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By: Lora Croft OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Alejandro was cheated by her girlfriend Helena and that brought him into chaos when her new rich boyfriend maltreated him. He never thought that his love would bring him into so much wrath. He was maltreated and mocked by many because of his impoverished status. Everything he had planned was all wasted and ended up in an unfortunate fate as his enemy sent him to jail for the wrongful accusations. But Alejandro's life will not be forever sitting in the dark. Miracle happens and that gives him a chance to change his life with the help of his wealthy Grandfather. He used the opportunity to get back to his enemies and avenged his past miserable life. Now that Alejandro was the most powerful among them, he will finally seek justice. He swears and will make sure that everyone who maltreated him before, can get what they truly deserve. By hook or by crook, they would crawl to him and beg for mercy.

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  • Belladonna


    This story is interesting! Please keep updating! Can't wait for the next episode.

    2024-02-22 00:39:34
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13 chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1ALEJANDRO was very busy looking at his monitor screen. He was busy making a proposal for a new advertisement and he's very keen upon making each detail. He's almost done and almost reaching the peak of his proposal; and very into it when his seatmate Jero makes a loud noise, like he was shocked and he even tries to call his attention. He was startled and took a glance at his co-worker, Jero. His eyebrows meet when he sees Jero's expression. "What's wrong with you? What happened?" Alejandro asked. Jero then glided the wheel of his swivel chair to get close to him and he was holding his cellphone. "Look bro, have you seen this?"Jero said as he showed him his phone. His eyebrows met again and looked at the screen of his phone. He has seen a live telecast on a famous app called Tok Tok. The videographer shows a luxurious mansion. His eyebrows raised."What is that all about? What's the fuss?" he asked then he focused himself looking at the monitor again. "Don't you use soci
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2WHEN Alejandro reached EL Paraiso. He hurriedly ran inside the building after parking his motorcycle outside. But before proceeding inside, he received a call from Jero. He answered his phone. "Where are you? Our manager is looking for you?" Jero immediately asked him. "I'm already here at EL Paraiso and please don't stop me from doing what I have to do, Jero. You don't understand me," Alejandro answered. "I'm not going to stop you Alejandro but you must also consider the fact that you leave here at working hours. You know the consequences of it. Our manager might give you a sanction for this," Jero reminded him. Alejandro let out a heavy sigh. "I will get back immediately once I am finished with this matter. I really wanted to talk to Helena and I can't wait for tomorrow." Jero then sighed on the other line. "Fine. Good luck with that. I'll just cover you up here and make an alibi." "Thank Jero," he answered and dropped Jero's call.Alejandro then rushed inside but up
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3When a man shouted behind them. Alejandro was released immediately by the security. He immediately sprang up and faced the guy who had told them to free him. Mr. Chan's presence with Helena shocked him. Mr. Chan even sweetly wrapped his arms around Helena, while looking at each other lovingly. "Helena! Is this the man you have chosen to replace me!?"Alejandro shouted in anger."What are you saying!? Don't act like you don't about this Alejandro. Did I think we already talked about this? Can you please stop!?" "No! What the fuck are you talking about! You are my girlfriend and you are cheating on me!" Alejandro answered back and he was teary-eyed.Alejandro noticed Mr. Chan still had his phone. He was filming and appearing in the Tok Tok live program. But he doesn't care. "I didn't cheat on you! Will you stop? We are already over!"Alejandro was shocked to hear that. He clenched his hands. He stepped forward but was taken aback when he noticed Helena wearing an expensive o
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4ALEJANDRO was enraged, and his tears kept falling. Not because Helena has broken up with him, but because of his hatred for her. He still can't believe she dumped her that effortlessly.He was brimming with fury and he wanted to go back inside, but there was no way he could, no matter how many times he tried.Alejandro reverted to his motorbike, exasperated when he got a phone call from Helena. His brow wrinkled slightly."Now, what do you want!? Are you going to lie to me again!? Claiming that what happened earlier was all a joke and your foolish drama!" Alejandro yelled frantically as he answered the phone."I'm not calling because I want to recant my words, Alejandro; what happened earlier was because of your stupidity, not mine! I'm warning you! Quit messing with me or you'll freaking regret it!"After hearing Helena's words, his jaw dropped."You're unbelievable! I can't believe you're acting this way just because Diego has all the wealth you desired! You're such a dram
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5ALEJANDRO cursed as he glared at them. He's disgusted by what Helena told him, which enraged him even more."Damn, you Helena! I will make sure you will pay for what you've done to me!" he said as he stood up. He rode his motorcycle outside of his company's premises. He entered the bar in search of his best friend Alfred. He's the bartender, and he was looking for someone to talk to.WHEN Alejandro reached the bar, he ordered a blue margarita and sat at the corner. "Hey? Such a pleasant surprise to see you here! Did you miss me?" Alfred approaches him as he places the meal tray at the bar island's corner."I just wanted to relax my mind," he simply stated and sipped on his drink. "Hmm, I think you've got a huge problem. Your lower lip is swollen. Did you get into a fight? Tell me, who was it?" Alfred stated as he stared him in the eyes. "That has something to do with Helena—""Of course, it's always about Helena. What did she do to you this time? Did she want expensive s
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6ALEJANDRO gets his phone out of his pocket. He logged into his dummy account on social media. He created a disturbing post and made sure that Helena's image would be ruined. After he posted it, he threw away his cigarettes and got back to their office as if nothing happened. "Are you okay?" Jero asked him when he came back."Yeah," he sparingly said and opened his desktop. He tried to work on his layout again when Jero suddenly gasped. Alejandro glanced at Jero. "Have you seen this? Someone exposed Helena! And your secret relationship with her. Is this you, bro? You did this right?" Jero asked him. Alejandro shrugged. "No, I'm not," he answered without looking at Jero. Jero didn't say anything and he stopped bothering him. A sudden smirk showed on Alejandro's face. The show must go on and he's waiting for Helena to come to him.IT WAS almost lunchtime when Jero invited Alejandro to eat at the canteen. Luckily, he's already done with his first layout so he decided to g
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7ALEJANDRO went to see Mr. Chan, the CEO but before he could approach the elevator. The security personnel rushed to him and stopped him from entering."Why are you guys blocking my way!?" he asked in surprise."Sir, we received a memo from HR that you're already not an employee here. Please step aside sir and we will assist you to get your belongings first before you exit the building," security said to him.Alejandro was shocked by what he heard. He couldn't believe that he was immediately fired from the company he was working for. And he knows Helena is behind all of this.He cursed weakly and backed away. He wouldn't be able to handle them if he tried to fight, so he didn't do anything but step back. He returned to his office and began to put away his things."Are you gonna leave like this without fighting for your rights?" Jero said. He was sad watching him putting away his things."Helena has them all by the neck! And I can't fight them if I am only like this Jero. For
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8"WHY were you fired? Did you do something wrong?" said Alfred. He sighed."It was Helena's fault. Because of her, I got fired from my work without basis. Everyone there was siding with her. She even controls our boss' decisions. I can't even file a motion for reconsideration.""Have you tried talking to your boss?""I did but I was stopped by the company's security personnel on the elevator. There was nothing I could do but pack my things.""It seems that Helena has gone too far in ruining your life. Even your job at the company has been taken from you.""That's exactly my point. She went overboard on everything! She's the one to blame, and yet she's still acting like she's very clean. She's like a leech when she clings to her rich boyfriend! She changes when she tastes a luxurious life given by that bastard!" Alejandro angrily said. He clenched his fists tightly."Is her boyfriend really that rich?"Alfred asked him curiously. Alejandro immediately nodded."So, what's your p
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9ALEJANDRO went to the manager's office and luckily, he was entertained right away. "Mr. Garcia, please have a seat," the manager offered him. He sat on the couch. "Coffee or juice?" the manager offered him. Alejandro politely shakes his head. "I won't be able to stay longer. I just want to get my mother's last paycheck," he said. "Oh, sure! Let me get it to the finance management," the manager then left him for a while and went out of his office. While waiting, Alejandro stood up and walked closer to the glass window. He pulled and opened the blinds to see if Diego was still outside. Diego was still there and looked like he was waiting for someone. He guessed, he was waiting for Helena, for sure. Minutes passed when his suspicion was finally answered when his ex-lover arrived. Diego was really meeting with Helena. And before he could react, the manager came back. Alejandro quickly closed the blinds and sat back on the sofa. The door opened and the manager handed him t
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10ALEJANDRO is now in front of the desktop to attend to his applications. He sends his application to every company he has known and unfortunately he hasn't received any news from them. He clenched his fists. He now thinks that he might be blacklisted by the companies he tried to apply to and he knows for sure who did it. It was Helena or maybe Diego. He let out a heavy sigh and smeared his face using his hands. He stood up and left his room. He caught up with his Mommy Felecia who had a sad face and was obviously troubled. She was also holding envelopes and he guessed they were their house bills. He approached his mother and sat next to her. Felecia suddenly panicked and grabbed all the envelopes. She hid it under the kitchen towel. "Mom, what are those?" Alejandro asked. His mother, Felecia, smiled sparingly. "This is nothing son. Just nevermind it," Felecia immediately denied it to him. Alejandro shook his head. He pulled the kitchen towel and grabbed the envelopes. A
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