accept such discipline in a place of learning, you can do this when out home but not here" said the teacher as he moved slowly to the student before plucking the phone from their hand and holding it up for all to see"you can get this back from me after a visit to your principles o
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Ch 5: Game Walk-through
"Welcome To URSA"'The World You Choose' appeared on Don computer screen as we see him in his room, it was a normal high school student room but in place of a desk of books was his PC setup, the room was dark as only the monitor screen lit up a small quarter of his room and his reflection, the window showed that it was also night time as the moon hung in the sky over head all"The world you choose?" 'childish''Really a kids game' thought Don as he pressed the play button "Please Input A Name" showed on the screen "A name?""......""Kiel" typed Don on the name bar as he then proceeded to press enter the screen change to black with blue glow designs as an empty character appear in the center standing on a blue radiating circle "Design your Character""You Have The Right To Design Your Character Anyhow With Our Customation System Available For Your Use""It Can Be Big Or Small, Man Or Woman, Alien Or Supernatural Let Your Mind Run Free" showed up pointing to the empty character an
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Ch 6: Game Finish And Request
"Episode 5""Game Ended""Character Has Been Executed""Switching Character....""Pls Choose A Different Role" Bang! 'are you kidding me!''5 episodes!''that's how long he lasted''Just five episodes...''which kind of villain is that''it looked more like a side character that appears only in few chapters and then kicked out of the game indefinatly never to be seen again until needed as a cannon fodder''but this.. Is just straight up rubbish''shouldn't a villain be more brutal and cunning' 'and I don't know... Maybe last till he can't fight no more or get his crimes announced''.......''Sure that did happen but not right at the start''They only gave him five scenes of evil and then his execution''given his personality and backstory he doesn't even act like a villain''more like a kid trying to gain attention from his parents'Huff.. Thought Don as he looked ready at the verge of throwing his table and PC out the window "that would explain why the character is restricted""
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Ch 7: Discussion And Headaches
'so.. How was it? asked Mike as Don sat down on his seat dropping his bag beside the edge of the table as he rested his head on the table something his been doing regularly these day "......""what about it?" asked Don sleepy "I know I shouldn't ask but...""you were stopped by THE Tish Hais""uhuh?" "you don't get it do you""Tish Hais is the most hardest and roughest girl in our class""the complete opposite of her sister Miss Hais" said Mike dreamy as he day dream of the sweet Miss Hais and her Feisty sister as the two stand on opposite side of evil and good "....""why are you in our class again" "nothing of interest in yours""......" asked Don Mike turned back to the board as a student was seen cleaning the board as another arrange the teacher table "what's going on today""why are student jumping around so much" asked Don as he flicked one of his eyes to see the commotion "of course""Miss Hais is teaching today"'The class Queen'"I thought she didn't teach in classes"
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Ch 8: Villain Confrontation
Banging!...Banging!...Banging!...."You Vile Criminal!... OPEN UP This Instant!" shouted a voice as we see ourselves in a historical setting, a small cottage was placed in the center of a small garden that had other big ancient houses settled at the sides as a big wall was fenced around them as seen from the side wet clothes of different design were hunged on a straight steel rope hanging from the tip of a bamboo stick as multiple ones were places beside it as the wind blows the different pattern coloured clothes sideways giving us a calm auroma which was soon destroyed by a big bang on the door a fourth time We stand outside a brown door as a group of people dressed in red that looked like soldiers with their spear and metal cap were standing in a straight two line as the center was left for an heavy ancient dressed man in dark purple, he looked irritated as two soldiers bang at the wooden door"Coming Sir" came a voice from behind as we go in and follows the back of a person dres
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Ch 9: Realization
'Ahh... ''Uh.. My head' thought Graeta Sih as he seemed to wake from his slumber as he rubbed his head with a pained groaned as he moved to get up before stopping to look around 'Huh?''was I crying?' thought Sih as he wiped the tears from his eyes 'where am I?' 'this place doesn't look familiar' thought Sih as he looked around the place and then up noticing that it was night time 'night time... ''wasn't it afternoon when I was on the rooftop''.......''THE ROOFTOP!''Mike and Tish''wasn't I with them when I fell''why aren't they here''and where is here?' thought Don as it was now identified that the person inside the body of Graeta Sih was non other than Don 'Huh?...''why does this place look familiar?' 'it kind of look like the prison scene the villain was locked in awaiting for his execution' thought Don as he looked grossed out 'I never liked that scene...''but for a prison design this good the developers really put their all into his execution''it's as if it broug
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