Ch 13: Plan Executed
Footsteps were heard coming from the quiet hallway as we see a row of guards moving in formation, they turned left and we see their destination as the cell of the villain as the two guards stand and salute before opening the door

"Graeta Sih your execution day has been reached"

"time for you to face judgement" said the head guard as Sih is seen just sitting on the floor with a bored expression which soon turned to a wicked grin as he laughed which made the guards to raise up a fighting stance

"you're already finished!"

"come with us now or we will be force to apprehend you and drag your dead body there either alive or uncouncious"

"your choice" stated the head guard as he raised his sword and pointed it at Sih

A black aura appeared as the white shadow that formed a circle around Sih from the sun turned black as the room became denser and raised up like octopus tentacles swirling around before covering Sih and raising to spread around the room as the guards standing grow more denser

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