The Quintillionaire's spend-thrift system

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The Quintillionaire's spend-thrift system

By: Liam Michael Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Anthony Martinez was a poor student, abandoned by his father's family. His girlfriend absconded with his meager savings, making him unable to pay his sick mother's hospital bills which led to her death. Not just that, his girlfriend left him for the school billionaire playboy. It can be said that his life kept going downhill. However, that was to be the end of his misfortunes because he awakened an amazing quintillionaire's spend-thrift system, which supplied him with money, endlessly. In exchange, Anthony will perform missions to earn contribution points, which can then be used to acquire more wealth from the system. He can finally take revenge on those who trampled on him, dominating the world while helping the needy. **** But the endless supply of money didn't come free. The life-threatening missions which the system sends him on were objects of eternal nightmares to the hero, who suddenly found out that the fate of the entire world rests on his shoulders. Join Anthony Martinez in his thrilling but frightening adventures and face-slapping missions, having a wonderful time is definitely assured.

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  • Liam Michael


    A big shout out!! to all of us that is reading my book and all my voters I thank you all ones again. Without your support am nothing, please don't give up and I won't give up also I will always give you what you want. Thank you all ones again,shout..out to all of you!! Love you all.

    2024-05-14 05:30:22
  • Cassanova Writes


    I was saying the book slowed down till I got to chapter 76&77. I cried.... Oh God. Even though Jasper, Fox, and Steve were just minor characters who appeared in just a few scenes before dying, you can call them villains even, but they touched my heart the most. I feel so sorry for them....

    2024-03-20 14:50:28
  • Liam Michael


    This is among most interesting novel I have ever read this book is so awesome, I feel like am watching a movie when I read this book. Keep it up Liam

    2024-04-28 01:54:36
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166 chapters
A Tragic Life
Anthony Martinez knelt at the graveyard, overwhelmed with sorrow. He dropped the white lilies he came with on his mom's grave and took a deep breath.His mom was a single mother; she was a social worker who fell in love with a soldier that came over to Seattle for vacation.She had gotten pregnant, however Sean, the good soldier, gave her an engagement ring, promising to marry her once his mission was over.Only for her to hear that Sean (Anthony's father) was dead, while she was in the delivery room.She had called him because they needed his consent for surgery since she was having prolonged labor, just for the colleague who picked up the phone to tell her that her lover died in a bomb explosion, while saving a little boy in the war zone.The sorrow worsened her condition, but she finally managed to give birth to Anthony.However, her body got weak.Worse, she was not eligible for the monetary compensation which the government was meant to pay out to Sean's child because she was not
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I don't know him
The girl screamed and slapped him.“Let go of me, you pervert!” She roared, jumping up and wiping the spot where Anthony's hand touched.Anthony quickly apologized and ran to the scene where he saw the rest gathering.He pushed them aside and saw the girl holding a bouquet of ninety-nine roses, designed with notes of hundred dollars.It was the ultimate gift.A money bouquet fitted with ninety-nine roses.She was smiling shyly as Kelvin professed his undying love for her.There were boxes of gifts at her feet.Anthony's eyes went to Clara's waist, where Kelvin's palm was resting comfortably.He immediately saw red and screamed, rushing to Kelvin in anger.Anthony was already managing to hold on to the last vestiges of his mental health after his mom died, but seeing such a scene from Clara, the only person who gave him hope, made his rationality snap.He had sacrificed a lot for Clara because he saw her as family, how dare she try to back out now?He punched Kelvin furiously, making t
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Quintillionaire's spend-thrift system
Anthony looked around in confusion, wondering where the voice was coming from.Just then, the doctor walked in.“Oh! You're already awake. I will be back in a minute to run a full-body check on you. Don't worry about the bills, the person who crashed into you already cleared it all,” the old doctor said with a kind smile, before turning to leave.“Do you want to accept or reject it?” The metallic voice asked again.“Doctor, can you hear that?” Anthony asked, making the doctor halt his footsteps.“Hear what?” He asked, confused.“You're the only one that can hear me. I'm inside your body. I'm a system, and you're my current host.” The metallic voice answered impatiently.“Nothing, thanks for your help doctor,” Anthony quickly said, discharging the doctor.“You're obviously confused. The system chose you, so you're now my master. The system supplies you an endless amount of money, and you can also buy skills with points. Meanwhile, you can earn points for completing little tasks. There'
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He is actually rich!
Anabelle quietly took Anthony to view the rolls-Royce phantom.“This is the rolls-Royce phantom. It's priced at 8.8 million dollars. It's currently the most expensive in here” she said humbly.“Good, I want to pay with a card!” Anthony said, looking at the time.The girl's heart skipped a beat, but she rushed to the cashier anyway, praying that the sale would go through.Anthony hurriedly followed her, looking anxiously at the time.He had just an hour left.And there were still more than a million dollars to spend. “Sir, do you want to drive it out, or should we deliver it? Fifty thousand dollars will be paid if you need us to deliver it. What's your permanent address?” She asked humbly.'Shit! I still live in that shitty dorm. I should have just bought a house instead,' Anthony cursed internally.“Send it to my dorm tomorrow. You can mail the papers to me. Here's my phone number and email,” Anthony said, forcing himself to remain calm.The girl's hand was shaking as she slipped Ant
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A stroke of good luck
Anthony quickly found a secluded corner so that he could comfortably understand what the system was yapping about.“Wait, I thought that after spending the money, the task function will be activated, then I will be sent on missions in order to be eligible for more rewards?” Anthony asked.“Yes. However, you unknowingly accomplished your first mission while spending your welcome bonus. The tasks are divided into four sections: Easy, medium, hard, and life-threatening. However, you're not eligible for life-threatening missions until you reach level 5. The mission you just accomplished is under the hard category. You were meant to pay the girl's bills, if you had chosen the hard category. You would have been forced to find a way to raise money for her, but you unknowingly paid the bills with your bonus, killing two birds with one stone. Each task has complementary rewards. And the rewards increase with the level of difficulty of the task chosen,” the system explained, making Anthony smil
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Living in splendor
“I will not reject you, but bridle your tongue. The knowledge of the existence of such a system will cause chaos, which you're not yet ready to weather. Powerful masters will come for it, hoping to kill you in their bid to steal it and forcefully merge it to their body,” the system chastised, filling Anthony with remorse.“Just accept her offer to repay you. She can work as your maid in the villa which you are meant to buy. It will also accord you the opportunity to take care of her. Her life was worse than yours. She hadn't even gotten into college because someone stole her scholarship. You can pay for her education and nurture her into a capable assistant. I have analyzed her, and she's loyal,” the system said.Just then, Anthony noticed that the girl was still talking to him.“Okay, fine. I accept. You can work as a helper in my villa, cleaning and cooking to show your gratitude,” Anthony said calmly.“Thank you! Thank you, sir!” The girl hurriedly shouted, heaving a sigh of relief
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Clara's misfortune
Anthony shook his head as he typed away at his new Mac.Clara was too materialistic, making Kelvin have an easy time in taking advantage of her.The rumors that she was still a virgin must have filtered into Kelvin's ears, grabbing the Playboy's attention.He simply had sex with Clara and dumped her immediately he got what he wanted, less than 48 hours after causing a commotion at school to impress her.Theirs was probably the shortest celebrity dating history at royal city college.The truth was that Clara was not qualified to be Kelvin's partner.Her background was not powerful enough to give him the kind of backing he needed to ascend JK group's position of power.He needs a powerful in-law that will help him defeat his other rivals. Hailey happened to have such a background, making her the full package.Clara was just a tool for Kelvin to satiate his lust and curiosity.Virgins were rare in the top social circle because many heirs and heiresses engage in dirty plays from their tee
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A display of wealth
Anthony woke up with a loud buzz in his head.He noticed that he was holding a transparent packet of thirty-six golden needles, and opened his drawer, tiredly shoved it in.“Congratulations master, you have successfully learned the golden needle life-saving technique. It's 2a.m, you can sleep now. I will wake you up once it's time for your lunch date,” the system whispered like a kind mother, pretending to be servile to pacify Anthony.“My idiotic, shitty, taskmaster system. I love you,” he whispered, drifting off to sleep.*****The school was abuzz with gossip.Everyone wondered who the enigmatic Mr. Money was.Not just that, Kelvin who was standing beside his Ferrari with a bouquet of flowers and a jeweled box that looked like a ring was another attraction.Clara was also there trying to speak to Kelvin, but Kelvin ignored her, fixing his eyes on the entrance of their school's prestigious five-star eatery where Hailey had scheduled the date.Clara stepped aside in shame, making som
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A shameless woman
“Anthony, please wait for me,” she shouted, rushing after him.She had thought about it long and hard while watching him on a date with Hailey.It's obvious he doesn't love Hailey.He constantly tries to hold her whenever they are together.However, Clara always tactically avoids his touch.Maybe, just maybe, she can get him back by piggybacking on his immense love for her.“She's indeed shameless,” people murmured.However, Clara couldn't care less.She quickly hugged Anthony's arm, pulling him back.Anthony screamed and jumped up in shock, hurriedly wiping his cloth with his handkerchief.“Are you nuts? Do you want to stain my white suit?” He asked angrily, feeling satisfied with the current situation.Clara blushed and bit her lips.“What do you mean? You used to beg me to let you touch me,” she said unhappily, riling up the crowd even more.“I don't know what you're talking about. We never dated, you said so yourself. Everyone heard you. I don't know who you are. Please desist fro
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A well deserved recompense
The system began to laugh, taking Anthony aback.“Wait, what's funny? Can you laugh? Don't tell me you were also programmed with emotions?” Anthony asked, feeling astonished.“Yes. I'm a product of artificial intelligence. However, I'm higher than the rest. I was programmed with a woman's voice and emotions. A woman was used to model my actions. She was the mastermind's daughter. However, she's currently not in this galaxy. She lives in another dimension, five million light years away from earth. Meeting each other is impossible. The mastermind was an unfathomable existence, only he had the ability to cross in between worlds as he pleases. He kept this system on earth when he stopped briefly over here. And you're the lucky-chosen host,” the system explained, making Anthony wonder who this mastermind that left a quintillion dollars and other treasures casually, and made it so that more money will continue coming to him.Is he God?“Stop thinking about things that are beyond your compr
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