Ch 14: The Escape And Chased

Don and Sih move pass the empty hallway of the prison that was now only covered with blood and dead bodies of soldiers laying around as some were stabbed while others beheaded

"who would believe a clone is more powerful than the original villain" stated Don as he jumped over a dead body blocking his path as he used his leg to push a body less head away as it followed back to its body

"yeah right.. "

"how is my clone better than me" asked Sih bored as he floated in front of Don seeming to be checking the surroundings they reached a pathway and Sih moved to take a look when it was blocked by Don

"stop we can't let them see you"

"idiot you're the only one that can see and hear me or have you forgotten those many stories your little niece read" said Sih

Don looked at Sih with a pointed face as he said "how do you know all that"

"your saying things from my memories as if you were there but your not"

"did we share memories like how we shared body but I can't seem to remember some thi
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