The Outstanding Mark Thompson With The Face Smacking System

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The Outstanding Mark Thompson With The Face Smacking System

By: Rex Magnus OngoingSystem

Language: English

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On the verge of giving up after a series of misfortune had befallen him and he wasn't able to find any way out, Mark Thompson awoke the Face-smacking system. With the arrival of this system, there is no longer the definition of impossibility in Mark's dictionary again. He, who was once easily bullied and at the lowest bottom of the society began to rise by Face-smacking everybody who ever looked down on him. ........ This novel is for those who love novels with Face-Smacking scenes. ......... #Face-smacking #Harem #Urban #StrongActingWeak #Wealthy #Powerful #comedy

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  • Stacy Hagar


    nothing really to do with system needs proofreading easily get lost in story line

    2024-03-27 00:50:52
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89 chapters
Chapter 001 – A Loser?
***** “This… this…” The flower that Mark bought to surprise his girlfriend fell from his hand and he felt as though he was going to faint from excessive shock. Blood rushed to the back of his head in a blink, and his eyes almost rolled to the back. Mark, who had been working really hard at a construction site, doing all the most strenuous and life-risky jobs to save enough money for a month refused to accept that the lady whom he had done it all for was the one presently in an intimate and sexual position with another man right in the apartment he had rented for her.“Re… Rebecca?” Mark finally forced out with a shaky voice that didn't sound like his after a period of refusing to accept the reality before him.His mouth was extremely heavy as he prayed fervently in his mind that he had only seen wrongly. However, as soon as his voice sounded, the lady who was straddling another man on a couch before Mark, kissing him and acting as though she wasn't able to get enough of him was s
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Chapter 002 – Getting Ganged Up Against
***** “Future son-in-law, I know that you and your girlfriend are trying everything you can to give me beautiful grandchildren as soon as possible, but you shouldn’t ignore your health. Why not come eat the noodles I prepare for you first before they go cold? Then you can huh...” The voice ended with a startle and then it became one of deep surprise. “Mark, what are you doing here?” Mark, “_” Mark suddenly found it extremely difficult to breathe. He felt as though he was going to suffocate to death for no reason, but he did everything he could to control himself and remain calm before he eventually turned his attention in the direction of the newcomer. Behold, as he had already thought in his subconscious mind, standing there was the person who was said to be in a critical condition and for whom he had been working his life along the line for in the past month. “Weren’t… weren’t you supposed to be in the hospital right now, having the surgery you were supposed to have?” Mark bre
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Chapter 003 – Getting Dehumanized
***** “You stupid bastard, how dare you claim young master Gab’s woman as yours and even dare to touch him? Bang.” “Rahhhh!!!” Inside a small room with only a dim light illuminating it, a blood-curdling cry that was filled to the brim with agony and the most painful torture on earth filled the place right now.The sound was heart-wrenching and could make people’s hair stand on the end. It was made by Mark, who appeared thoroughly devastated at this moment with his clothes already turned to rag and dyed with his blood. In each hole of the cloth, various sizes of fresh wounds that were still gushing out thick red blood were seen, ranging from small to ghastly. Mark was presently feeling the greatest pain of his life, and he had already wished for death more than once, as the agony was just too much. This was his third day of receiving all sorts of beatings after he caught Rebecca cheating on him. Mark had no idea about how he got here; just that, he suddenly awoke with a bang of
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Chapter 004 – Getting Released
***** “See, I will be honest with you. You aren’t the first to be brought here for having designs on the young master’s woman, but many who thought they‘d be able to avenge themselves were long dead since the young master is not just a nobody, but the son of the Police Department’s Commissioner. You can’t sue us or him, so, you should just forget anything called revenge and travel as far away as you can from the young master’s woman, otherwise…” The person, probably the only human being who still has a trace of humanity in him within the police station sighed and then stood up after applying ointment to the last spot on Mark. “You can leave after wearing this,” The person threw a pair of pants and a shirt at Mark, and then they turned around and left. Mark remained seated and wouldn’t react for a moment. He appeared unusually calm and quiet at the moment, only he knowing what was on his mind.Eventually, without still having any emotion, not even the slightest fluctuation of it, M
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Chapter 005 – A Tragic Piece of News
*****“So pitiful.”“Our biggest prayer every day is to not have a child that will bring about our downfall.”“Sigh… with how kind and hardworking the mother and daughter duo were, to think that they would end up being thrashed and rendered homeless because an unfortunate son had offended someone he shouldn’t have offended.”“But I heard that it was the landlady of the house who instructed them to be thrashed and expelled; how could it have anything to do with that gentle boy?"“Aish. What do you know? Have you forgotten that I’m a friend of Rebecca’s mother? She told me yesterday that her daughter had acquired a wealthy and influential young man from a powerful family as a new boyfriend, and due to jealousness, the stupid boy had offended the wealthy young man, thereby gaining his wrath. To punish him, the influential young man decided to purchase his family's home and make the landlady do what she did.”“He deserved it, but… but isn’t that too excessive? How could he…”Hearing all t
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Chapter 006 - A Pitiful Mark
***** Even before Rebecca, her mother, and her new boyfriend were spotted, everybody had already rushed toward the vehicle that brought them over. They were all utterly amazed by the expensive car which none of them had seen before in real life except in movies.Their eyes began to glow as they waited for the car’s door to open, and as soon as it did, they circled the three and started giving the short and not-so-handsome Gab idolization gazes“Is that the wealthy young man?”“So handsome!”“Welcome, Young master, my name is…”“Young master, I am…”Ignoring Mark and his problem, everybody there began to throw all sorts of flattering words at the young man, praising him to the peak.“Ahhh!!” With his tears mixed with his snorts, Mark's sob increased upon witnessing the scene that was going on.Although he didn't want to accept the reality, Mark ultimately understood why everybody, despite having a good relationship with himself and his family refused to offer any hand of help.It
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Chapter 007 – Returning To The Construction Site
*****“Mister, did you and the two patients brought by you all fall from a skyscraper?”“I…” Mark couldn’t respond after hearing the question he was asked. He even failed to see the pitiful look being given to himself by the doctor. “Will… will my mother and sister be okay?”The doctor, “_”He couldn’t help but keep quiet for a brief moment, then he shook his head. He had been extremely curious before, but since Mark didn’t want to say anything, he couldn’t be bothered. Well, it wasn’t that he was bothered in the first place anyway.“That’s right, however, before any treatment could be performed on the patients, Mister will need to deposit a small amount of money.”“I…” Mark turned into a statue for a moment. “Mo… money?”The doctor, “_”He couldn’t help but suddenly gaze at Mark s though he were a fool. “Yes, money.” He responded again, giving Mark a gaze that asked; ‘Don’t you know that you will be paying money in the first place when you bring over a patient? Two patients in critic
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Chapter 008 - Integration of The Face-Smacking System With The Host Completed
*****“Do you know what day this is ?” With his face now turned to a scowl and all the traces of smile previously on it completely gone, making him look utterly infuriated, the middle-aged supervisor, who was standing before Mark questioned, then before Mark could respond, he snapped at him.“Three fucking days! You are returning three fucking days after you’ve asked for just one day off and you still dare to ask me for the money I was owing you? Even daring to tell me to borrow you some money to it, do you take me for a fool who could be easily duped?”Mark’s heart pounded in his chest and he became greatly nervous again.He had thought that luck had finally decided to shine upon him when he saw the usually hateful and furious supervisor smiling at him, which prompted him to ask what he needed, but…Mark swallowed hard. “Sir… sir Supervisor, it’s… it’s okay not to borrow me any money again, but… but the money you were owing me, could… could you return that first?”“Did you hear yours
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Chapter 009 – The First Mission
***** [ The Face-Smacking System Host’s Profile. [Name: Mark Thumpson] [Age: 19years] [Race: Human] [Account Balance: $0.42] [Strength: Danger! (A single shove to the host is all that is needed for you to lose your life.)] [Technique(s)/Talent(s): 0] [Point(s): 0] [Property(ies): 0] ---------Locked for the time being and will gradually be revealed based on the host’s level------- ] As though it were a suspense movie, Mark watched the sci-fi-like screen that was suspended before him, raising his head for a while and unable to believe that it was real. Had someone been paying any attention to him at this moment, they would have concluded that something had happened to Mark or that he had gone insane, needing medical attention, especially with his appearance. ‘You… you…’ Mark hesitated greatly after he was convinced that he wasn’t hallucinating. He was now uncertain if this ‘system’ of a thing was like the ones he usually read about in novels and see in movies, but just at
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Chapter 010 - Which Quack Doctor Are You?
***** After searching for a moment but seeing no other person who looked like they had spoken apart from Mark, all gazes were directed at Mark again. Nobody could talk for a brief moment, and then slowly, everybody exchanged blank gazes. “Did that… that homeless-looking boy did not just claim to have the ability to treat a person, did he?” “This… hahaha, what a joke.” “I will rather eat my shit than believe that someone like this, who resembles a person who had just been dehumanized for committing a theft is a doctor.” “What a fool?! Does he think we are joking here?” “The punk!” Everybody resumed discussion with a changed topic, having zero belief that Mark could do a single thing. Even the jade beauty, her revitalized expectancy instantly dashed, and her eyes became filled with hopelessness once again.“Grandfather, please, wake up! Wake up” She resumed shaking the old man while pleading for him. Like everybody else, her conclusion as soon as she saw Mark's appearance was
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