Ch 7: Discussion And Headaches

'so.. How was it? asked Mike as Don sat down on his seat dropping his bag beside the edge of the table as he rested his head on the table something his been doing regularly these day


"what about it?" asked Don sleepy

"I know I shouldn't ask but..."

"you were stopped by THE Tish Hais"


"you don't get it do you"

"Tish Hais is the most hardest and roughest girl in our class"

"the complete opposite of her sister Miss Hais" said Mike dreamy as he day dream of the sweet Miss Hais and her Feisty sister as the two stand on opposite side of evil and good


"why are you in our class again"

"nothing of interest in yours"

"......" asked Don

Mike turned back to the board as a student was seen cleaning the board as another arrange the teacher table

"what's going on today"

"why are student jumping around so much" asked Don as he flicked one of his eyes to see the commotion

"of course"

"Miss Hais is teaching today"

'The class Queen'

"I thought she didn't teach in classes" asked Don

"she doesn't"

"but for today she made an exception"

"she did a lot guess with Mr Wai as he said she was a female lecturer but had never had a class in our curriculum which prompt her to choose your class" stated Don


"OK she choose it because her little sister attended this class" stated Mike

"thought so" stated Don

"but that doesn't still explain why you're here"

"well today is Thursday"



"what about it"

"Thursday is my free day bro"

"it's a day when we get to choose which class we want to study" said Mike

"and since Miss Hais is teaching here" said Don

"I choose here" confirmed Mike smiling like a new born baby

'great..' thought Don as he rested his head back on the table

"so... I'm here for the day"

"better get used to it"




"stop talking... " stated Don trembling

He raised his hand to rub his head clinging his eyes tight as he seemed to be in pain, he groaned and rolled his head sideways trying to make the pain go away as Mike stopped talking and turned around to face Don as he looked ready at the verge of pain driven

"Hey Don you alright" asked Mike as he moved from his chair and crouched down to Don eye level


"yeah I think so just a little headache" stated Don as he seemed to become more relaxes and raised up from the table to look at Mike

"you sure?" asked Mike as he still looked worried

"yeah I'm sure.."

"I've been having headache since yesterday"

"it's no big deal"


"it's looks like that game is a curse" said Don as Mike looked skeptical and hesitate to move but sooner than later he got up and moved back to his chair shifting closer to Don in case something was to happen

'clingy much'

'but what's this darn headache' thought Don as he placed his hand back to his hair rubbing it as half of his hand disapeared into his mob of black hair

'could it be because of that' thought Don as the scene changed to this morning with Don walking up from bed and reaching for his phone

The day was still dark as his curtain was drawn closed, he looked sleepy as he reached for his phone

'what now?' thought Don as the screen of his phone lit up his face showing us his hair covering half as he groans



"Good Morning Tester"

"Thank You For Being One Of Our Reviewers And First Player"

"Would You Like To Give A Review Of The URSA Game" appeared on his message bar

"A review about the game"

'are you kidding me' thought Don as he picked up his phone and pressed reply relaying

'Don: yeah I do here's a review for you'

'you're game suck, it's good and character graphic are great but the general game suck'

'how can you make a game for kids and make it like an high schooler gameplay'

'the storyline of the character and story is stupid'

'speech in text and fighting design suck'

'even my little niece got bored of it and went off to sleep'

'the unseriousness of this game is unacceptable even for kids to talk about creating future games for teenagers'

'fix your game before talking to me ever again' typed Don as he finished and threw his phone to the side falling back into his sweet bed as he pulls the pillow closer to him

We move back to Present Don as he seemed to cling his eyes close again rubbing in between them as Mike signal him about his health as it seemed through our flashback Miss Hais has already entered the class as she stands next to the board drawing the projection of today class

'I'm fine' mouthed Don to Mike as he waves him away and continue back to the lecture on the board as Tish is seen staring at Don with a concern expression as she seem to have seen him in pain as an idea came to her mind

The bell ring ending the class section as Tish gets up from her chair and moved to Don

"Don..." said Tish as she reached out her hand to grip Don when he seemed hesitate to get up waiting for a few minute with Mike beside him

"yes I know meet you at the rooftop" restated Don as he seemed to try to get up before stilling and rubbing his head

'darn headache' thought Don as the headache seemed to intensify

He moved out as Mike seemed to run after him taking Don bag from the ground as he push open the door for him and followed behind leaving Tish behind

Her concern seemed to grow as she was sure she saw him wobble a little before balancing

'just a headache' thought Tish as she moved out of the classroom and went to the infirmary

"hmm hello... " asked Tish

"yes.. "

"do you need anything or are you hurt anywhere"

"ehmm... "

"I wanted to ask for some medicine for headache" said Tish


"are you having some pain anywhere else" asked the doctor

"No... It's for a friend of mine" stated Tish as she looked shy all of a sudden, stretching her hand behind her as she moves her toe sideways

The scene move to the hallway as it seemed that the just returned from another class, we see Don and Mike climbing up the school stair leading to the rooftop as he cling to the edge just moments away from falling down but was gripped by Mike who moved fast and caught him

"Don!" shouted Mike as his grip seemed to get stronger

"oh that's it"

"you're going to the infirmary this instant!" stated Mike as he start to direct Don from the stair but he gripped the edge stopping Mike movement

"I'm fine.. "

"I have to see her and get this over with" said Don as he gripped his head and wiggled out of Mike grip going back to the stairs and climbing again but was stopped by Mike

"fine.. "

"I know how much you want an answer from her.."

"so.. I'll help"

"but after that.. "

"straight to the infirmary with you"

"no agruement!" stated Mike


"Yes Ma" said Don tauting as he was helped by Mike up the stair

The rooftop door was pulled open as Mike walked out holding Don as they move out to see Tish waiting for them as the wind blow her hair and glows giving her a goddess view as she turns towards them with something in hand

"Don" said Tish as she seemed to move a step forward

"Mike.. "

"I know... You need to do this alone"

"I'll be here waiting" said Mike as he left Don to walk up to Tish alone stopping just a few feet away from her

The few feets was closed by her as she moved closer and brought out a small medicine bag

"here for the headache" said Tish shyly as she waited for Don to take

"thanks" said Don as he took the drugs from her putting them in his pocket

"so... "

"the main reason I called you here is to say..."

'Huh.. '

'what's going on..' thought Don as a wave of pain crashed into him which made him to stagger and gripped his head

"Don!" shouted two voices at the same time but the voices sounded cloudy to him


'It's hurt...

'What's wrong with me...'

'feeling dizzy...' thought Don as he felt as if he was falling, the ground seemed to be getting closer to him as his balance became off but his decend was stopped by a ferm grip which lowered him down to the ground

A scream was heard as his hand gripped tighter to his hair even seeming to pull it

'Huh.. who's scream was that' thought Don as he looked up to the panic expression of both Mike and Tish hovering beside him as his vision fade..


Don't... Want... To... Sleep..

Stay... Awake....

[Restarting Game Setting]

[Initiating Character Personality]

[Character Role Created]



[Game Settings Updated]

[Starting Game... ]


Don eyes finally closed as he seemed to fall into a deep slumber


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