Ch 10: Explanation

'what... '

'me transmigrated'


"Why are you laughing?"

"don't you get the glime you've been transmigrated and yet.... You laugh" stated the systen irritated

"then what am I suppose to do"


"you've got to be kidding"

"I'm not kid that believes in folktales nor stories"

"but to actually become one I can't help but laugh" said Don in a fit of laughing

"you're a weird human"

"many people panic when they hear theirs been transmigrated"

"but you'll as calm as they get laughing about your situation"

"a weirdo indeed" said the system as the evil aura dispensed to remain only the purple glow of the screen as it seemed to calm down

Don was seen still laughing as he contemplated his situation, he slowed down his laughter as he seemed to have no more will to laugh going silence as the quiet brise blow giving us a view of the two from the small window as the moon now shone

"it seems you've given up already"

"to be expected I thought you were brave but it seemed I was wr
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