Ch 11: The Deduction

"I die" stated Don as the blue glow appears again taking them back to the prison as Don just stares dumbfounded at what he had just seen and learn

"are the gods mocking me or something"

"No... more of their mocking me"

"a villain that can't act as a villain"

"a disgrace to the villain era" said the system trying to lighter Dons mood as it hovered up and down

"funny" said Don as he looked up and then sat on the ground

"so those that also mean if I die here I can't return" asked Don


"it's like how every transmigrated story goes"

"while you here you can get hurt, sick or even die"

"it becomes your reality until you leave" said the system as it moved closer

"I want to know Don how much do you know about the game" asked the system

"URSA is a child based game but has the graphic and designs of an online RPG"

"the story is about a hero as usual who grows stronger and destroy the final villain"

"but in this case an unknown entity" said Don as he retold what he understood by the
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