Ch 8: Villain Confrontation




"You Vile Criminal!... OPEN UP This Instant!" shouted a voice as we see ourselves in a historical setting, a small cottage was placed in the center of a small garden that had other big ancient houses settled at the sides as a big wall was fenced around them as seen from the side wet clothes of different design were hunged on a straight steel rope hanging from the tip of a bamboo stick as multiple ones were places beside it as the wind blows the different pattern coloured clothes sideways giving us a calm auroma which was soon destroyed by a big bang on the door a fourth time

We stand outside a brown door as a group of people dressed in red that looked like soldiers with their spear and metal cap were standing in a straight two line as the center was left for an heavy ancient dressed man in dark purple, he looked irritated as two soldiers bang at the wooden door

"Coming Sir" came a voice from behind as we go in and follows the back of a person dressed in servant clothes as he drops on the dirt ground the packet of clothes he was delivering before proceeding to the leave the quarters and run to the gate to open the door but we move back out and see the man turned to shout at his soldiers and then at the door giving them a sign to bring it down

The two soldiers moved apart as another set came with a big lounge getting ready to push the door when it was swinged open

"Sir... "

"can I help you?" asked the servant as we finally see a full view of him

"yes you can"

"take him" said the man as soldiers rushes forward and dragged the servant by cubbing both of his hands


"where are you taking me!" shout-ask the servant as he was pulled away from the cottage and dragged through the ground and then out the big gate

He was pulled out and dragged to a cage carriage where he was dropped inside and locked as he reached for the bars holding them as he stares daggers at the man

"Sire... "

"what.... What's going on.."

"have.... Have I done anything to forsake you" asked the servant as the man didn't even look at him and turned to the driver

"you know where to take him" stated the man as the driver nodded and dragged the rein of the horse as it started moving

"sire... "

"Sire...!" screamed the servant as he was carriaged away

The scene change with him being thrown into a cell as he falls on the floor as a small blue handkerchief fell from him but he didn't seem to notice as by only a minute before quickly getting up to only be meant with the cell door slamming in his face as the soldier lock it tight from the outside dropping to stand guard with another one by his side, the room inside the cell was dark as hell as the only available light was from a small ceiling window that was placed too high for someone to reached and framed by bars at each side

He looked around shouting 'he was innocent' as he bangs at the door begging for them to let him go or tell him what crime he had committed to be brought to this place but... No one answered as only his voice echoed around the room, he banged and banged until he couldn't anymore, he stopped and moved back to the center of the room that the light was on

It reflected on him like a beam shotting from the sky as his crystal blue eyes shined in the dark, he raised one hand up as if trying to reach the sky's when a click was heard as he quickly turned to the door ready to throw himself at the feet of whoever came in just to get out of here but the ones that walked in made him to stop at his feet as his expression turned dark for a moment before quickly being hidden by a scared facade

"Sire.. " stated the servant as he proceeded to bowed before looking up, the people who entered the room where no other than the hero and his sister

The hero had silver light hair that reached his back, his hair was fully down with nothing holding it as he cross his hand behind him, he wore a dark blue and silver garment to match his sliver hair, he was tall but not that tall as his sister reached his shoulder, she also had sliver hair but with a hint of black as she wore light blue garment with a white inner which only reached her kneels and shows her shoes/saddles

"Speak!" shouted the sister as she pointed her sword to the servant

"You Vile Thing!"

"it was a crime for my family to pick you up from the slum!"

"after everything my family had done for you"

"you betray us like this!"

"A mere servant!"

"thinks he can stand beside my big brother and claim what was his in the beginning!"

"What rights do you have!"

"The devil in disguise you disgust me!" stated the sister as she looked ready to murder him as her grip on her sword grow tighter

"I'm sorry... But I don't understand what you mean...sire"

"Pls if I had done something wrong and offended the heads I sincerely beg for forgiveness" stated the servant as he got on his kneels and dropped his hand to the ground in a sulte of pleading form

"How dare you!" shouted the sister agitated as she got ready to attack him when she was stopped by a hand

The hero just stared at his little sister with a blank expression as he seemed bored and reached for his hair taking the tip and tangling it in his index finger as he walks up to the servant before placing his hand on him seeming to give him reassures

"you can rise"

"no need for bowing" stated the hero as the servant got up but then a surge of power came from the hero's hand that was still on the shoulder of the servant as he was thrown back slamming him in the wall as blood splashed out of his mouth

The servant dropped to the ground spitting blood as a big crack had appeared on the wall as he tries to get up only to be pushed down by Immence pressure

"sir...sire... " said the servant as both the hero and his sister looked on happily at his demise, the servant coughed more blood as the pressure seemed to be too much for his little body but then


Laughter was heard coming from the downed servant as he seemed to move under the pressure which shocked the siblings, the servant moved his limbs, seeing to stand as he wobbled on his feet but stood strong




"You...?!" questioned the hero as he jumped back as out of nowhere a dagger appeared impeded in his position

"did you really think you were that great" tasted the villain as his aroma seemed to take on a darker glow as he looked up with his dark hair blocking his face as he laughs like a maniac holding his hair and laughs without a care of the blood dripping down his mouth and clothes

"you finally show yourself"

"Sin... Or should I say... Graeta Sih" stated the hero as the servant laughter died down as he stopped and looked at the hero with a wicked smile

"Oh Great Payne.."

"Your generations are really befitting of the title 'Detectives Of The Great' " stated the servant as he was now identified as 'Graeta Sih The Villain'

"stop laughing you monster!"

"so it's been you all this time hiding in plain sight"

"we should have known"

"never to trust a sly tongue like you" stated the siblings as each stood in a defensive stances waiting for the villain to make his move

"how is that my fault.."

"you're the ones who can't decide from friend or foe"

"like little children without heads looking for a lost puppy"


"do you know how it feels to know that what ever I said you two would blindly follow me"

"my decision and actions always imitated by the likes of you..."

"my kids"

"oh how much I loved you guys" stated the villain as he walked around the cell like he owned it

"if you loved us the same we loved you why would you do this"

"and don't say it was because we had it all because I know that's a lie" stated the hero as his expression turned from blank to sad looking at the villain in a new light


"not because you had it all but because you took it ALL AWAY FROM ME!" shouted Graeta agitated

"you.. It was always you!"

"it didn't matter if you were the good guy LA bad guy everything went to you"

"the praise the adoration everything!"

"even... "

"even the girl"

"so what..."

"those memories of happy ever after and being together means nothing to me"

"Absolutely Nothing!"

"it was your fault for believing me"

"Your Fault!"

"We Trusted You" shouted the sister as she was seen restrained by her brother as she seems on the verge of tears as her brother held her tight and dragged her out of the cell closing it shut as the villain stands in that center stage all on his own as he looks up at the sky with a sad expression

'I did want you asked'

'I hope you're happy'

'their better of without me' thought the villain as a single tear fell from his face

[Character Setting Has Been Changed]

[Changing Character]


'oh well it doesn't mean much' thought him as he raised a dagger up high as it tip was illuminated

[Injecting Character]

A beam of light hit the villain as he was about to pluge the dagger to his heart as he fell down in a kneeling position, as the light from the window seems to become covered by clouds as the room turned dime

[Soul Injected]

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