The Final Escape in The City

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The Final Escape in The City

By: Arterplayer Updated just nowMystery/Thriller

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Eden, 20 years old, a boy from Mexico city who lives in hardships and misfortunes after Pablo, a Mexican Mafia comes to his life and destroys it. Eden is on the street surrounded by the group of Pablo's bodyguards, getting beaten after he refuses to participate in the MMA underground match which Pablo arranged in order to return his money back after he lost it on betting. The lives of Eden and his family get tougher and tougher everyday until Eden decides to escape Mexico city and goes to the US in order to search for a new peaceful life together with his family. After Eden achieves success in the US, he decides to return back to Mexico city, vowing for revenge for what Pablo has done as a new CEO of Metrodrink Juice factory in Mexico city. The battle between Eden and Pablo gets intense to the higher point after Pablo finds out that Eden got her daughter pregnant while she was still studying in the US. Will Eden accomplish his goal for revenge or will Pablo crush Eden Again?.

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1. Prologue
PROLOUGE For several years Mexico City has been having a lot of drug cartels around the city. Some of which are owned by the biggest landlords in Mexico City as for others which are owned by the biggest politicians and business men around the country. The only thing that keeps this business to continue grooming as the time goes is through the profit that it brings to the people who does it, the profit that has changed a lot of living conditions of the Mafia's groups around the city of Mexico. It's Feb 1st dark in the night. The arena's led lights illuminate the Arena compound everywhere while the screaming sound echoes inside the compound’s ground all the way around with the great energy and anticipation that people have around the Arena. Pablo and his friends are at their chairs sitting beside the fighting ground stage, discussing business as the MMA fighting match goes on inside the compound, accompanied with the screams of the chanting fans around the fighting Arena. Pablo has
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2. Fighting Ban
"Give us the money right now!" One of the thieves exclaims at Ricardo, wearing a black mask on his face while pointing his pistol on Ricardo's head. "Please!, Please don't do this to me… I don't have any money left up to now" Ricardo says with a shaking voice as his hand trembles while darting his eyes at the thieves. "Don't lie to me or else," The thieves cocks his gun and put on Ricardo's head. "I'm gonna blow your head off right now!" The restaurant's customer whimpers at the restaurant dining as some of the customers are under their tables hiding from the thieves while others are on the floor lying down on the ground with terror filled on their faces. "Okay!, Okay!. Don't shoot me please!. I'm going to give you the money that you want right now" Ricardo exclaims with a shaking voice. "Okay, hurry up!. I'm waiting for you here“ The thief says. Ricardo stands up from the ground and goes to the restaurant's counter's table and pulls the table's draw open, checking the money as
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3. School fees
School fees The sun is rising, the cars are moving as it is a brand new day at Magdalena’s high school. The students are in a rush running towards their classes with their bags on their back after being late for class time. The teachers are on the stairs walking heading to their offices after arriving at school while talking to each other on their way as they steps upward the stairs. Eden slows down his car after arriving at school parking lot, parking his car to the right position and kills off his car engine as soon as his parks his car. Eden and his sisters opens the car doors and drops off from the car while Isabella and Rachel wears their bags properly on their back, preparing to go to classes. “This headmaster of this school is going to kill me with a lot of stress today!. Now what is the point of this changes that they are making at this school, huh?. I better find a better school for my daughter soon” A man on his phone speaks besides the parking lot with a frowned look on
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4. Eden's restaurant visit
Eden's restaurant visit The man holding a box of pizza on his hand storms inside the restaurant, the customer’s at the restaurant dining looks at him with terror covering their face as the man darts his way to the restaurant’s counter with the grimace look on his face. At the time the man arrives at the restaurant‘s counter, he then drops off the box of pizza on the counter top abruptly, causing the waiters at the restaurant to glace each other while furrowing their brows. "I need to speak with your boss right now!. Where is he?!" The customer exclaims, looking on every corner of the restaurant searching for Ricardo’s presence while burning with anguish inside his heart. George holds up his hand and smiles."Please calm down Mr. There is no need to panic and shouting out loud around here. What can we help you with Mr.?" George asks. "What kind of service does your restaurant offer, huh?,” The customer opens up the box of pizza on the counter top and then shows it to the waitress,
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5. Thieves attack.
Thieves attacks The sun is setting; the dark is spreading as night begins to spread around Mexico City while the cars moves in speed as people returns back to their homes after a long day of work. Joyce is inside the kitchen with her wooden stick stirring the pot as she prepares the meals for her family to eat as the time on the clock reads 7:30 pm. The kitchen’s room is spread with the smell of the peppers inside the kitchen’s room, spreading across the room causing the feeling of irritation on Joyce’s nose. The bowls are on the top of the kitchen’s table with different ingredients inside, waiting to be toasted at the pot for the preparation of the meal as Joyce stirs the meals with her wooden cooking stick at the pot on the kitchen’s gas stove. The food smells delicious as Joyce sniffs her nose with a smile on her face as she stirs her wooden stick inside the pot. “Isabella! ,Isabella!” Joyce calls her daughter from the kitchen as she takes the bowls resting on the top of the t
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6. A new Job
A NEW JOB. Joyce and her children are at the dining room waiting for Eden to arrive back home as they are all scared of what might have happen to Eden since he hasn’t returned home yet. Joyce tries to reach Eden through his phone as she tries harder to call him but unfortunately Eden’s phone is not reachable which makes Joyce more worried about Eden’s safety after being attacked by the thieves on the last encounter. “His phone is not reachable. I don’t know what might have happened to him.”, Joyce speaks with Panic.“Did you try calling his friend Andrew and ask him about where Eden might be?.”, Isabella asks.“I talked to him a few minutes ago and he told me that Eden left the restaurant a while ago.”, Joyce replies.Joyce sighs and speaks, “ I don’t know what I’m going to do right now. I hope nothing bad happens to him.”The silence follows around the dining room as everyone is quiet while waiting for Eden to arrive back home safely. The foods are at the table waiting to be eate
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7. The gunfight
The gunfightElias is inside his bedroom wearing his Nike T. Shirt after finishing taking a shower from his bathroom as he is prepares himself to go to the his training at the gym as his daily routine. The time is 7:30 am in the morning. The time for everyone around the city to go to work and perform their duties as per scheduled in their offices.As the time Elias prepares himself to go to practice inside his room while he is in his closet looking for a Jeans. Shortly his phone rings on the top of his bed as he still standing at the closet. When Elias hears his phone ringing on the top of his table, he then decides to go straight to his bed and picks up his phone immediately as soon as he caught his phone on his hand. "Hello.", Elias speaks."Hi Elias. How are you doing today?.", Thomas asks."I'm doing great thanks.""Elias. There is something that i want to tell you but first I'm begging you to listen to me very carefully for what I’m gonna say. Okay?.", Thomas speaks.Elias raise
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8. Mary in panic
Mary in panicMary is at the sitting room walking around while carrying her phone on her hand as she tries hard to call her husband’s phone but unfortunately fails to reach him since his phone is not reachable. It has been so long since Pablo left home for work which makes Mary start questioning while wondering what might have happened to her husband. Mary looks anxious and distress as she is worried about her husband’s safety a lot since he hasn’t returned home yet and it’s running really late. “Where could Pablo be at this time?, Why Isn’t he picking up his phone?.’, Mary asks herself questions in her inner thoughts with a dismay look on her face as she walks around the sitting room.Mary sighs and speaks, “I hope nothing bad happens to him.”When Mary is tired of walking, she decides to go to the nearby coach and to sits down and rest.Mary bends down her head and facepalm, looking so stressed out since it’s 3:00am in the morning and her husband is nowhere to be found after he l
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9. Pablo at the hospital
Pablo at the hospital“Doctor, How is my patient’s condition?.”, James asks.The doctor opens up his notebook pages while passing through the records as he checks the patient’s records, “Well, The patient is doing great actually. The bullets that he was shot by they just only left some minor injuries that’s all.”, Doctor replies while looking at his notebook.James sighs with relief and exclaims, “Thank you lord.”“So doctor!. When is my patient going to be discharged from the hospital?.”, James asks with curiosity.“I think by today in the evening he will ready to go.”, The doctor replies.“Okay thank you so much doctor for your help.”The doctor replies, “No problem.”The doctor closes his notebook and decides to leave the ward room, leaving James standing by himself as he looks at Pablo lying down on the bed unconscious. Shortly after the time passes, James decides to go to the nearest chair and sits down on the chair that is besides the room.“Thank God that Pablo is alive. Now I
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10. Alexandra in panic
Alexandra in Panic.Alexandra is walking besides the pool outside his house on repeat while looking nervous and scared after finding out that Pablo is still alive since he thought Pablo was dead a long time ago after he shot him at the sea shore while they were discussing on the business. As Alexandra walks around the pool, the wind starts to blow towards his direction which causes his shirt to sway violently by the pressure of the wind while wearing shorts. In few moments while Alexandra is walking besides the pool while thinking about his problems. Shortly one of his bodyguard passes besides the pool."Mateo!, Mateo!.", Alexandra calls Mateo on repeat as soon as he sees him passing besides the pool.As soon as Mateo hears his boss’s call, he then decides to go to his boss in order to listen to what he is going to say."Hello sir. How can I help you?.", Mateo speaks with a smile on his face as soon as he arrives to his boss."Listen I want you to tell your fellows that they should b
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