The Demon's Chosen.

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The Demon's Chosen.

By: Author Quo Quo OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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How do wandering spirits exist in modern urban life? How are they classified? At what level can they communicate? At what level can they directly harm humans? Dominic Anderson, born of demonic power, faces a choice: will he fight against the evil spirits or embrace his destiny to annihilate humanity?

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12 chapters
Ethereal Mountain Legend.
Ethereal Mountain in the town of Eternal Serenity, along with three other mountains - Celestial in the Radiant Retreat region, Enchanted on the outskirts of Seraphic Summit, and Cascade in the Cascade Bliss delta - together form the Four Great Sacred Mountains.Among these four mountains, Ethereal is the smallest.Though not the largest, it is famous for harboring many rare and exotic herbs, attracting many who dream of changing their fortunes. There is a rumor about a giant ginseng on the mountain, nearly the size of a six-year-old child, with roots extending several feet, radiating a purple hue, known as the Purple King Ginseng.This ginseng sometimes appears in human form, wandering around the mountain's base. Accidentally spotted, some daring souls chase after it, only to find it disappears deep within the mountain, with the pursuers never returning. The more faint-hearted merely watch and retell the story to others.The tale spreads like wildfire, eventually exaggerating to the p
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Song Of The Female Demon.
The rental house, built with sturdy green bricks, had a garden overrun with untended vegetation and green moss covering the stone paths.At the far corner of the backyard stood a tall sandalwood tree, as high as a three-story building, its dense canopy forming a perfect circle. It was a common belief that plants with a heavy Yin energy always have canopies that form a spherical shape when viewed from any angle.The guest, following behind, asked: "What's your name?"The girl replied: "I'm Aurora.""That's a beautiful name.""And your name?""I am Dominic Anderson."By this time, the house had been tidied up, the atmosphere bright and clean. Aurora took the guest around, pointing to the bedroom: "The bed is all set, you just have to unfold it to sleep.""Thank you.""Do you want me to cook for you? The prices are very reasonable.""That would be great.""There's one more thing, don't ask why, but you must remember it."Dominic looked a bit surprised: "What is it?"Aurora pointed to a t
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White Bone Well.
Dominic thought to himself: 'So she has only reached the level of a wandering spirit or a ghost, not yet a crying ghost capable of speech. The singing earlier must have been formed by the resentful thoughts at the time of her death.' Thinking this, he probed further: "Were you a famous singer when you were alive?”The girl nodded.He continued: "You haven't reached the level of a vengeful spirit, so you can't speak yet, but the fact that you can sing so loudly, echoing far, shows that your resentment at death was strong. Such strong resentment, yet still not enough to accumulate the power to reach the spirit level, means you must have died not too long ago."The girl nodded in agreement.He guessed: "Are you singing to call others here because you have an unfulfilled wish?"The girl didn't nod or shake her head this time but turned her face down towards the well. It looked like she was looking, but actually, only her bright red lips were directed towards the bottom of the well.Seein
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Dancing Demon Horde.
As dusk fell, Aurora set the dinner on a stone table in the garden, close to the fence separating the two houses, and called Dominic to join her.As they ate, she began: "The slope you went to last night is called Dead Man’s Slope, because most who dare to cross it at night rarely return. Locals here are very superstitious about that area, so normally no one dares to go near it. Only in daylight do some venture there.”Dominic, surprised, asked: "Knowing it's dangerous there, why did you still go?""Because just a bit further into the forest's edge, there's a type of fruit shaped like a chicken, called the Dead Buffalo fruit. It has a sweet taste and a pleasant aroma, eating it makes one feel refreshed and vigorous. In the town market, people highly seek after it, and no matter how much is brought, it's never enough. Moreover, it seems that the danger only lurks at night, so some daredevils still venture through the slope into the forest during the day to pick the fruit and sell it at
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Lustrous Serpents.
The dancing figures were immediately flung about, some thrown onto trees, hanging precariously, others sent flying far, lying flat on the ground. The drumming stopped abruptly, and leaves scattered as if a strong wind had just swept through.Dominic sat down on the ground, panting. Looking at his sword, he scolded: "Grandma’s sword, be more careful next time.”The sword vibrated gently a few times and then stopped.Looking around, he saw dozens of chickens, each with vibrantly colored feathers. These chickens had just exhausted him with their dance. He casually grabbed the nearest one, intending to roast it, when the largest and longest-feathered chicken transformed into a human, the old man who had been drumming, now bent over and clasping his hands in a bow:“Great warrior, please spare my life.”Dominic glanced at the old man, speaking sternly: "You chickens lure and harm people with your dance, why should I spare you?”The old man, though disheveled, calmly replied: "There seems t
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Hair Stream In Confluence Village Story.
Dominic decided to approach the source of the light to investigate.As he got closer, he sensed the light moving upward from the ground. Weaving through some bushes, he discovered the light emanated from a young man. The man's body emitted a half-green, half-white glow. The reason Dominic saw the light moving upward was that the young man was climbing a tree, trying to pick a high-hanging Dead Buffalo fruit.Suddenly, the man's hand slipped, and he hastily grabbed onto a nearby branch. Seeing him awkwardly dangling from the tree, Dominic couldn't help but let out a laugh before calling out: "Hey, what are you doing up there?"Hearing the voice, the young man was startled and lost his grip, tumbling down to the ground. Dominic paled a bit, worried about the fall from such a height, fearing broken limbs, and hurried over to help the man up.Before he could reach him, the young man clumsily got up, seeing Dominic looking older than himself, and grumbled: "Big brother, you scared me to de
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Hair Stream In Confluence Village Story. (2)
One year, the two oldest villagers passed away, and following this, two families were able to have children, each birthing one.The Anderson family had a boy.The Lee family had a girl.The children were born on the same day, which coincided with a strange occurrence in the village.That day, someone walking past the Tai Chi pond caught a glimpse of something in the corner of their eye. Initially unsure of what it was, they stopped to observe and realized something horrifying that had never happened before.The water in the pond was completely still, no longer moving.This slowly rotating stream of water had long been regarded by the villagers as a source of life, but now it had ceased to flow.That very night, a heavy rain suddenly poured down, the wind howled like a sweeping storm, and thunder roared deafeningly. Amid the echoing booms, one thunderclap, louder than the rest, seemed to shatter the sky and earth, striking a bolt of lightning directly into the Tai Chi pond, splitting t
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Demons And Demon Hunters.
Suddenly, the crowd halted as if held back by a strong opposing force. Amidst them was a four-year-old girl, expressionless, her face cold. She held up her hand in front of her, and that simple gesture alone was enough to keep the entire crowd motionless.Gregory, upon seeing the child, wiped a drop of blood from the boy's recent wound and flicked it towards the girl.The girl didn't dodge; she stood still, waiting. Unexpectedly, as the drop of blood neared her, it accelerated in both speed and force. A flash of surprise crossed the girl's eyes, but she couldn't avoid it in time. The blood hit her forehead, throwing her backward.With her control lost, the crowd continued to be drawn towards the Pure Yang Beacon, turning into ashes and hair. When there was no one left, Gregory took the boy's hand and walked away, flinging the Pure Yang Beacon back into the village. The flame, encountering the overflowing demonic energy, blazed fiercely. The hair in the air caught fire quickly, spreadi
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Moon Lagoon
Unexpectedly, one day, he took her to a mountain and accidentally encountered a demon from the underworld, which emerged from a crack between the underworld and the human world at the foot of the mountain. It tore me apart immediately and intended to devour my essence. She could only help me by absorbing my essence into the painting, wanting to protect me in there. However, the demon from the underworld had greater demonic power than those in the human world, it could enter the painting directly, wanting to pursue and eliminate completely. She begged it to spare me, and after a while, it agreed to keep me alive in here on the condition that she must absorb the essence and bodies of others into here for it, otherwise, it would kill both me and her. Since then, she had to follow its orders, absorbing people's essence to increase its demonic power, and then also absorbing bodies for the demon to devour alive. However, she also knew this was too cruel, so whenever she encountered daoist
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King Ginseng
At this moment, the girl had stood up fully, her body only covered by flowers and leaves, but upon closer inspection, these flora formed a sparkling long dress with patterns and motifs, exuding a certain charisma.The girl shook her head: "That's not right, there's no path leading up to Moon Lagoon's peak. The cliffs are treacherous, sheer. Even if you were an ibex, you couldn't climb up here. I've lived over thirty years and aside from King Ginseng, I've never seen anyone else make it up here."Ah, this flower is just over thirty years old, about the same age as me. I've been overthinking this.Seeing that this flower was sensible, capable of thinking ahead, and not foolish like that snake, he decided it was no use lying anymore, and that it would be pointless to continue. Thus, he confessed the truth that he, along with a girl who could use doll magic, rode an eagle up here, wanting to consult King Ginseng about the snake's third leg.The girl covered her mouth, giggling: "Hee hee,
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