Dark Universe System

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Dark Universe System

By: Jibu OngoingSystem

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Lucian Matis was a traveler of a world where magical creatures are made. He Kevin and Adam who helped him settle in this world. Lucian liked this world because it was full of things he didn't know. He was killed by a blue demon dragon because it was his first assignment, This made him Lucian come back to life. Later, Lucian found out that he had been reborn on earth to help him get ready for the The Dark Universe mission. Something bad was waiting behind the curtain. It was found that there was a crack that let to the Dark Universe. This is a world where strange beings who could destroy the earth lived. On the other hand, Lucian's past experience will be used to build a copy of the Dark Universe that will be used to teach new recruits. This system is called the Earth Protection System. Chips were put into the brains of hosts while the Earth's Protection System was being built. Members of the earth's defender mission must now be ready for the future and have a plan to help them grow and get ahead.

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  • Yahya


    interesting story

    2022-07-05 03:05:27
  • Neenarh


    I like this story's set up

    2022-07-17 17:05:06
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177 chapters
Chapter 1
chapter one Adorned with multicolored illuminating sculptures, a bright sign was also illuminated by the building, "This way, That way, Another way", Lyrically, he whispered it to himself gently. Looking down the block while sitting comfortably in the bus, he realized he was close home. The thrill began as soon as he senses the familiarity of being near a place where he grew up. It was as if nothing had changed since he left. The familiar sensation arose in front of him, a jumble of seats and tables with people seated, people who vigorously romped on a platform, illuminated by bright multicolored disco light. . He turned around to see Synder seated in the corner. The server's table from the front. A location that held many of their memories. Lucian Matis is a young man in his early twenties. He is about average height, has fair skin, and has dark brown hair with spiky ends. He was a muscular man with toned muscles. When they have spare time, Lucian Matis and Synder Smith are used t
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Chapter 2
Lucian grandmother was sitting next to him in the ambulance. Suddenly, She got up and looked at her son's face in shock as she panicked and tried to get back in control. She taps his hands as tears start to fall out of nowhere. "Lucian," she said in a whisper, expecting him to answer quickly like he always does."Please sit down, Ma'am. We're doing our best, and everything will be fine," the nurse told Lucian's grandmother as she quickly join them back as they tried to save Lucian life.The ambulance stopped all of a sudden. The emergency care service came out quickly and took Lucian away on a stretcher. Lucian granny ran with them as they took him, scratching her head as she watched her only surviving family member being rushed to the patient room."Please be strong for me, my dear ," she begged Lucian . The nurses hurried him to the patient room. As soon as he was inside, Lucian granny stood outside and watched as doctors rushed in to help.Watching as the doctors try to bring him b
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Chapter 3
"Hello, gentleman," the secretary said to Synder as soon as he walked through the hospital door.She smiled at him and said, "Welcome back."Inquiringly, "Do you see blood?" She asked Synder whether he had been bleeding all along. It had gotten his attention and scared him. His proximity to her made it possible for her to conduct a thorough examination of him."Oh! It's just a minor cut, come closer and I'll apply this spirit and you'll be fine." The secretary said. Ointment was administered, and the blood was removed."Hmm, I've been keeping an eye out for you," the secretary said. Please find enclosed your deposit for Lucian Matis' Operation". Synder received the piece of paper that she had passed him.Synder picked up the document and thanked the secretary for washing his wound as he left the office. He tried to look up the specifics of the procedure, the payment had been made in full. He wondered aloud whether this was the medical issue Jack's neighbor had been referring to when s
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Chapter 4
Planet RombusLucian paused, completely taken aback by the simplicity of the space that had been revealed in the absence of the blue box that had been obstructing his vision. The sanitized white hospital room was vanihed, and in its place was something that looked like a dorm room...? It had a little hole in it. A little bed with a nightstand, a sparse desk, a small dresser, and two closed doors–one next the bed and one across the room–were all there was.That was the end of it. There were no machinery keeping him alive, no pipes pumping anything into his arms or checking his pulse. Instead of disinfection, his nose was filled with a subtle sense of cedar and herbs.He looked at the pale arms he was holding in front of him in awe. They were frail, yet they appeared to be in good health.Is it true that these are my arms? He turned his hands over and over, watching the play of light pouring in through the window. He puhed the blanket off his legs and sought to stand with a thought. He
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Chapter 5
Lucian looked at the screen in front of him and ignored Justin and Adam for a while. They smiled and waited for him to turn back to them. He made a small frown as he looked at his numbers and then looked at the two of them with a questioning look."Quick question… Do I have it right that the average stat for a normal person is, like, ten?"Justin looked shocked, while Adam smiled in agreement. "You're right! How did you find out?“Oh… I just guessed...". All of the average human's stats were 10, but he had four that were 1-2 points below that. He had three stats that were "above average" out of the seven he had. He was pretty happy with how smart he was, though. But since it was one of the few things that seemed to be the same as in his old life, well... It was the only thing he had a real chance to work on.He didn't know what to do, use the luck stat, however. Was it luck that he had to spend time in his life in bed? But still... He was here with a new body, wasn’t he? Perhaps his l
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Chapter 6
As Lucian moved behind Kevin and Adam, the alarm rang, "Bzzzt Bzzzt Bzzzt.""What's going on, and what's that noise?" the sound pained Lucian's ears, he inquired as to what was causing it."That is the emergency alarm sound and It appears there is a problem," Adam said to Kevin. This alarm signified they were being summoned to the parade as Rhombus' guardians army.As they began to sprint with Lucian to the ground the rest of Rhombus's residents fled in a flurry to safety.Kevin said, "Yes, we have to report to parade asap."Soon, Lucian saw others dressed in the Guardian uniform coming out of their apartment to join them on their way to the parade.The light azure sky was painted by the frosty sky. Snowflakes, or little white specks as they were known to man, swayed in the breeze, slowly dismounting and gilding the soil with their magnificent beauty.As the grains collided with the dirt, a chaotic display of snowy avalanches erupted into the frigid atmosphere, producing a spectacular
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Chapter 7
The dragon, encased in the blue barrier, extended its mew, unleashing a sea of lethal electric shocks that poured into the barrier's walls.The flurry of the diverging snakes of lightning that tortured the barrier, impaired in an instant, then gradually vanished like a disappearing flame. The three men all confirmed the incident before delivering the notification Lucian had been waiting for."The dragon's power has been diminished.""Young lord, do it.""Deliver the fatal blow."Listening to their messages, Lucian ran forward slowly, and as he approached the obstruction, he swiveled down at the dragon's head.Lucian's zooming silhouette was reflected in the dragon's eyes before his sword impacted its head. "rooooooooooooooar." When the enormous creature felt a splitting twinge on its skull, it reflexively retreated its head, its talons scraping on the torn ground, leaving an extended claw mark.Lucian rapidly made another movement with his sword, aiming at the creature's long neck, bu
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Chapter 8
Lucian and Synder, as usual, they gathered at their favorite spot. In a departure from their usual conversation, Synder decided to inquire about his trance. Random facts regarding what had happened suddenly filled Lucian consciousness, as if to answer Synder inquiry."As a result, I recall being hit by a truck. After that, I reincarnated into another universe, wondering what I was doing there and, if I hadn't died in the accident, what was I doing here? This is not my hometown."The waiter interrupted them, asking what they wanted to eat, while Lucian was distracted.Synder quickly gave them their customary order."We were taught to hunt wild creatures in order to save our planet and the entire universe. This is something I've been meaning to tell you. I'm tired of this existence; while it's interesting here, it's tedious for someone like me who used to live in a planet where I hunted mighty animals and fought wars."Having lost interest in Everything that was happening, Synder concen
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Chapter 9
Lucian awoke early as usual . He preferred to do his morning workout in his room; however he changed his mind and stormed out of the room. He dashed in and out of the bathroom in a jiffy. Did a little workout a bit and dress up immediately. He barged out of his room in hesitation.He can't wait to hear the news; perhaps it has anything to do with his reason for being here.Dashing through the staircase he headed straight to the parlor."Where are you running off to, my boy?""Do you think there's a problem?" When he met up with his grandma in the parlor, she reprimanded him for his rash behavior."Nothing, mama; I'm just going to see Synder." He stepped out of the house after receiving that response.Lucian walked along the alleyway, passing by a diverse group of people going about their daily routines.Lucian didn't bother getting into a car because his friend's house was only few blocks away.Ever since he came out of his trance, he has been walking really quickly. During the time t
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Chapter 10
Lucian couldn't believe the government is ready and the public isn't aware. "It's unlikely to create tension" Lucian Murmured."Are you Lucian Matis?" His sorrow was interrupted by a harsh voice."Yes, may I assist you?" To be honest, Lucian was a little irritated by the guy who had just interrupted him and was about to say something like, 'Where are your manners?' but after seeing the guys' serious business appearance, he immediately lessened his resentment.A large man dressed in a black suit and wearing black sunglasses stood in front of him. He had a tight expression on his face. Two more men, who stood like his subordinates, were following him. They were both dressed in a similar manner to him. The severe domineer that loomed around them, though, made Lucian take them more seriously."Greetings, Mr. Lucian; your services are required elsewhere. Please accompany me. We won't be able to say anything in this room."The man turned around and walked towards the elevator, which was not
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