Ch 15: Unknown Man And Guardian



The arrows came flying towards Don at lighting speed as he jumped back and maneuvered through them running on the rooftop to get away while holding his shoulder

The pain was getting worse as he leaped from an impending arrow that struck next to him only to lose his balance when landing as he slid down the rooftop rolling before hitting the ground with a thud


"you alright" asked Sih as he floated closer to Don who was getting back up as he pressed a hand to his injured side as the black cloak had a dark stain to it around the arrow wound

'damn it'

'what's the use of being overpowered I'm still at level 1' thought Don as he remembered his level being 1 even though his stats where higher than normal, he got up and picked up his pace seeming to dodge another incoming arrow as he hides behind a wall as arrows pierce it's hinges seeming to crack a little

'their really trying to kill me'

'this is my reality now but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna regret this'

'I can't k
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