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[ Cyber Tech Solutions System Installation Process... ] [05%... [10%... [15%... [45%... [75%... [95%... [100%.. [ Installation successfully completed...] And so began the incredible story of Jack, a brilliant young student from a very poor family. Since his childhood, mysterious events surrounded Jack, raising suspicions among his loved ones and drawing mockery from everyone. Despite the obstacles, Jack worked tirelessly to meet his needs and support his family. But a series of misfortunes hit him, leaving him unemployed, expelled from university, and abandoned by his girlfriend. Everything changes when an electrical incident transforms him, revealing extraordinary powers within him. Discover an exciting tale where the ordinary turns into the extraordinary.

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Chapter 01 — A Costly Mistake.
Jack was running at full speed through the bustling streets of New York. He glanced at his watch. He was already 30 minutes late for his shift at the Plaza Hotel.“ No, I can't afford this," he thought with anxiety.This job was crucial to finance his studies at New York University. When he finally arrived at the hotel, he rushed into the employee break room, trying to catch his breath.His boss, Richard Anderson, was already there, looking furious.“ Jack ! Are you late again ? ! This is the last time ; you're fired," roared Richard Anderson.“ Mr. Anderson, please, let me explain," pleaded Jack.“ I had issues at the university, which is why I was late, and then the subway had a breakdown, I assure you that..."“ That's enough with your lame excuses," interrupted Richard Anderson.“ You missed work twice last week with no valid explanation. I can't afford to employ someone incompetent and unreliable," he added.The other employees chuckled, enjoying seeing Jack being reprimanded. Ja
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Chapter 02 — From Heartbreak to Cybernetic Awakening
Lost in his dark thoughts, Jack was suddenly interrupted by the arrival of a group of people.“ Look at this one, he looks pathetic ! " exclaimed one of them with a mocking smile.Jack glanced up to discover that they were his classmates, students from the wealthiest families in New York.“ Hey, poor Jack, why were you kicked out like trash from that hotel ? Just by looking at you, people will think you're a beggar," mocked one student, triggering laughter from the others.Meanwhile, a burning anger mixed with shame surged within Jack.“ Leave me alone ! " he grumbled.But their leader, Zachary, didn't back down.“ Oh, Jack wants to act tough? Let's see what you really look like..." he said, pulling out his state-of-the-art smartphone.“ Let me take a little souvenir photo ! " he announced with a cruel smile.Jack stood up abruptly.“ Please, just leave me alone," he pleaded wearily, but it was too late. Zachary had already taken a picture of Jack.Blinded by fury, Jack lunged at Zach
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Chapter 03 — Illusion or Reality.
The welcome message caught Jack off guard. He was completely bewildered.“ What is CyberTech Solutions? And why am I connected to these machines?" he whispered, confused.Suddenly, a powerful electric energy surged from the electronic devices, illuminating the room in blue. Sparks emanated from the cables attached to Jack.Violently shaken, Jack screamed in pain as this strange energy passed through his body.“Stop! It hurts, help!" he cried, trying to free himself from the cables.His body trembled, his vision darkened, but he saw vibrant images and rapidly scrolling lines of code. Then an electric symphony filled the room.As the energy intensified, Jack momentarily lost consciousness, entering an electronic trance.In this state, he saw virtual worlds, intricate data, and luminous shapes that made no sense.Information seemed to directly enter his mind, altering his perception of reality.The electric glow suddenly vanished, screens stopped displaying data. Jack woke up, lying in t
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Chapter 04 — Jack's Clash with Zachary
LATER, IN THE BUSY STREETS OF NEW YORK CITY.“ Now that fortune has smiled upon me, I am determined to lift my family out of poverty. It's time for me to abandon university studies and immerse myself in the world of business."As Jack crafted his future plans, he wandered through the bustling streets of New York.“ It's incredible what's happening to me right now. How do I explain all of this without sounding crazy ? " he wondered, reflecting on CyberTech Solutions and the sudden deposit of $100,000,000 into his bank account.“ If my parents ask where this money came from, what can I possibly tell them? And what on earth am I going to do with all of this ? " he questioned, troubled.Jack, who had never experienced wealth, felt disoriented now that he was suddenly rich.Suddenly, he froze. A crowd armed with sticks and machetes was approaching him with increasing intensity.He saw faces distorted with rage, shouting,“ Thief ! Thief ! "Their fingers pointed at him, and Jack realized
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Chapter 05 — From Humiliation to Triumph
Jack left the office, his heart filled with anger. He took out his phone from his pocket and sighed as he saw the cracks.“ Another issue to deal with. It's time for me to get a new phone," he murmured, then with determined steps, he headed towards the cell phone company Verizon Wireless.But on the way, hunger and fatigue hit him hard. He stopped for a moment and spotted a nearby restaurant.“ Oh my God ! " he thought, then headed towards the restaurant.At the entrance, two security guards blocked his way." Hey, you there ! Where do you think you're going ? This place is not for people like you," one of the guards exclaimed.Jack hesitated, then calmly replied,“ Please, I'm exhausted. Just let me eat in peace."“ Are you looking for trouble? If our boss finds out we let someone like you in, we might get fired. Have you looked at yourself in a mirror before coming here ? " the second guard shouted violently.Jack closed his eyes, sighed deeply, and then opened them.“ I understand
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Chapter 06 — The Deal That Changed Everything
As Jack headed towards the restaurant's exit, a voice abruptly stopped him :“ Sir, please wait a moment! "Jack turned around to find the director himself.“ Yes, Mr. Director... How may I assist you? "“ I would like to discuss your purchase proposal. You mentioned a condition for dining here earlier, didn't you?"Jack slapped his forehead,“ You're right, I forgot ! Please forgive me. Let's talk about it now, if you please."“ Very well, follow me to my office, please."Thus, the director led Jack through the still-whispering clientele to his elegant and minimalist office. Once seated, the director offered,“ Please, have a seat. Can I offer you something to drink?"“ Tea would be perfect, thank you," replied Jack.After serving the tea gracefully, the director sat down and began the discussion,“ Alright, let's talk business."“ This restaurant is very profitable, but I've accumulated debts in recent years. If you buy it, it could help me repay them!" he sighed.“ Okay, I unders
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Chapter 07 : Jack's Journey Beyond Reality
Jack furrowed his brow.“ Two hours to reach Cologne Cathedral ? Impossible ! I'm in New York and it takes much longer for this journey ! " he exclaimed.***[ Mission Result #2: User Failure ]******[ Mission Completed ]***“ What ? This is ridiculous ! How can I fail a mission I haven't even started yet? " Jack exclaimed, surprised.***[ You asked a question, so mission failed. ]*** the system replied.Jack was displeased.“ This is cheating. The mission was impossible to accomplish!" he exclaimed, furious, as he looked at the messages displayed on the transparent screen.***[The rules were clear. You must execute the mission without asking questions.]***“ So, you just wanted me to obey like a robot? The mission wasn't realistic ! " Jack retorted, angry.Metallic grumblings echoed, teasing Jack as if the system was mocking him.***[ The mission seemed impossible, indeed. But I didn't assign you an unattainable task to make you fail. My goal was to test your ability to follow instru
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Chapter 08:A Duel Beyond the Expected.
Jack was still reeling from the revelations of the elven prisoners. Fear engulfed him, his heart racing, and he struggled to breathe.“ I'm finished... everything is ruined," he thought, desperate.He gripped the cold bars of his cage, knuckles whitening as he tried to contain his panic.The elven man gently placed a hand on his shoulder.“ Calm down, human,” he said.“ Showing fear won't help you. You must be brave."“ Yes, he's right," added the elven woman.“ Lythor's soldiers love to humiliate the weak. You must stay strong to survive."Jack, wiping away a tear, murmured,“ They want me to fight a formidable warrior named Drak'Thar. I stand no chance!"“ Drak'Thar is formidable, true, but you must show strength. If Lythor's soldiers see you as weak, your life will be a living hell," replied the elven woman.So, Jack took a deep breath, attempting to muster his courage, but fear still lingered in his eyes.Suddenly, the cries of the elven crowd echoed, indicating the return of Lyth
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Chapter 09 — The Prophecy Unraveled
Suddenly, a terrifying army emerged at the entrance of the Lythor kingdom. The dark skies filled with the ravens of evil sorcerers, while hundreds of pale vampires spilled through the green forests.They attacked with ferocity, draining the life from every elf in their path. Meanwhile, the sorcerers cast jet-black spells that engulfed entire sections of trees, reducing them to ashes.No elven patrol stood a chance against the combined power of the vampire lord's forces. In a matter of minutes, over half of Lythor's soldiers were laid low.In the arena, a massive explosion tore through the north wall. Lythor turned furiously and saw a lone elven scout rushing toward him, blood trailing behind.“ My lord ! " he cried.“ We are under attack ! An alliance of vampires and sorcerers descends upon us, overwhelming our defenses. Our soldiers are outnumbered, and the kingdom is in peril ! "Lythor's eyes flared with anger as he pondered countless questions, unable to comprehend the reasons behi
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Chapter 10— Unleashed Power.
The elf sorceress felt a pang of guilt after her conversation with Emperor Lythor.“ I lied, I know it. This human, so different from us, doesn't deserve our help," she thought to herself.“ My people are suffering because of him. I want this war to end as soon as possible," she muttered before leaving Emperor Lythor.Meanwhile, on the other side, Jack was still hiding in the elf arena. His mind was racing, desperately searching for a way to return to New York.“ The CyberTech system failed me. How the hell am I going to get out of here now ? " he wondered, his heart heavy with uncertainty.Suddenly, a powerful explosion shook the back of the arena, causing the walls to tremble. Jack jumped, overwhelmed with fear." Damn it ! Time to get out of this damn hiding place," he said to himself, scanning the surroundings.“ The way is clear ! Everyone is busy elsewhere," he muttered before stealthily dashing towards the exit, hoping to escape unnoticed.And so, he ran as fast as he could, ex
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