Ch 9: Realization

'Ahh... '

'Uh.. My head' thought Graeta Sih as he seemed to wake from his slumber as he rubbed his head with a pained groaned as he moved to get up before stopping to look around


'was I crying?' thought Sih as he wiped the tears from his eyes

'where am I?'

'this place doesn't look familiar' thought Sih as he looked around the place and then up noticing that it was night time

'night time... '

'wasn't it afternoon when I was on the rooftop'



'Mike and Tish'

'wasn't I with them when I fell'

'why aren't they here'

'and where is here?' thought Don as it was now identified that the person inside the body of Graeta Sih was non other than Don


'why does this place look familiar?'

'it kind of look like the prison scene the villain was locked in awaiting for his execution' thought Don as he looked grossed out

'I never liked that scene...'

'but for a prison design this good the developers really put their all into his execution'

'it's as if it broug
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