Become Almighty with Super Crazy System

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Become Almighty with Super Crazy System

By: NFA OngoingSystem

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Desmond Emmanuel is an orphaned son-in-law who is constantly underestimated, belittled and always humiliated because he is poor and looks ordinary; his wife even cheated in front of him and she ended the relationship. But a shocking event happened when Desmond was at his lowest point. *** [Ding!] [Super Crazy System successfully installed!] "It's time to Become Almighty!"

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  • elvira banganan


    Author please distinguish women to men. You always say she when it is a he and he when it is a she. Please correct while you are only in chapter 10.

    2024-02-24 09:48:49
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10 chapters
Chapter 1
"Desmond! Where's my shirt!" scolded Wrenley, Desmond's wife."Just a minute, darling! I'm in the kitchen preparing breakfast!" said Desmond, who was in the kitchen.Wrenley shouted again, "Hurry up, Desmond! I'll be late!"Desmond rushed to his room first, preparing his wife's clothes. The man was deftly preparing his wife's clothes for work while Wrenley was still in the bathroom.After finishing preparing his wife's clothes, he returned to the kitchen. Desmond was surprised when the eggs he cooked burnt because he forgot to switch off the stove earlier when he left."That's bad; I'll get mad at Mum," Desmond muttered softly."What's the matter?!" scolded his father-in-law behind Desmond.Desmond swallowed; he turned his head slowly, and sure enough, his mother-in-law was already behind him. He smiled bitterly when he saw his mother-in-law.Her mother-in-law leaned over and got angry when she saw that the eggs Desmond had cooked were burnt."Already living off the land, you're wasti
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Chapter 2
Tom grinned as he saw Desmond lunging towards him; he wasn't afraid because Desmond couldn't fight.Smack! Smack!! Smack!!!Instead of being able to hit Tom, Desmond was severely beaten; his face was so battered that he might have died if there had been no merchant to stop Tom."Pooh! Dogs like you will always be rubbish! Let's go!" taunted Tom before asking his subordinates to leave.Desmond's regular greengrocer pulled him to his feet, "Go home, don't push yourself next time."Desmond just nodded while enduring the pain; he picked up his groceries, and all the people in the market, instead of pitying Desmond, stared at the man disgustedly.Desmond was so used to their stares that he didn't care, so he returned to the house with stumbling steps.***Arriving home, Desmond put his groceries away and lightly treated his bruises with an ice pack.Desmond's life is very painful, but he also has no choice but to survive, even though sometimes despair appears in his mind.After compressing
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Chapter 3
The Super Crazy System Desmond obtained would guide the man to become rich and powerful in Aradonia, Mirenze Country.Not only that, Desmond also has an evolved brain and body; in other words, Desmond is now not an ordinary human, especially with the presence of the Super Crazy System; Desmond's life will certainly change drastically.The balance that the System provides is also a fantastic amount; if the whole world knows about his balance, Desmond is the richest person in the world.Desmond arrives at the Primrose hotel in soaking wet and filthy clothes that everyone there looks at him with disgust, and Security even stops him from entering the hotel."Stop!" cried Security as he chased after Desmond and grabbed his arm.Desmond rolled his eyes lazily; this was what he disliked about people; they only looked at someone based on their appearance."What are you doing here!" scolded the security guard."I've booked a room here. Is it wrong for me to go inside?" asked Desmond lazily.Se
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Chapter 4
Desmond told the taxi driver to go to the nearest bank as he would set up his bank account.The system suddenly gave Desmond a notification in his mind.[Sir, I have prepared your identity card and five thousand dollars to set up a bank account, all in the inside pocket of your suit]"Thank you, System," she replied with a smile.With just one thousand dollars, Desmond could have set up a bank account, but the System knew that Desmond needed more money to pay for taxis and other sudden needs.The Super Crazy System will always prepare Desmond's plans; Desmond's job is only to obey the Plan, and then all his wishes will come true.The taxi arrived in front of a bank, and Desmond spent a hundred dollars to pay for a taxi that should have been fifty dollars."Sir, more money," the taxi driver admonished."Just for you," he replied with a smile."Thank you very much, sir," said the taxi driver again excitedly.Desmond simply raised his hand as he walked into the Bank.Because he looked so
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Chapter 5
Desmond took a taxi back. He planned to buy a mobile phone, but on the way, he saw a car showroom holding an exhibition of the latest cars."Sir, stop right there!" Desmond admonished the driver.The taxi driver nodded in understanding and turned towards the car show. Desmond got out of the taxi immediately after paying the fare.The system stopped him as he was about to step into the showroom.[Wait a minute, sir, your ATM card has reached its limit. Let me make a Blackcard for you first before you buy anything else]Desmond nodded in understanding because ordinary ATM cards do have a limit, unlike Blackcard, which can be set in such a way according to the needs of its users.With the data that Desmond has entered into the bank, the system easily processes the BlackCard creation; in just seconds, the system has created a Black Card for Desmond.[Sir, your ATM card has been changed to a Black Card, please go shopping]Desmond smiled, "Thank you, System."Desmond casually walked into t
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Chapter 6
Desmond, who realised he did not have any clothes and the clothes he wore were also gifts from the hotel, headed to a shopping centre in Aradonia with his car.Everyone who knew Desmond's car stared in awe of the car, as it was the only car Desmond had in the city of Aradonia."System, guide me to buy good quality clothes!" ordered Desmond as his car pulled into the shopping centre's parking lot.[Yes, Mr Emmanuel]Desmond smiles, with the Super Crazy System telling him everything he doesn't know; it will be easier to buy quality goods before he starts distinguishing the best items with his evolved mind.Desmond parked his car; he put his files in the car without worrying about losing them because he was sure that such a large shopping centre had good security.Desmond got out of the car and walked straight into the shopping centre.So many people are walking around, and the expensive items in the shops add to the glamour of the shopping centre.Desmond smiled, adjusted his suit and h
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Chapter 7
Desmond was certain that the four people who came over to him were subordinates of the arrogant woman just now."How dare you touch Madam!" said one of the bodyguards.Desmond's guess was correct; the four bodyguards were the woman's guards; he could only shake his head."It's always like this: I'm humiliated if I'm not underestimated. Is my face that bad?" muttered Desmond softly.The four personal bodyguards were so irritated that they snapped at Desmond, but the man they snapped at was muttering to himself.One of the men was about to grab Desmond by the collar, but somehow, Desmond's hand reflexively grabbed the man's arm and threw him to the floor.Whack!"Aaarghh!" The man roared in pain, while Desmond was confused that he could suddenly fight easily.His comrades certainly did not accept their friend being defeated so easily that the three of them came forward together.Desmond was being held by two people, one of whom was about to punch Desmond in the face, but Desmond pulled
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Chapter 8
Desmond walked around the house; he admired every corner of it; to him, it was a beautiful gift.Desmond sat on the balcony of the main room on the second floor. It just so happened that the balcony led to a large land and a lake, making his eyes feel very comfortable."How wonderful life would be if I had been like this all along," she murmured as she gazed at the view from the balcony.[Sir, I've got the servants; they'll probably start working tomorrow]Desmond nodded in understanding, "Good then, System, explain more about yourself!"[I'm sorry, sir, but I can't disclose that information to you!]Desmond frowned, "What do you mean, isn't everything I ask and want you to fulfil?"[That's right, sir, but I can't talk about this one, so it's better to abort your intention, but I will serve you well!]Desmond sighed, "Well, anyway, can you find an easy business for me?" Desmond asked with certainty.[Yes, Sir, I have found a company about to collapse. I guarantee the company will rise
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Chapter 9
The Morris family's men spread out to find Desmond's whereabouts and were not allowed to bring Desmond with any injuries. Of course, this makes the Morris family's men confused; how can they bring people without hurting them?Meanwhile, Desmond, who had made Dutton his assistant, told Dutton to start reorganising the company that System had bought.The two were already in front of the company that the System bought."I trust you with everything; take it easy; I'll help you from behind. Go!" ordered Desmond as he tapped Dutton on the shoulder."Mr Emmanuel, can I be a real man later?" Dutton is still unconcerned."Trust me, you can do it; take it easy; I've got your back! Already, get in; I still have a lot to do!" Desmond slightly pushed Dutton to get out of his car.Dutton got out of the car, took a deep breath and then let it out; he confidently entered the company. Desmond, who saw that, smiled. With Dutton as his assistant, he was sure he did not need to handle the company alone,
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Chapter 10
Desmond obediently followed the Morris family's escort car. He didn't suspect them because the Super Crazy System didn't warn him either.While Zach immediately contacted his master. he said he had managed to find Desmond.Jackson was naturally delighted. The middle-aged man was quick to tell his daughter."Father?" asked Aurora excitedly."There's no way I'd lie to my favourite daughter," he replied, hugging his son.Aurora smiled and hugged her father back with a meaningful grin.Aurora thought she could control Desmond however she wanted. But Aurora doesn't realise she's dealing with a man who isn't her usual self.***After some time, the car carrying Desmond arrived at the Morris family residence.The house is like a palace, so even the village cannot be compared to Jackson Morris' house.Desmond gazed in awe at the palace-like house as he exited his car. The servants also greeted him kindly as he was led by Zach into the house."Good job, Zach!" a voice suddenly interrupted from
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