Ch 12: Forgotten Execution


'A medium size toaster holds my powers captive'

'and one with a big head at that' thought Don as the system grinned more

"would you wipe that look off your face. you look like a crow about to drop eggshells on someone's head" said Don as he had a bored expression

"Uh. You're just saying that to make yourself feel better"

"dweeb." said the system as it moved closer to Don

'Great... A nuisance...'

'Huh… So I have to get his permission to use my abilities'


'As simple as that is holding me back right now'

'Let's see about that' thought Don as he turned away from the system walking forward

"well it doesn't matter"

"it's not like your powers are anything special" said Don which stopped the system in his grin as its expression turned irritated

"what do you mean by that"

'Huh.... As anticipated'

'he reacted just like how I predicted it'

"just like you said 'what it mean is what it means"

"who would want a second rate ability like yours"

"and how would you know th
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